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Neo-China Restaurant


4015 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-2828
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Photo of Eve Stelzenmuller Eve Stelzenmuller
Nov 20, 2023 4

Good food and service, although we had to remind the servers about a few missed items. To be fair, we were a table of 15, although we were the only table at an early lunch. Great portions and most of us had plenty of leftovers. Very friendly staff.

Photo of Humbled One Humbled One
Nov 12, 2023 5

Visiting from Richmond Va for the rival UNC v Duke Game. I am committed to trying Chinese in every city we visit. I found this place online because they are open past 8 and that’s what we needed. When I called the sweetest lady answered the phone and took my order (with special instructions) with the sweetest demeanor. When I came in to pick up she was there to take my payment as well. Very sweet lady! My food was decently priced for the amount of food that I received. The chicken and broccoli was SO flavorful, and it was REAL chicken breast. The broccoli was fresh and cooked to perfection. The house fried rice I ordered was AMAZINGLY flavorful and had the old school square pork pieces. I put leftovers in the fridge and the rice warmed up perfectly and was NOT crunchy like normal rice usually gets. If I could give 10 stars I would!! Thank you for giving me the best Chinese American experience I’ve had in a long time and I will be back for food to take home before we hit the road back home!!! Wish I would have taken pics. (Will update with pics once I get my next meal, TOMORROW)

Photo of April H April H
Nov 10, 2023 5

Delish!!! Best Chinese food in town! Made to order and always fresh!

Photo of Tina Ritter Tina Ritter
Oct 10, 2023 5

I was in the mood for Chinese and my go-to place was closed. Decided to just get carry out to give this place a try. Everything was great, will be returning!

Photo of Jonnie Blount Jonnie Blount
Oct 6, 2023 5

Haven’t been here in years but it is still an amazing place!! The food and the service were amazing!! Only one other couple in the restaurant!! Atmosphere very quaint and cozy!! Just wish it wasn’t so far away!!

Photo of Kat Kat
Sep 29, 2023 5

We missed this place! Glad it reopened. Loved my hot & sour soup, veggie roll but didn't like the sha cha sauce BUT WE STILL LOVE THEM! THANKS FOR HANGING IN THERE DURING COVID

Photo of David Heilman David Heilman
Sep 15, 2023 5

My favorite place to get pick up Chinese food. All the dishes have excellent flavor. The lunch special is quite the value. Love this place.

Photo of Sharon Jiang Sharon Jiang
Sep 12, 2023 5

Chicken wings are delicious! I like the House Lo mein, however, make sure it’s ordered with less grease! Beef broccoli tastes great with broccoli not overcooked.

Photo of Leah Dickens Leah Dickens
Aug 4, 2023 4

I had food delivered with Uber Eats. Food was ready quickly. They have the BEST crab rangoon I've ever tried! Wonton soup was delicious as well! I will say the chicken broccoli lunch in "white sauce" was disappointing. I didn't notice a sauce, and the brown rice was very bland. Otherwise, food was yummy.

Photo of Linda Dickerson Linda Dickerson
Apr 7, 2023 5

Just love their food but it is all take out. Wish they would reopen dining room.

Photo of AS Mac AS Mac
Jan 31, 2023 3

Decided to pick up a quick lunch from Neo-China based on reviews and pictures. I enjoy General Tsos chicken that is lightly breaded (not the frozen tyson nugget type breading) and this place fit the bill. The people I interacted with were friendly. I picked up the General tsos lunch special with fried rice, wonton soup and egg roll. The portions were good. I was definitely happy because there was more chicken than breading. Things start to struggle a bit from there. Fried rice: one of the most bland fried rice orders I've ever had. No onions, eggs, peas, carrots, nothing. If it weren't for the lone white rice grain I would've thought it was brown rice. General Tsos: lightly breaded with great texture but the sauce was off. It tasted like hot sauce. I've had different sauces in this dish but this one is the first that tasted like hot sauce and nothing else. Egg roll: disclaimer I am not a fan of egg rolls wrappers (except as crispy noodles) but I got one based on reviews. The filling was salty. The wrapper tasted as I expected. Wonton soup: this was fine. The crispy noodles are the kind I like and they didn't skimp on them. I'm not sure whether I'd go back. It had great potential but fell flat for me. Maybe it was an off day. They did seen to be struggling. I probably could've looked past the rice if the chicken didn't taste like Buffalo wings.