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New Japan Restaurant


1800 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 598-6015

Google Reviews

Photo of Nikki Brown Nikki Brown
Feb 26, 2022 4

Went for my parents they love it. I have eaten here myself a couple of times. The employees could be just a little more friendlier

Photo of Eddie Hunter Sr Eddie Hunter Sr
Jan 11, 2021 5

Great food for a great price. Fast and courteous service every time I go to get served. I recommend you try the good it's great. I really 💕 love it.

Photo of James Henry James Henry
Nov 30, 2020 3

Food is great most of the time but please check your order BEFORE you walk away from the window. Service is sometimes not all that great (calling in and at the window). But the rates of the food gives them 3 stars. If service was better I would give 5 stars.

Photo of Coley Angel Coley Angel
Oct 29, 2020 5

Despite constantly having a long line out the door, they are quick and deliver great service. Never messed up an order. Great hibachi

Photo of MsLady 003 MsLady 003
Oct 2, 2020 5

Best Habachi in town. Fresh Sushi 😊. Happy Camper over here!

Photo of Gail Brown Gail Brown
Sep 12, 2020 5

Food is great!!

Photo of Stephanie Cox Stephanie Cox
Sep 4, 2020 5

Good food

Photo of Toad Stool Toad Stool
Sep 5, 2020 5

Favorite place to go to when in Durham, NC

Photo of Diana Ceron Diana Ceron
Sep 7, 2020 5

The food is always good and staff is polite.

Photo of Gloria Wiggins Gloria Wiggins
Aug 4, 2020 5

Always clean when I go they are always cleaning very polite and organized the food is great

Photo of Consuela Blake Consuela Blake
Jul 17, 2020 5

The food is always hot and good, I love the rice the most. Great and friendly staff also.

Photo of Ramona Williams Ramona Williams
Jun 30, 2020 5

Love the food!! Call ahead for your order due to Covid. There could still be a line.....social distancing......if there is a line, it's worth wait!!! So glad they are back open ❤

Photo of Dr Lady Smith Dr Lady Smith
Jul 17, 2019 5

The entree was delicious and they gave me enough, so I was able to have 2 meals from this entree. I will become a regular at this restaurant.

Photo of John Morris John Morris
Nov 26, 2018 4

Clean establishment with a 98.5 health code rating. Food was good but too many onions! See the rest of my review below! Cleanliness 3/5. Dining room area and sauce/condiment bar were spotless. Bathroom was lacking however and one of the food staff that came into the men's room, barely washed his hands for 2 seconds, after using the urinal. Luckily my food was already made prior to his using the restroom but goes to show that the staff need better cleaning habits when handling food. Price 4/5. Chicken and Shrimp Hibachi platter w/ medium drink was $11.69. And even though its take-out, they were still asking for tips on the receipt. Why? You are picking up your own order, tossing your own trash away as well. It's not even handed to you! Its sitting on the counter after they call you over! Your food isn't brought to your table if you eat in the dining room either. Why am I tipping you for you doing your job? Quality 4/5. I didn't want to drop a star, however I was asked: "Did you want fried zucchini, mushrooms and onions as well?" And I said yes. Well all I got as you can see in the picture was onions. They were generous with the chicken and shrimp, I can give them that much. Service 5/5. I was met with smiles and a warm attitude. Much appreciated! I will come back!

Photo of Ramona Williams Ramona Williams
May 15, 2020 5

Love the food!! The line is around the building as you have to wait outside to pick up orders due to new restrictions. Gonna be at least a 30+ minute wait even if you order over the phone

Photo of German chavira German chavira
Nov 13, 2019 5

Nice friendly place!!

Photo of Monique Broadnax Monique Broadnax
Mar 12, 2020 4

The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, fast, friendly service, nice size portions. I love the teryaki chicken and steak, the white sauce is amazing.

Photo of Brice Davis Brice Davis
Feb 16, 2020 4

Good food, not spectacular, but it's good for quickbachi. I have only eaten the hibachi, can't speak to the teriyaki. Seems to always be clean and pretty quick.

Photo of Fernando Nava Fernando Nava
Feb 3, 2020 5

I've passed by this place many times and never gave any thought to try it. Tonight I was in the mood for something new and not out of my way going home after a long day at work that was neither a burger, some chicken or a burrito. So I tried the Hibachi Shrimp and Steak and have to admit that I should have tried this place sooner. Food was great and well portioned for the price. I will be visiting again to try other things on the menu for sure...

Photo of Samera Ali Samera Ali
Dec 15, 2019 5

The best food in town !! The portion size they give you for the price💯!! Food is always fresh , and the crab rangoons are amazing!!!

Photo of Philip Oja Philip Oja
Nov 19, 2019 5

We have been regulars here for several months. This place is an absolute gem! Good Asian fast food for awesome rates. I especially love How big the portions are and how much meat they include in each dish. Also love that they serve sushi here. You can call and order ahead and they’ll have your dish waiting for you when you get there.

Photo of Elaine Sosa Elaine Sosa
Oct 23, 2019 5

I've always loved their food ! Steak is always tender and cooked right!

