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5420 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 251-9794
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There is much, much more to be discovered betwixt the bamboo shoots and long grasses in this private oasis off 15-501. Namu's coffee game is on point, and it's the perfect spot for delicious coffee, intimate conversation and solo relaxation. They also have a large selection of non-coffee drinks like lemonade, misugaru and Hombucha.

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Photo of Heather House Heather House
Jan 13, 2024 4

I've heard great things about the food. I provided Namu as a dinner option to meet an out of town friend for dinner. Location was good cause it's right off I-40. We sat in the beer hall. There is both picnic table and hi-top seating. It's open and first come, first serve. My friend got Bo's special and a beer. I got a Spicy pork quesadillo with pan fried kimchi and extra cheese and spicy chicken mandoo. Both were delicious! I knew I would have leftovers but wanted to try both. No one ever put enough cheese for me, but the quesadillo was very good. I really liked the mandoo as well. It's a fried dumpling. Service was a bit different. They have a few cocktails and wine, which is super for those of us who don't drink beer. You have to order via a site and pay to get your food. I didn't see a way to keep a tab open to order more drinks, but I used the site, not the toast app. If I drank a lot of beer, that would be annoying. The drinks and food came out quick. There are no servers walking around checking on you. We didn't get any instructions on how things work, so you have to figure it out. There is a place where you can get sauces, napkins, etc I didn't know about until we were leaving and I was trying to get a to go box. I'm sure there must have been a water cooler somewhere, but I didn't see it and they don't automatically bring water. I will be back... they have a coffee bar and Garden which would be nice in the summer. I want to give the coffee a whirl for sure.

Photo of Laura Fu Laura Fu
Nov 19, 2023 5

I've been in the garden with friends over the summer but had never eaten here. A friend was in town and wanted good food and beer, and this place came up. The garden sitting area is huge and was peaceful in the evening. There are lots of lights and decorations. It was not crowded at all on a Monday evening. The parking lot is small and narrow. I recommend parking by the nearby Walmart and walking the extra 2 minutes. You have to have a phone to order here. There's a QR code you scan on the tables. This was my first time ordering like that and it took some time to figure it out. I know my parents would never have figured it out, so just FYI if you're not tech savvy. I got a fried rice dish with tofu and something called a mandoo. It had meat and was a bit like an egg roll. Whatever it was, it was delicious. The portion was huge, so I had leftovers. They warmed up just fine. I also had scallion pancakes. I grew up on Chinese onion pies, which are thinner. These ones were thick, crispy on the outside and savory on the inside. One order has 4, so it's a lot of food. So yummy! My friend had some beers and liked them. When there was a little issue with ordering through their QR code, the server was very friendly and patient and helpful. As others have said, it is pricey. And there's a 15% gratuity automatically added. But the portions are really large, the food was really good, and the staff and atmosphere were great.

Photo of Theodore Taylor Theodore Taylor
Nov 1, 2023 5

Was in town and my kid wanted to go here for her birthday dinner. Odd place as the parking lot was full of cars but I'm not sure where everyone was. We entered into the bar area with all the beers on tap and cans of beer you can buy. The bar folks said we could sit there and order at the table with the QR code and pay there, so we had food (see the pics) and I had a Bojangles hard tea (pass, too much tea, not enough drink) and a regular non IPA beer. Food came fast from the kitchen and was good so no complaints and I'm kinda happy it was not super packed, the older I get the less I like crowds. The area in the bar had plenty of seats and some old school video games to play.

Photo of JJ O JJ O
Oct 31, 2023 4

I have gone here with my family a couple times. The food is great and huge portions. They have a great beer selection as well. I also like the old video game machines as my kids enjoy playing on them. We will definitely be back!

