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National Car Rental


1001 Rental Car Dr
Morrisville, NC 27623
Phone: (844) 370-1075
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Photo of Jonathan Spivey Jonathan Spivey
Feb 4, 2022 3

This review is specifically for the RDU location. I’ve been renting cars, for usually 4 days at a time, 1-2 times per month for the last 1.5 years or more. Reached the Executive Elite Status which meant better car selection. I had never had an issue until this last rental. Cars that I have never had an issue renting suddenly has $75 per day upgrade charges. Corporate trips don’t like upgrade charges. So much for appreciating returning customers, from huge accounts that considers National a preferred rental company.

Photo of Christina Bobbitt Christina Bobbitt
Feb 16, 2022 5

This was my first experience as s member of the Emerald Club. It was so awesome and convenient to be able to just walk up, check the selection of vehicles, pick what worked best for me and pay on my way out. They had a great selection available and I can’t wait to use National again!

Photo of Kristinn Kristinsson Kristinn Kristinsson
Mar 7, 2022 4

When using the “pick your car” section it is difficult to see the car make since the trunk is open. Also would be nice to see highlight of features like: car play, adaptive cruise, lane following etc. otherwise the rental was fine. Picked up at RDU which uses buses to get to cars. Drop off was fast.

Photo of Joey Campo Joey Campo
Mar 14, 2022 5

After a long day of airports and flights, it is a pleasure to always know Raleigh National Car Rental makes it easy from the airport shuttle to the clean available vehicles. The best part of the day is getting in your rental with no hassles and heading to that final destination. Great place to rent from.

Photo of coachnathan1 coachnathan1
Feb 28, 2022 5

National is by far the best rental company I have ever gotten to work with. They make it simple, keep it simple, and strive for it to be about you. At National it's not here's what you get, its about how they can help you get there. Added bonus: They let you do it in whatever style YOU want & it doesn't break you bank account to do so !

Photo of matthew connor matthew connor
Oct 6, 2020 4

Five stars for the brand new van we rented from National Car Rental in Raleigh, NC. It was great. While the van was great, it was very odd that the only cars in Emerald Aisle were vans. Like I said it worked out great for my trip but was odd. One star for the check out experience. Took over 20 minutes to get out of the lot. Only one lane was operating and the guy was actually having to write the VIN # down by hand. Not sure what was going on but this was unacceptable. They should of had people with handhelds and definitely had more than one exit lane open. I have never had this issue. Completely unacceptable. The drop off experience was very smooth.

Photo of Scott Butler Scott Butler
Sep 24, 2020 3

The rental process on the app went okay. I'm an Emerald Aisle customer, yet I was told (on the app) I had to go to the counter before getting my car. I waited at the National desk for over 15 minutes before I was told they were handling all rentals around the corner at the Alamo and Enterprise desk. There was no sign at the National desk informing customers of this. By the time I went around there, a bus load of people had came in from the airport which put many people in front of me which rubbed me the wrong way. When I finally got to the counter I was told I didn't have to wait in line I just had to pick my car and go. I showed them where the app had instructed me to come to the counter and they had no answer for that. The car I picked was a convertible. Everything was fine until I put the top up and the side windows wouldn't go all the way up and there was rain in the forecast. So I drove back to the rental place (another 40 mins) to exchange the car which they did with no problem. It was an experience. But I must say this was the first time I've had trouble with National, usually I'm in and out in minutes.

Photo of Scott Rosenburg Scott Rosenburg
Nov 18, 2020 3

Nice vehicle, quick and easy at pickup. When I went to return the vehicle, I was charged for 8 gallons of gas, even though the tank was full. Was able to call customer service and get the charges for fuel removed. Apparently there are now sensors within the vehicle which tells the National computers how much gas is in the tank- new program, which apparently doesn't work all that well! Check your receipts for added charges!

Photo of Chris Cardozo Chris Cardozo
Oct 28, 2020 5

using the car for a weekend get away with my wife. It was simple and easy to reserve a car. Decide which one to take and the customer service representative at the gate was friendly and very good. Returning the car was just as easy.

Photo of Robert Naylor Robert Naylor
Jul 22, 2020 4

Most importantly, we got a great car at an excellent rate and the pick-up and drop-off process using Emerald Aisle couldn't be much easier. Our reservation got complicated as we needed to keep the car longer and change the drop-off location, but with some effort were able to do so. The only reason to not rate 5 stars is that we had issues getting in touch with the local branches when initially trying to book the rental and setting up a one-way rental from the desired location and had to drive an extra car over three hours to meet our needs.

