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New Japan Restaurant


1800 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 598-6015

Google Reviews

Photo of Bad HidingPlace Bad HidingPlace
Jan 4, 2024 5

Food is excellent! Portions are generous with options to add more meat for a fee. Custom orders to eliminate items are accepted and fulfilled without hassle. Window to the grill lets you watch the chef prepare. Staff are friendly, extra sauces offered without having to ask.

Photo of FOEChief FOEChief
Dec 6, 2023 3

Food is under flavored, quality of produce us sketch. Fast friendly service is a mega plus though. There is just much better tasting and quality hibachi/teriyaki for similar pricing.

Photo of James Hudson James Hudson
Dec 2, 2023 3

Food is okay, but could be much better. Shrimp is just boiled, not hibachi. Chicken is okay. Don't bother with the steak, it's very low quality. Vegetables are often overcooked and have been sitting for a while. The white sauce is a bit bland and too watery for my taste, but they aren't stingy with it or charge extra and offer to go cups where you can get what you want, which is nice. The portions are very generous. Service is slower than it should be, call ahead to avoid a 15 minute wait. Much better hibachi in the area if you're willing to go a little further. It's average underseasoned hibachi. Go a few miles more to Hibachi 88 for better food.

Photo of Chingyz Saktanbekov Chingyz Saktanbekov
Nov 9, 2023 4

New Japan is just name to sell mexican food. Can not say they do close to asian food, but mexican Food is ok.

Photo of Maria Acosta Maria Acosta
Oct 19, 2023 5

Best spot in Durham, NC to eat Hibachi. The employees are always friendly and ready to take your order. This time I ordered sushi as well and it was pretty good. Make sure to get the white sauce it's delicious!

Photo of Samantha Harris Samantha Harris
Oct 18, 2023 5

I had hibachi steak and chicken with brown rice and zucchini only. It was amazing!! The food was seasoned very well and the rice perfect. I have to drive 30 minutes each way but it is worth it!! Thank you for a great dinner!!

Photo of Zae Moes Zae Moes
Sep 10, 2023 5

About the best habitchi I ever head. There is plenty of food for the price. 2 people can eat off of one plate.

Photo of James Harris James Harris
Jun 25, 2023 5

Clean, well-lit dining area. Fast service. Tasty food.