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Ninth Street Bakery


136 E Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 688-5606
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Photo of Carl Childs Carl Childs
May 2, 2023 4

Wonderful experience! This is one of my Light Triumphs Over Darkness Tour stops. I bought the last Monster cookie in Durham. Several Chocolate Chocolate cookies, Amazing Coconut cake. The 2 Roast beef and cheese sandwiches were fresh and flavorful. I also enjoyed a Black Cherry sugar cane drink. I buy all these goodies and share them with family and friends. Staff is friendly and positive.

Photo of Lisa & Wes Williams Lisa & Wes Williams
Apr 25, 2023 4

You gotta love the vibe that is Durham NC and all the genuinely "on point" eateries. Ninth St. Bakery is one of those that strongly contributes to this vibe. I have only been here once so I can't say too much about the many offerings. I did have the "Spicy" pulled chicken sandwich and that's the reason for the missing star.. it was not "Spicy", it was bland. Everything else looked yummy but the chicken is all I tried.

Photo of Sarah Wallace Sarah Wallace
Mar 24, 2023 3

Ninth street bakery has a cute, unique outdoor patio and good cookies. I sadly can’t recommend any of their other goods; I’ve tried many pastries and three different loaves of bread at various times that range from lack luster to bad. I get the sense that it’s not what it was in the past which is a bummer because they have various community efforts and seem like a good business for Durham, but the goods don’t match up against nearby competitors like Loaf.

Photo of Kyle Gename Kyle Gename
Nov 9, 2022 3

One of my favorite places to get lunch. I will continue coming here but the service is very slow. There could easily be two cashiers and two people running orders instead of one each with the amount of traffic y’all have.

Photo of LeeHethcox LeeHethcox
Oct 30, 2022 3

Searching for a Starbucks alternative on Sunday mornings, and this is the first place I've tried in Durham. No lattes here, but the coffee was hot and good, not bitter. There is a parking lot that had space for my larger vehicle ( but remember it was a Sunday!). Tried the choc/walnut scone but was not impressed, too sweet and not enough walnuts. On the other hand, there is a nice porch to sit on in good weather, and people were pleasant.

Photo of Gilluindil (Gilluindil) Gilluindil (Gilluindil)
Aug 9, 2022 4

The place is really cool, the serving area is literally inside the bakery so you can see all the machinery and everything. The pastries are great but you'll have a hard time to find a hot drink for your breakfast. They only have american coffee and some extra watery hot cocoa. This morning I tried their cold brew coffee. It wasn't bad but for 3 dollars you'll get a bucket of ice with a few drops of coffee. It was literally 4 gulps and it was gone. I really liked it and I wish they'd have a better drink selection.

Photo of Katie Barrick Katie Barrick
Jun 29, 2022 5

PSA: The cheese and veggie sandwich is a must. Now I don’t know if the deli counter could tell I was starving or just saw that I was 9 months pregnant but either way on this day they gave me 2 sandwiches bc the sourdough slices were “small”. They totally weren’t small and were fully delicious. I know what you are asking yourself- “did she really eat 2 whole sandwiches?” And the answer is yes. Yes I did. Thank you Ninth Street for always coming through on delicious bakes and even better sandwiches.

Photo of Umesh W Umesh W
Jun 19, 2022 4

Perfect little place to have some freshly baked pastries, coffee and sandwiches. Came here for a simple breakfast on Sunday. Had the steak and eggs. The service was excellent and the folks are very friendly