Photo of Yashwanth Chenreddy Yashwanth Chenreddy
Aug 14, 2020 3

Only complaint is, they have limited staff, and they are asking national enterprise and Alamo customers to go to the same center fir reservations. Long lines on weekends. Apart from this, they have all varieties of vehicles and prices are cheaper compared to other rental agencies. Customer service is good. They have all kind of vehicles starting from compact to SUVs available in emarald aisle. Cleaning is also poor as cigarette smell was coming in few vehicles. Wish you guys will clean cars better next time.

Photo of Indrajit Dasgupta Indrajit Dasgupta
Aug 18, 2020 5

The quality and maintenance of the vehicles are fantastic. The courtesy of the agents working at the parking lot has always been extraordinary. They have patiently worked with me till I find a vehicle of my choice. Also, once I had left behind my luggage and laptop in the rental vehicle. The care and concern of the agents were exemplary. They were able to get my belongings back after significant effort. The efficiency of the check in and check out process is top class. I will always rent from National.

Photo of Nailah Brookins Nailah Brookins
Jun 23, 2019 5

I work there

Photo of Joseph Price Joseph Price
Aug 31, 2020 5

Always easy to get a car here. The people are great and the cars are always in good shape. Thanks for the consistently good service.

Photo of Jeffery Stewart Jeffery Stewart
Jul 24, 2020 5

Rented at Raleigh Airport. Great selection of vehicles and the new Scan yourself made check out sooo simple. I flew home with the keys to vehicle. Was called by National and they were so understanding and kind..they should have beat me up! All 100% perfect and why I only go with National.

Photo of Chip Hudson Chip Hudson
Jul 28, 2020 5

Great selection of cars, vans, and trucks. The ease of renting as an Emerald Executive Elite member makes picking up and dropping off a breeze. Very pleased.

Photo of Royce Shockley Royce Shockley
Jul 15, 2020 5

Everything was simple and easy as can be. I signed up with Emerald Club and it was a safe no-contact option to rent a car quickly and efficiently. Will use again and again.

Photo of Doug Teaford Doug Teaford
Jul 9, 2020 5

Love National rental car! They make it so easy to do business with, I always use them for travel! Keep up the great work National crew.

Photo of Lilly Soliman Lilly Soliman
Jul 9, 2020 3

Normally I would have given 5 stars but my experience with Milton at the National Emerald kiosk was subpar. I am an Executive Member and up until COVID I usually rent a lot whether personal or business. Usually they want to give me a full size SUV and I normally do not need that big of a vehicle. This past rental I actually needed that size, he did everything he could do to tell me why he COULDN'T rent that without charging me an upgrade. So I requested a Manager. Instead of just handing me over to Devon (the Manager) he wanted to do everything in his power to talk over me to explain why he wouldn't give me that size rental. So I explained that I did not need him to speak for me. Devon asked me to look at a SUV he thought might work. As we are walking away to see the SUV, Milton made it a point to tell ME THAT IN THE FUTURE TO NOT CUT HIM OFF. WHAT!!! What we will not do is speak to me in that manner. I proceeded to let him know that I REQUESTED THE MANAGER and I DIDN'T need him to speak for me. And I had to remind him that I AM THE CUSTOMER!!! His entire mannerism was slamming the vehicle door, screeching around to bring me the vehicle. :-( I rent ALL the time with National versus any other rental company which is why I am an EXECUTIVE MEMBER. I normally get GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE which is why I keep renting with National and I appreciate DEVON making it right.

Photo of Raymond Kwek Raymond Kwek
Jun 15, 2020 5

Always accommodating, customer service is top notch. I've rented from National for about 9 months, I'd say 15 days of rentals. Great vehicle options at each arrival and once, they didn't have the vehicle I reserved, so they upgraded me free of charge. Vehicles are always cleanly, which is especially important during COVID. Never a wait, just get in and go.

Jun 8, 2020 5

Well looked after by helpful and friendly staff. Vehicle in well maintained and good selection available. Good rate provided for a long term rental. Thank you

Photo of Trevor Downey Trevor Downey
Sep 30, 2019 3

Good rates, great people! Return with Trevor !

Photo of yogesh pandey yogesh pandey
May 5, 2019 4

I have good experience and got good car deals for rental. Book from website and go and grab the car. So easy...

Photo of Chaseson Rickman Chaseson Rickman
Mar 19, 2020 5

I have thoroughly enjoyed and come to appreciate the partnership that my company has with National Car Rental. From reserving the car, to selecting the vehicle of my choice, to driving off the lot it is all very seamless! I encourage everyone if you are not apart of the National Car Rental Emerald Club you should definitely join today!

