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Noodles and Company


2608 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-5600
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Photo of Tom Cox Tom Cox
Jun 18, 2021 5

My fave is Alfredo MontAmore. The pan-seared, parmesan-crusted chicken is amazing!

Photo of Susan Montani Susan Montani
Nov 27, 2021 4

Good quality and good price. Great option for a decent dinner and take-out!

Photo of riggercheck riggercheck
Jul 9, 2021 5

Service was fast and food was good. Pot stickers were especially good. I would come back.

Photo of J J
Jan 1, 2022 5

Found this little gem looking for good food before I left Durham and so glad I decided to give them a try! Ordered the Korean noodles with steak and a cesar salad. The noodles were delicious! Spicy but perfectly seasoned and the added cucumber and cilantro were bright notes in the dish. Recommend 100%! The only down side here is parking can be tricky. But food is fabulous

Photo of Tara Christie Tara Christie
Jan 28, 2021 3

It was ok. The noodles were bland and felt undercooked or rubbery. There was not alot of sauce. It was an ok dish. I has the chicken rosa. The chicken was good. The pot stickers were quite yummie. Indid notice that some of the staff had their noses exposed. Why wear a mask if you can't cover your nose.

Photo of Vanessa T Vanessa T
Dec 2, 2020 5

Great food! Great customer service! Cashier super nice all the time :)

Photo of Bryan Torrijos Bryan Torrijos
Nov 13, 2020 5

Employees were very quick, efficient, and helpful. There was a mishap with my order by they fixed it very quickly.

Photo of Richard White Richard White
Sep 2, 2020 5

Was good for a quick meal, the zucchini noodles were good alternative.

Photo of Cameron Moseley Cameron Moseley
Sep 1, 2020 3

Mac and cheese tasted like it was from a box. Watery sauce that tried to redeem itself with some shredded cheddar on top. Mac and cheese is notoriously difficult to consistently produce in a kitchen. But the recipe needs some more fine tuning.

Photo of TheSenri21 TheSenri21
Aug 12, 2020 5

Has some great things to try.

Photo of Reddrick Taborn Reddrick Taborn
Jul 13, 2020 5

Great atmosphere even greater STAFF 😃😃

Photo of Dylan D Dylan D
Jun 1, 2020 5

Just picked some up, spur of the moment. Visiting from out of town and we are just blown away. Delicious!

Photo of Brendalie John Brendalie John
Jul 30, 2018 5

1st time having lunch here food was delish. I appreciated one of the workers coming from behind the register to assist me and my hubby with the menu and explaining it to us. Wish k knew her name but thx u. She made it easy to understand suggested a few popular dishes and her recommendation was on point. Will be back again.

Photo of Tennessee Life Tennessee Life
May 13, 2018 4

This was our first visit, the menu was easy to read and the food was prepared quickly and it was TASTY 😋.... we ordered Pad Thai with Shrimp..... We will definitely return

Photo of Devin McBride Devin McBride
Mar 2, 2020 3

Good food, however overpriced. If you choose the take out option, check to ensure you have everything you ordered.. Often missing salad dressings, and even once an entire bowl.

Photo of Alex Pinnix Alex Pinnix
Feb 23, 2020 5

I don't have these places where I love, so whenever I find one, I get more of the Korean meatballs than I probably need and hoard them. Their noodles are pretty good, too! I like the Japanese and Korean dishes, and the Thai seems like it would be good too. They were very nice to me.

Photo of Christina Hall Christina Hall
Jan 30, 2020 5

Service was Outstanding & the Shrimp with Cauliflower, type of pasta. Was delicious!!!

Photo of Oomia Chick Oomia Chick
Jan 11, 2020 5

Love the weekday lunch staff each time I've been. I was ordering for the office and they were out of large bags but they accommodated me with a nice large canvas one that I now use alot for lunch orders.

Photo of Bree Tyler Bree Tyler
Jan 24, 2020 3

We ordered from doordash. Order arrived timely, 35 min. Noodles were dry, especially the mac n cheese which looked so creamy and good from online pictures. Potstickers were fair. For the price with tip, 40$, I expected a much better food experience.

Photo of Buffy Paradis Buffy Paradis
Nov 22, 2019 4

First time eating from there. I enjoyed it.

Photo of Bill DeArmey Bill DeArmey
Nov 21, 2019 5

noodles were very good and tasty and tasted good especially the noodles were good and tasty but bring back Thai green curry please

Photo of Cindy bray Cindy bray
Nov 16, 2019 5

We had a delightful experience with delicious food. Rob, the general manager was FABULOUS. He was professional and the entire experience was terrific.

Photo of Nothingface36 Jacobs Nothingface36 Jacobs
Oct 27, 2019 4

Food was amazing like all noodles and co but I am not sure it it was a bad time but the store was a mess. Where I'm not sure I will still give it a 4.

Photo of Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson
Aug 29, 2019 4

The food was good, service was fast, and the staff was friendly. Parking can be kind of tough.

Photo of Sirena Manuel Sirena Manuel
Jul 14, 2019 3

My chicken was undercooked in my Alfredo haven't been back since. I didn't have time to take it back, I was at work and walked from the VA hospital to get it. The RiCE KRISPIE Treat Was good.

Photo of Kasey Williams Kasey Williams
Aug 14, 2019 5

This was my first time here and Chatika rang us up. She was very sweet and very knowledgeable...very, very sweet. I appreciate her for making my first time here a positive one. Good customer service is hard to come by, especially in a busy environment.

Photo of Kevin Dendy Kevin Dendy
May 31, 2019 5

Great deals if you sign up for the club. Hopefully it opens again soon.

Photo of Patrick LaCount Patrick LaCount
Jun 7, 2019 5

Staff are always friendly and service is quick. Outside seating is also a nice bonus

Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
Jan 19, 2019 3

As name would imply serves a variety of noodle based dishes ranging across several genres of foods. The food is pretty good. Certainly not great or special but good enough and prices aren't bad. Service and physical space the same. All in all, I would describe as pretty good to mediocre all around. Parking can be a pain when busy in the complex.

Photo of Dustin Thompson Dustin Thompson
Apr 9, 2019 3

Nice place for something quick to eat. Portions are a little on the small side for the price you pay. I do like how they are willing to sub out certain ingredients with anything you want. The food is pretty good but like I said you don't get a lot food for the price you pay.

Photo of Rosa Underwood Rosa Underwood
Jun 1, 2019 5

Now this is my go-to place on Fridays. I want something different than the old routine... The pot-stickers are amazing!!! The zucchini noodles are to die for. The portions are just right. I am always trying a new dish. Service is good and food is hot. Need a little work on the tea, but otherwise great place to meet up with friends.

Photo of Ricky Murphy Ricky Murphy
Sep 25, 2021 4

Not as good as hoped. Kind of runny, watery noodles and sauce