Photo of Patara Williams Patara Williams
Oct 15, 2023 5

10/10 definitely recommend. 🤤 By far one of the best spots in Raleigh Durham! I went with a friend and we couldn’t decide so got a little bit of everything, which actually ended up being a lot of everything haha! Food is top-notch; delicious and creative…great presentation as well. Prices are well worth the quality and massive portions. Ambience is phenomenal - so many different vibes you can go for; it’s like a hidden gem 💎 Lemme be clear…I went on Tuesday, spent a $100 and still had it on my mind Friday, so had to spin da block for the bul-fries and to try the kimchi pancakes.

Photo of abdul kader abdul kader
Oct 14, 2023 5

This is a cool place. Spacious. Game for fun. Lots of choices. Good food. Pay all online including tips. Two buildings. Great coffee!

Photo of Marcia Holloway Marcia Holloway
Sep 29, 2023 5

The food was delicious and we enjoyed sitting outside in the beautiful garden. The food was priced very well for the amount they give you. I'll definitely go back in the future. We had an issue with their ordering system at our table, but that was just a minor inconvenience.

Photo of JY Z JY Z
Sep 26, 2023 5

Fun place to dine in and have friends gathering events. The food is nice and the price is fair. I like different sessions of the resturant that makes it like a maze. They also have many different beers but I didn't have a chance to try. Probably should do it next time.

Photo of greta vanderloop greta vanderloop
Sep 5, 2023 5

This place deserves a food + establishment award. SO good. Great spot, the seating selection is like a restaurant inside a library; meaning, all sorts of nooks/tables to pick to set up for the day. Whether that looks like work, small group discussion, etc. Service- their team members are resourceful, and personable. As for ordering, you pick the table, you scan the QR code, and then order, food comes to you; effortless on the guest part! Too, there are pictures on the website when ordering, which is super helpful to see what each dish looks like. Food-if I didn’t say it well enough, yum. Plus the portion size is really good. I barely can finish a bowl of bibimbap. Food prep is all fresh ingredients. Each sauce offers a unique taste. Environment. This is now my fourth visit… it’s rare after someone leaves the table or the couch that there’s a mess that’s left behind for longer than five minutes. Well job team Namu. Thanks for creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Photo of Tony Mostek Tony Mostek
Jul 24, 2023 5

We had a great time. The place is huge and has so many cool spaces to hang out. The outdoor courtyard with koy pond was really cool. The food was amazing! The service was great and the manager checked in on us twice. He was a really nice guy. They also have a huge beer selection and a separate coffee/tea shoppe. We will definitely be back.

Photo of Karla Gia Karla Gia
Jul 21, 2023 5

I don't usually like fusion korean food (I prefer traditional food), but the food at Namu was delicious! I have no complaints! The restaurant is also a nice place to meet friends for drinks and hang out.

Photo of Art Than Art Than
Jul 3, 2023 5

Easy to order, food was fast, food was delicious. A bit pricier than desired but good atmosphere. Got the Jo's special with beef (extra cost) if we ordered that again, we'd probably not do the beef but order another thing of Beef Mandu. Bimbibop had great flavor.

Photo of Han Stw Han Stw
Jul 2, 2023 5

Korean fusion restaurant with cafe and beer hall. Seatings available indoor and outdoor. Food ordering is pretty much self serve, using the QR code on your table to place your food order and pay. The food will be delivered to you. My bimbimbap was quite good. I also ordered the blue jasmine latte (iced) from the cafe and it was very refreshing.

Photo of Ricki Leak Ricki Leak
Jul 1, 2023 5

This was my first time visiting and I’ll be back. It’s beautiful, quiet, relaxing, and hard to believe it’s in Durham. The atmosphere of the wonderful bamboo plants is built into an abstract garden scenery. Our server's name was David, he was friendly, easygoing, and kind. There is an inside dining area that is pet friendly for service animals or regular animals. Each table has a QR code that you scan to order your food. I had the Bo’s special served with spicy chicken, white rice, lettuce, and green onions. Additionally, their selection of Gimbap is great. The one I had was Shrimp Gimbap, simply delicious. If you enjoy wine, you can purchase a bottle or a glass. The Lucky Dog Sake is a good choice. It comes in this cute juice box with a straw.