Photo of Jenny J Wang Jenny J Wang
Feb 28, 2020 5

We love the whole experience with national car rental. The pick up from Emerald aisle is fast, no wait at all. I will certainly rent cars from this company in future, and recommend it to my friends as well

Photo of Curtis Lehman Curtis Lehman
Jan 22, 2020 5

I rent from National about 25 weeks a year and have always been completely satisfied! The only thing that I would like to changed is the free rentals you lose every year if you don't use them. Over the last 5 or 6 years I have lost around 20 free rental days. If Enterprise can do it why can't National. After all they are the same company...

Photo of Terri Bancroft Terri Bancroft
Dec 17, 2019 5

Being a member of The Emerald Club makes renting a car from National so stress-free! Recently we rented a 15 passenger van in Raleigh NC. Not only was it the most competitive price, but it was quick and easy pick up and drop off. Even the other people in my party were impressed with the level of ease. Great experience every time!

Photo of James Jackson James Jackson
Dec 11, 2019 5

After having not rented a car for several years, I was surprised with the ease in making my last minute reservation. Enrollment in the customer rewards program was also quick. Onsite staff at the rental office were friendly and helped point me in the right direction. Nice choice of vehicles and quick check out. The car was clean and problem free. Returning the car was also efficient. I would rent from National again.

Photo of PM Shine PM Shine
Nov 27, 2019 5

My first time renting for business. Last time tried to rent National in Mississippi for business and couldn’t. Don’t think they were there. Easy check out, although I didn’t see any Sedans in my class, so I’ve been driving a van for the past two months. It was also very easy to get my billing. I was notified by email that my rental was expiring - like that a lot. I was able to call and was amazed she was able to make a note to inform them I wanted to extend and just like that it was done. I got my invoice in the email and that was really appreciated. I really like National.

Photo of Christine Seaton Christine Seaton
Dec 3, 2019 5

Easiest car rental ever. I love walking down the aisle and having my pick of available vehicles, then just loading up and driving away. Makes it so much more fun! The employees that I spoke to were helpful and friendly. Very pleasant rental experience overall.

Photo of Jon Hampton Jon Hampton
Nov 20, 2019 5

National has great service, but I think they could award frequent renters like myself better than what they do now. I see little difference between the regular Emerald Club Isle Vehicles and those in Executive Elite. In fact, I have driven pickups that were considered Executive Elite that came without power seats. Also, free XM radio for those of us who rent more than 150 days per year with National would be a great way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty.

Photo of Robert Ahlschwede Robert Ahlschwede
Nov 29, 2019 5

Showed up late in the day, but the service was as quick as was possible. Had multiple cars for that late in the day and picking was easy. Car was clean and ready to go. And the drop off was even easier. The shuttle bus driver even waited for me to get my bags to the bus. One of my best experiences renting a car.

Photo of Robert Roehrich Robert Roehrich
Oct 23, 2019 5

National has proven to be a great asset in the quest to get through the airport as fast as possible. My latest trip was fast and efficient with no issues at all. Every time I fly foe business or pleasure, and need a car, I will always choose National.

Photo of Sharia Fox Sharia Fox
Nov 15, 2019 5

By far the best car rental experience I've had. I recently joined the emerald club and the ability to hop right off the shuttle, then hop right into a car, not having to wait in line or check in was AMAZING! I had my choice of a variety of mid-sized and quality vehicles and felt like the selection was pretty great! The shuttles also ran like clockwork, continuously, and I never had to wait more than 2 minutes for a shuttle to arrive. Honestly I feel like they did more waiting than I did. Staff was also friendly and helpful.

Photo of Melissa Rollins Melissa Rollins
Oct 22, 2019 5

We used the Emerald Isle and it was just like the commercials. We went straight to the cars, picked the one we wanted and were on our way. The stop at the booth was very quick. Gave them my license to scan, they scanned the bar code on the car and we were set. Returning the car was even easier. I was worried the choices might be limited, but there were numerous choices. We were very happy with National and the Emerald Isle.

Photo of Mark Harpole Mark Harpole
Sep 14, 2019 4

Walked right up and had plenty of choices. Shuttle was set up nicely, Everyone was very friendly. No problems other than deciding what to jump in to and drive off. Great experience.

Photo of Kellie Mendenhall Kellie Mendenhall
Oct 8, 2019 5

I rented a vehicle from the Raleigh-Durham airport and everything went very smoothly. I was able to get one big enough for 6 adults, which is what we needed this time. The staff is always nice and helpful.

