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5420 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 251-9794
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Photo of John Price John Price
Feb 3, 2023 5

I've been meaning to go here for a year and a half, but every time I'd tried, the parking lot was full. Poor timing and planning on my part. Random drive by today was a success. Stopped for a quick beverage and grabbed lunch as well. The 3 soft taco menu item. Bigger than street tacos. Korean beef, spicy pork, and spicy chicken. They were stuffed and then some. Double-shells. Now I know why the lot was always full. Fresh ingredients, good heat, and extra Joe's sauce. Table ordering via toast-tab and everything was brought to the table quickly. The GM stopped at the table soon after I'd sat down to ask if I had any questions. Good all-around visit.

Photo of Komal Kubsad Komal Kubsad
Jan 24, 2023 4

Really good Asian food. Very different and interesting concept for a restaurant. There’s beer bar, coffee shop and an outdoor seating. You can literally sit anywhere you want and order from their online menu at every table. There service is pretty quick. Food is just amazing. There’s not a lot parking space here, but a lot of seating. We had the gimbap and it was delicious.

Photo of Mia Miller Mia Miller
Jan 3, 2023 5

This was my first but certainly not my last visit here! Came from Charlotte to see a great friend and we had lunch there. The atmosphere and food were terrific. All of the staff was friendly and welcoming. One of the managers even took time to ask us about our experience. If you open a restaurant in Charlotte, I would definitely be your top customer! Thank you for a wonderful time!

Photo of Vivian Yi Vivian Yi
Nov 29, 2022 5

I can’t say enough about this place! I’ve been a regular here for about 5 years now. Namu is very spacious with a cafe, beer hall and an outdoor garden. All of them are well decorated and have great ambiance. I usually sit in the cafe to work or study. The food and drinks are all very good and my favorite is their bibimbap. Great place for hanging out with friends, date or work.

Photo of RayDel “Deli” Gardner RayDel “Deli” Gardner
Aug 11, 2022 4

The food was really good, atmosphere is likely great later at night. The staff was nice, laid back, and helpful. The food took a rather long time to come out and it was fine piecemeal. The appetizer was the last thing to come to the table. I got my food about 15 minutes before my friend and the appetizer about 12 minutes after that. We were in the beer hall soaybe that was part of the issue versus the cafe part. I would go again though. The food was very good.

Photo of Aaron Hawkins Aaron Hawkins
Aug 10, 2022 5

The food is unique and tasty depending on what you get. I've had a few things there that weren't great, and I've had some really good stuff there. Honestly, exploring the restaurant is probably my favorite part. It's got a Japanese garden kind of vibe and just kind of goes on forever. Staff has always been friendly and attentive.

Photo of artimanar artimanar
Jul 16, 2022 5

Loved it. Went on a co-worker’s recommendation and am grateful. Thank you Sean. Spacious outdoor seating is plentiful. You sit down, order from your phone and pay - and they come out with your food. Which is delicious. You serve yourselves water and sauces. For those with rambunctious kids - fair bit of space to run around too. Food is perhaps on the expensive side but don’t let that stop you from treating yourself. Definitely recommend!

Photo of C Recks C Recks
Jul 12, 2022 3

Atmosphere was nice. Good ambiance. Food was decent. Nothing to write home about. They do charge 18% gratuity on everything. However, the ordering is done via an online app and the servers just brings you the order nothing else and you bus your own tables.

Jul 1, 2022 5

The food is great! Everything we tried was delicious! I love the Bugulgi rolls and bibimbap. and tacos were juicy and tasty with corn tortillas, but were a little bit expensive. Also the coffee had special flavors which I enjoyed a lot. Good environment for hanging out and work or study.

Photo of Josh Lee Josh Lee
Jun 26, 2022 5

Has a great outdoor seating area that gives off a garden vibe with a mini bamboo forest. The food is Korean fusion and the portion are very generous. If you're not feeling food they have a cafe and an extensive selection of beer. I def recommend.

Photo of Mia Valentine Mia Valentine
Jun 9, 2022 5

I like to be consistent and leave reviews when things are good and bad. This one is a good review. Namu is definitely one of Durham's little gems. Customer Service 5 stars Social Distancing & Cleaning 5 stars Food & Drinks 4.5 stars I didn't catch the bartenders name but he was great. Came just to switch up my work from home Scenery and it was excellent. I'll definitely be back.

Photo of Valerie Merritt Valerie Merritt
Jun 9, 2022 3

I have enjoyed the food in the past but the last two times I have attempted to order food from Namu I have had disappointing customer service. I don’t think I’ll be going back for a long while. A few weeks ago I stopped by the restaurant to order takeout and was told there were 20 tickets ahead of mine instead of being simply and kindly greeted while taking the order. It was clear the staff was exhausted and found no reward in kindness. I was another number to them. Today I called to order ahead to avoid that issue and was told to use toast tab. In the time I spent speaking to the staff member they could have had my order placed. They wanted me to use a third party, pay for that service, use my own gas to drive over to them, and also please don’t take their time to speak to them. Wow. The food is decent and not worth the lack of empathy and downright poor customer service. Why are they in this business if not to serve? If the restaurant wants to use a third party service that takes orders for them and doesn’t deliver — the business should eat that fee not their customer.

Photo of Anne Zhao Anne Zhao
Apr 28, 2022 4

I’m a big fan of Namu but haven’t come back since pandemic. We ordered Bo’s special, Galbi, and 3 tacos with spicy chicken/pork. Food was great as always, and the outdoor seating was beautiful. The only thing I’m not satisfied is their new scan-to-order policy. You will need to pay your bill including tips before you get your food. We paid decent tips but didn’t get any service after the food was delivered. Hope they could make an improvement on service.

Photo of Mike Mike
Apr 3, 2022 5

Really cool layout, snaking paths and dividers make you feel like you're transported to a different place. Some tables offer privacy but the more exposed tables give you a chance to look at their fish pond. Good food, attire is business casual

Photo of Patrick Edwards Patrick Edwards
Mar 27, 2022 5

Absolutely delicious every time. I come here many weekends and the vibe is always a 10/10. It's good for any occasion. If you need to study, the coffee side is perfect for productivity, and if you wanna be social then the beer hall or the outdoor patio are both a fun time. The Bo's special is quite good (though I hate that they charge extra for the beef). Also wish Namu would do something about the sticky sauce bottles (tip: use a napkin when picking the bottle up to avoid getting your hands all nasty).