Photo of andreaetta johnson andreaetta johnson
Nov 11, 2019 5

The steak and chicken hibachi was delicious. I didn't have to wait for our food very long either.

Photo of Teresa McMillen Teresa McMillen
Oct 14, 2019 5

What's the song when I went to eat there for dinner we really begin to like this restaurant has good food and it's quick and easy. Not expensive either

Photo of Justin Ballard Justin Ballard
Sep 17, 2019 5

Unfortunately I had to move to Raleigh. I'll still come here for my hibachi chicken and crab rangoons. The white sauce here is perfect.

Photo of Daniel H Daniel H
Oct 1, 2019 4

Food is really good. I recommend the shrimp and chicken hibachi.

Photo of maame akua maame akua
Oct 5, 2019 5

Chill place. Affordable. Nice hibachi!

Photo of DaQuan Howell DaQuan Howell
Sep 21, 2019 5

Great food, large portions, great price. Fast, customer service is nice

Photo of Nesta Gerberding Nesta Gerberding
Jul 20, 2019 4

For the money, its a great heaping pile of good food, lots of meat, veggies and rice. But Friday night they ran out of sweet tea.

Photo of Mikki Davis Mikki Davis
Aug 1, 2019 5

Great restaurant quick service and awesome food. And they give you alot! 👍🏼😊

Photo of Stacey Grainger II Stacey Grainger II
Aug 15, 2019 5

Never messed up my order and always hot and good food. Good prices and friendly atmosphere.

Photo of Tatia Davis Tatia Davis
Jul 23, 2019 5

I love going to New Japan Restaurant as an after-work Friday treat! The service is quick, and the food is always delicious. I have never had a bad experience at this restaurant--from the service to the food. Just love it all!

Photo of Jesus Navarro Jesus Navarro
Feb 15, 2019 4

The foods great and well priced. Its a pretty big portion for the price. However, if you like ur meat really clean u might not like it because the chicken and steak sometimes has fat on the meat but they also have great sushi.

Photo of Joseph Zullo Joseph Zullo
Jun 6, 2019 3

A rather mediocre establishment. I ordered the hibachi steak. The price was fair but the quality was a bit of a letdown. At a Japanese restaurant you would expect some sort of marinade or sauce to add character and flavor to the food; however the meat and vegetables tasted quite plain, as if nothing had been done to them aside from applying heat.

Photo of Ernest Johnson Jr Ernest Johnson Jr
Jan 27, 2019 4

If you like the sit down Relaxed quality Japanese style food at a more fast food pace without the fancy server...this most definitely is the place to go. Always fresh and liberal healthy servings. The price is also super reasonable. There is even a glass window you can stand in front of and watch the Masterchef prepare the food. Great family choice. Sometimes there is live music.

Photo of Josh Stehno Josh Stehno
Apr 15, 2019 5

We go here and do takeout about once a week and it’s always pretty good. We had a meal that wasn’t up to par, we took it back and they remade the whole order. Awesome customer service.

Photo of Josh Dorion Josh Dorion
Apr 16, 2019 3

I first visited New Japan a few years back and it was pretty typical Japanese American food. However, the restaurant smelled like grease and it was very dirty. I visited again recently. They've cleaned up the grease smell and the dining room was much cleaner. The food was slightly better than last time but now they water down their white sauce and it lacks a lot of the flavor.

Photo of Dempsey Haskins Dempsey Haskins
May 23, 2022 5

Always good hibachi chicken,steak and shrimp with veggies plus rice. Only please I get my Japanese food from. When I am able to eat.

Photo of Es “A Valid Consumer” Bee Es “A Valid Consumer” Bee
Jul 10, 2022 5

Pittsboro location. Outstanding. I wish this was a proper sitdown restaurant rather than a fast food joint and I really wish there was some closer to where I live. I think it was $8.99 for a chicken hibachi dinner that was so hot, fresh, tasty and huge servings. They have choices of sauces you could help yourself to, the white one was amazing. Don’t know what it was but I think I’m addicted. We’ve tried several Japanese restaurants in this area and none of them come even close to New Japan. That Lunch lasted for three meals! I have allergies and sensitivities with food I had no problems whatsoever eating here it was delicious.

Photo of Bob T Bob T
Nov 1, 2021 4

Quick service with good food and good prices. Their home-made sauces are delicious and we liked the variety. Their white sauce was a little thinner than we prefer, but that could just be a difference in preference. All of the meat options were very well cooked, with all of the meats remaining quite tender and succulent. We have often had Japanese takeout where the meat would be dry, rubbery, or tough. Not in this case. Very well done. We enjoyed a pleasant and un-hurried lunch in this nice little take-out/dine-in restaurant.

Photo of Jacqueline Perry Jacqueline Perry
Jun 27, 2022 4

Food is good and you get great size portions. The only problem is that you have to check your order before you leave, because if you don't, you will be making a return trip there. For some reason they get my order wrong and I always order the same thing. Hibachi shrimp 🍤 and steak 😋 with soba noodles 🍜, No rice. Please tell me why I always get rice 🍚 😩 😒 😫, and I tell at least 3 times. They repeat the order back to me, Hibachi shrimp and steak with soba noodles and they give me 2 piles of rice about half the time.