Photo of Jim Platias Jim Platias
Sep 16, 2019 4

Vehicle pickup and drop off is very efficient. Shuttle to and from airport is great. Every National Car Rental employee I encountered was friendly and in good spirits, even first thing in the morning, which was nice. I would have given 5 stars but I had requested a vehicle with navigation and that request was not fulfilled. Overall great place to rent a vehicle from and would not hesitate to use National again for my car rental needs.

Photo of Marvol Barnard Marvol Barnard
Sep 3, 2019 5

I rent from National whenever I need a car when traveling. I am 100% satisfied each and every time. The Emerald Aisle is perfect for me--pick my favorite car and go! Cars are always spotless and trouble free. Checking back in at the end of the rental period is fast and friendly, each and every time. National has perfected a smooth process of renting cars, and I ALWAYS rent from National!

Photo of Joe Sullivan Joe Sullivan
Oct 17, 2019 5

Had an incident where a tire blew off an 18-wheeler several car lengths in front of me on the freeway. The debris hit my rental car and caused minor damage. The National Car agents were helpful over the phone, non-judgmental, and courteous throughout. Check-in at the end/return went much more smoothly than I would have imagined. Thank you!

Photo of Anoop Kaul Anoop Kaul
Aug 18, 2019 5

Excellent experience. Emerald ability to choose any car helped me a lot. Also, I needing to extend rental by an hour, National did that for me without any extra charge. Thanks so much.

Photo of Vanessa al Rashida Vanessa al Rashida
Aug 1, 2019 5

The service I received here was quick and professional. The area was clean and one of the employees helped us find the best car available to use on our trip. Would recommend this company to anyone and would use them again (if they have the best deals on car).

Photo of Lynne Yarbrough Lynne Yarbrough
Aug 15, 2019 5

My experience with National has always been very positive. At the Raleigh/Durham airport, I chose the Emerald Aisle option and had a great selection of vehicles. When returning, I just parked the car and received an email with the final cost.

Photo of Larry Walsh Larry Walsh
Jul 11, 2019 5

Excellent service, friendly helpful staff. Auto's clean and road ready. Easy pick- up and return procedure. Transportation to and from airport (Raleigh-Durham) a plus.

Photo of Shawn Carter Shawn Carter
Jun 5, 2019 5

I had the absolute best experience with National! On Sunday, I returned my car and it was the easiest process I have ever experienced. It was very fast and efficient. Each of the return agents were professional in their own way, but what really impressed me was the bus driver that I had. If I recall correctly, his name was DJay and he was amazing!! He greeted each of his passengers with a smile, he announced our departure time of the shuttle, and he even unloaded all of our luggage once we arrived at the South West terminal. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be renting from National again and I DEFINITELY recommend that you all do, too! Thanks National!!!!

Photo of Vasudevan V Vasudevan V
Jun 18, 2019 5

Good place to rent a car. You have lots of options to choose as per your need. There are people always around to help if there is any question. Sometime the checkout line is little longer takes couple of minutes otherwise I find it very easy to rent here.

Photo of Reid Allen Reid Allen
Jun 17, 2019 5

Easy in, easy out. National is the way to go for car rentals. You have a choice on your vehicle selection, the process is easier than any other rental company. As a perk, their rewards program accumulates free days at a 1:7 ratio.

Photo of Sandra Khazraee Sandra Khazraee
May 1, 2019 5

Renting a car from National at the Raleigh airport was very easy. I didn't have to wait at all for the shuttle from the baggage claim to the lot. Once there, an employee was outside directing us to the correct spot. The Nissan Rogue was spotless and I had no problems with the car. Returning was just as easy as picking up.

Photo of Fjkulwin Fjkulwin
May 23, 2019 5

Pick-up was fast and easy at the airport in Raleigh-Durham. The car was clean and comfortable as expected. No problems during our weekend and return was 1-2-3 and friendly personnel to greet us at the returns area. Shuttle buses were quick and efficient as well. Another 5 star experience with National!

Photo of Caterina Weiss Caterina Weiss
Jun 10, 2019 5

I don't rent vehicles often, so it was very nice to rent from a company that is so customer focused. The vehicle I rented was clean and in excellent condition. I drove 1002 miles in 3 days without any issues. I had to change the drop off location during my trip and when I called customer service they knew exactly who I was by my phone number and helped me in just a few minutes. I will definitely rent from National again!!! Thank you!!!!

Photo of Lisa Barter Lisa Barter
Apr 20, 2022 5

My first time renting with National at the Raleigh airport. I will definitely do it again! Amazing staff, from the shuttle bus drivers to the people I met at the lot. So friendly! The car choices were all beautiful, clean and new. By far the best experience to date! (I travel and rent cars 2-3 times a year.)

