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NC Escape


119 Orange St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (984) 888-5155
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Photo of Sierra Sierra
Sep 2, 2023 5

Loads of fun! Lots of different puzzles. Our game master was great as well. Would definitely come back and do the other rooms.

Photo of Kacy Fortner Kacy Fortner
Aug 12, 2023 5

My two teenage nieces were in town, and my wife and I thought this would be the perfect way to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon since the temperature outside was approaching 100 degrees. We all had a blast with “The Attic”! It’s very creative and surprising. Our game master was fantastic too!

Photo of Chandler Marr Chandler Marr
Aug 3, 2023 5

I've had the pleasure of experiencing the thrill of NC Escape not just once, but twice, and I honestly can't wait to go back and try out their other rooms! If you're a fan of escape rooms and haven't tried this gem yet, you're missing out on a great time. From the moment you walk in, the staff is friendly and welcoming. They do a great job at setting the stage and sharing the lore for whatever room you're trying to escape. Each room has its own unique theme and storyline too – my group did The Attic on our first visit, and the Alien room on our second. The attention to detail in the room designs is really impressive, too! I can tell that the game masters and staff put a lot of effort into crafting an immersive environment with a good amount of puzzles. Both of my visits to NC Escape were absolutely amazing. This place is a top-notch escape room and I can't recommend it enough. If you're a fan of escape rooms or just looking for a fun activity to do with friends, check this place out!!!

Photo of Alison Overstreet Alison Overstreet
Jul 8, 2023 5

Super fun experience with Emily as our game master! We completed the Attic and retrieved Claire's toys for her before time was up. The jump scares were well placed and the puzzles were fun to solve. Thank you for a great date night!!!

Photo of Maggie Childress Maggie Childress
Jul 8, 2023 5

SO MUCH FUN! Enjoyed the fact that you go into other rooms. We did “Kidnapped” with two participants in their very first room and were able to escape! Great activity.

Photo of Nicole Holmes Nicole Holmes
May 28, 2023 5

My partner and I decided to do an escape room for our date night and I am so thankful we found NC Escape! This was our first time playing an escape room and we found it to be such an amazing experience. We played the Attic and it was the perfect combination of fun, suspense, and critical thinking. The staff at the location was awesome and we feel so thankful for our game leader. She was SO helpful and did a wonderful job bringing the Attic to life. We had such a wonderful evening that we will certainly remember. Thank you so much.

Photo of Chakelah Cooper Chakelah Cooper
Apr 30, 2023 5

Me and my children played the kidnapped room. They are a family friendly establishment. Had so much fun and the clues and riddles were very interesting.

Photo of Fodabunnies Fodabunnies
Mar 4, 2023 5

The room was fantastic! The puzzles were crazy and intense. Luckily we had a great games master Emily to help us when we got stuck 😂

Photo of Stephanie Schoonover Stephanie Schoonover
Feb 9, 2023 4

Great team building fun! Rooms were tricky but doable with minimal hints needed. Staff was very accommodating for a group of 10. We did a head to head challenge with 5 ppl per team to see who could escape quicker. Thank you for a great experience.

Photo of Dillon Smith Dillon Smith
Jan 24, 2023 5

Went with a group of five and completed Alien Escape. It was a great experience. The staff was welcoming and the puzzles were a lot of fun! Will definitely go back some time soon.

Photo of Graham Whitehouse Graham Whitehouse
Jan 22, 2023 5

It was my first time in an escape room in many years and it did not disappoint. We played the “attic” room and had so much fun. Emily was so nice and kept us on track as we progressed through the room. Can’t wait to come back and try out the other rooms!

Photo of Dee Payne Dee Payne
Dec 30, 2022 5

Had an excellent time at NC Escape and this made for the perfect date night! We successfully completed the ATTIC and staff was so amazing with helping us out when needed! We would definitely recommend!