Nomadic Trading Company


211 S Hoover Rd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 688-2580
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Nomadic Trading Company

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Photo of Alfa Whittick Alfa Whittick
Feb 1, 2018 5

Quite an assortment of very unique and exotic items. A decorators dream destination! Check em out!

Photo of Donivan Davenport Donivan Davenport
Jul 31, 2017 5

The people have so much, compassion for their employees,as well customers.

Photo of educate to stop the killings g.lewis educate to stop the killings g.lewis
Apr 9, 2018 5

Great antiques..

Photo of marque1313 marque1313
Oct 24, 2018 1

Stopped in a few weeks back. No visible or labeled entrance to the store. From the outside it looks semi abandoned. I suppose it was left this way to make it seem more chic. Problem is, it doesn't. Walked in an unmarked entrance door and was surrounded by random, dirty, dusty things with price tags on them. No one greeted me, and there was zero signage, so i naturally just walked around. First old, dusty, chipped 60s/70s mirror. The price of this mirror you ask? $750.00. I literally thought i was reading it wrong till i started seeing the price tags on other items. An old rickety chair that i would be afraid to sit on was $220+. I walked by a small office that a lady was sitting in. She didnt look my way, say hi, nothing. Kinda strange and rude, but whatever i guess. I made my way to the warehouse and found an old turkish ammo crate for $75, a "vintage" rattan room divider for $420, and a "candle holder" that was basically a broken table leg for $15 (i uploaded photos of all these items btw). I was just about to take a picture of a $45 old, dented, tin watering can when an employee stocking the warehouse came in. He told me the warehouse was not open to customers and they did no walk ins, was by appointment only. : > | He offered to walk me around the warehouse. I, needless to say said no thank you. Bottom line, just because something is old, doesn't mean it is valuable. From what i saw, this place is packed to the gills with mostly old and overpriced 'treasures'. There may be a few true antiques scattered within, but wading through the junk to get to them is more of a task than its worth. And please NTC, update your google page to reflect by appt only. That is how i found you, and there are store hours listed on it. I wouldn't want any other customers to disturb your shop without making an appointment. ***UPDATE #2 - my reply to initial owner response listed below*** I expected a seemingly solid, honest apology, laced with shades of egocentricity & narcissism. My expectations were (sadly) upheld, and you did not disappoint. I do not give many bad reviews. Your response however leads me to believe that my impression of your business was distinctly relevant. With that being said, my review was solely based upon my personal experience at your business. I am reviewing you on google, based on the information that you placed on google. Being in business since 1995, (imo) you should understand the importance of: cleaning your merch as it arrives, pricing it appropriately, having a clearly marked exterior business entrance (or maybe having signs posted notifying customers 'by appointment only'?), greeting customers that are walking through your business & customer service, keeping store hours online updated. Also, citing how long you have been in business may be remotely relevant, but it is a poor way to justify my negative experience. *Example - A customer has a bad experience at a Sears store, and then posts a negative review online. Sears responds to the customer review. Sears is sorry about the experience, but, they have been in business since 1893. Moreover, if the customer would have just stayed at the store, and let Sears explain how Sears 'does things', the customer would have had a better experience. ...See how that comes across? Big business, small business, either way...not so good. In closing, to respond to your not so apologetic apology about my wasted time, it was exactly that. Wasted time. It took me 45 minutes to drive to/from to your store, and another 10-15 minutes of meandering around inside. I could have went somewhere else that valued my business. ***UPDATE #3 (seriously ridiculous)*** So, you do not perform consignment, and you also do not price your own items? OK. Sounds like an intricate business model. FYI, if you traveled to Europe to purchase any of the items I saw or took photos of, you should have saved yourself a trip.