Photo of Bob Breen Bob Breen
May 21, 2022 5

For the past two decades, I was a big Hertz fan, not anymore. My company recently switched to National and I absolutely love it. Newer vehicles, lower cost, availability (including one-way in some cases) that beats Hertz and super nice people at the locations. If you haven't used them lately (especially post-COVID), give them a try. My guess is you'll be pleasantly surprised, like I was.

Apr 29, 2022 5

Shuttle from airport dropped me right to the pickup location. Car of my choice was available. I chose my car, short drive to show Id and out I went. Took about 3 minutes. Returning was just as easy. I drove up to a designated parking spot, greeted warmly by a staff member. Car was inspected and the shuttle to airport was 50 feet away. A great experience

Photo of Greg Gray Greg Gray
May 20, 2022 4

I have been using National for years and at Executive Status, most of the time the experience is great. Several recent attempts at renting vehicles through National has been difficult due to no vehicles being available. I guess there are several other folks that have found that National is a great rental car company, and therefore the fleet of vehicles are taken preventing those of us with long standing with the company having to move to other rental car companies. Luckily I have found a #2 rental car place that when National is sold out, I can get a vehicle through them.

Photo of Craig Kettner Craig Kettner
Jun 11, 2022 5

Emerald Aisle is the best! Skip the line at the counter. Just go to the cars and pick one out. Drive up to the attendant and you are checked in quickly. The car was large enough for four of us. Turning the car in was very easy and quick! The whole experience was great!

Photo of Patrick B Patrick B
Jun 17, 2022 3

Almost always very please renting with National. The staff is usually very nice and easy to deal with. I will say that the cars have become increasingly less clean on the inside. Almost so much so that it doesn’t seem that they get cleaned at all…more like run it through the car wash and back in the que. I had to turn in my last car early due to ants which were after the food bits that were not vacuumed. I hope they get their clean up crew back in order.

Photo of Lisa Holt Lisa Holt
Jul 22, 2022 5

The National staff at Raleigh Durham Airport provided exceptional customer service. The bus drivers were kind, courteous, and helpful - loading bags, checking that we didn't leave anything behind, etc. The staff on the lot made everything so easy. I had to update my reservation with a new driver's license and new credit card - effortless! They even helped me unload my bags when I returned the car. Great staff all around!

Photo of K Smalls K Smalls
Jul 29, 2022 5

The staff was outstanding. They went above and beyond in helping me with my wallet. I thought I left it in the car but figured out it was down the road. They offered me a lift to pick it up and bring me back. Rayne was extremely nice and generous in driving me to pick up my wallet. Bryce was helpful as well.

Photo of Andrew Sweeny Andrew Sweeny
Aug 9, 2022 5

Perfect service. Way WAY (!!!) better priced than competition next door and the staff were fantastic. They were friendly and helpful and vehicle was spotless and ready to go. I highly recommend and will go right to the National counter next time I’m renting. Thanks for a good experience.

Photo of Matt Richards Matt Richards
Jul 10, 2022 5

Just did a weekend rental (Fri-Sun) and this location was fantastic. I got in around 8:30pm on Friday evening and the Emerald Aisle and Executive Area were both fully stocked. I’m Executive and ended up with a Miata RF convertible (best rental car I’ve ever had). Getting off the premises was seamless and took 2 minutes. Drop off was equally easy. Just pulled up, left the keys in the car, and hopped on the shuttle. Both the shuttle from the airport and the shuttle taking me to the airport left promptly when I got on them. The drivers were fantastic and were a great reflection of the excellent customer service of this location. Easily the smoothest rental experience I’ve had with National, and National is already a tremendously well-oiled machine. If you are a business traveler or even a visitor who wants a quick and easy rental experience, book on the Emerald/Executive aisle and you won’t regret it.

Photo of Chuck Byers Chuck Byers
Aug 15, 2022 3

Rental at Boston Logan was seamless. I love the ability to choose any car on Emerald Isle. Returning in downtown Boston was a pain. Apple Maps didn't have the correct parking garage location. When we finally made it to the right location in Harbor Garage, seventh floor, there was no one on duty, and no signage showing where to leave the car or drop the keys after hours.

Photo of Jason Zhang Jason Zhang
Nov 17, 2021 5

I arrived on a hot & humid day, drying up from thirst and was handed a bottle of iced water from a staff member. In fact, he prepared water for all customers. That was just an amazing welcoming experience!!! He was very friendly and helped me with the upgrade to a beamer. There were some good selection at the Executive area. Highly recommend!