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NaanStop Indian Cuisine


2812 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 891-3488
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Photo of Deena H Deena H
Apr 3, 2022 5

We are a fan of NaanStop and order from here regularly for takeout. They have a great selection and always serve big portions with a ton of extra rice. The spice levels are all spot on and the best part is they are super mindful of allergies; if you have a peanut allergy this is a safe place to eat. I love their chai tea too. Highly recommend trying this place out!

Photo of Elma Rahman Elma Rahman
Nov 1, 2021 5

Amazing food and customer service! It is a bit pricier but the portion size is enough for 5 people. Keep up the good business!

Photo of Pippela Pam Pippela Pam
Aug 31, 2021 5

Very nice staff and the food was plentiful. The wait staff was very helpful with suggestions. The food was very tasty and the garlic naan was fresh and flavorful.

Photo of Jason Elinoff Jason Elinoff
Nov 20, 2021 5

Excellent chicken korma and garlic naan. Better than the Indian food we have in Austin TX, best I've had in the U.S. outside of the west coast.

Photo of Bugs Subu Bugs Subu
Feb 14, 2022 5

We love Naanstop in Durham! It's a small unassuming hole in the wall, but the food will not disappoint for sure! This place is run by a passionate family. The flavors are authentic and true to the original classics! And unlike most of the places where the buffet is pathetic this buffets actually refreshingly tasty and great value! Even my kids love to obliterate the buffet! 😃

Photo of Sheerkhanful Sheerkhanful
Sep 7, 2021 5

As of 6 Sep 2021 the buffet has still not returned although the you can certainly order from the menu for carry out. Usually eating at a buffet automatically means the quality of the food will be lower than just ordering an entree. Being inexperienced with Indian/Punjabi cuisine I tried a little bit of everything at first. Some things you’re going to like more than others but in this case I really enjoyed everything and wound up going back for a little bit of everything two more times. EASILY the best buffet meal I’ve ever had.

Photo of William Nevius William Nevius
Dec 28, 2020 5

Just visited for the first time tonight. Dine in. The food was absolutely amazing, and the staff were very welcoming. Places like this deserve your business these days

Photo of Matthew Celko Matthew Celko
Dec 12, 2020 4

Food is really good, however getting take out/to-go sometimes becomes overwhelmed and they need several extra minutes to have it ready. Delays for me have ranged from 5mins to 15mins. If you are ordering the food online, it's super easy and convenient. They will also sporadically email helpful coupons

Photo of Anonymous Rabbit Anonymous Rabbit
Nov 14, 2020 5

EXCELLENT! I love their food. I always get their butter chicken and plain naan. I always get discounts emailed to me too its great. COVID Comments: I feel safe picking up food here. The staff is always masked and socially distanced.

Photo of Fakrul Islam Tushar Fakrul Islam Tushar
Nov 13, 2020 5

Great place to have Indian :D. Pre-covid I used go visit their lunch buffet very often and stuffs are really friendly

Photo of Ivey Tanski Ivey Tanski
Oct 12, 2020 5

Amazing place to get lunch takeout! I love their new vegetarian lunch box option that you can order online and come pick up. Only $10 and comes with a plentiful amount of food that is so delicious. I was very impressed and will absolutely return time and time again!

Photo of Adelyn Luke Adelyn Luke
Sep 3, 2020 5

Lovely people and fantastic food!

Photo of Ajit Kumar Ajit Kumar
Sep 19, 2020 5

Nice food

Photo of Monika Monika
Sep 5, 2020 5

I am impressed by the taste and flavours of the food here. It was by far the best indian food I have had in US. I ordered paneer and dal makhni, it very indian punjabi dhaba style food, so delicious. Did not order any non-veg so can’t say for that. I hope they open their branch in charlotte so that I don’t have to travel 2hrs for good punjabi food. I wish they do not change their recipe and keep doing great work. ☺️

Photo of Thaddaeus Edwards Thaddaeus Edwards
Sep 3, 2020 5

Excellent food, and consistently good!

Photo of Satvinder Singh Satvinder Singh
Jul 22, 2020 5

Superb food with great service. Loved it will visit there again in future for sure.

Photo of ninalita84 ninalita84
Jul 8, 2020 5

This was my first time ordering from NaanStop. I've seen it many times, but really thought it was a fast food kind of place. We were craving Indian food today, so we got online and decided to take a chance. We ordered the Garlic Naan, Chicken Methi Malai, and the Muttar Paneer. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe we didn't try this place sooner! It. Is. Ahmazing! I'm glad i'm sharing...because I could easily sit here and eat everything all by myself! Highly recommend!

Photo of Rachel Ernstoff Rachel Ernstoff
Jun 14, 2020 4

The vegetarian lunch boxes were pretty good, and plenty of food. The paneer was especially good. The saag was meh though. It wasn't the best Indian food I've ever had, but pretty good.

Photo of Khi Turner Khi Turner
Jun 12, 2020 5

A+ | Amazing taste and the perfect level of heat!

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
May 3, 2020 5

One of the best places in Durham for Indian food. The entrées were perfectly seasoned and spiced. You get an ample amount of food as well. Of course don’t forget the naan. They also serve a lunch buffet. Get there early because there’s limited seating. We are definitely going back.👍🏼👍🏼

Photo of Robin Grandl Robin Grandl
Apr 15, 2020 5

A special treat during a rough time! Exquisite flavors and gracious service. We enjoyed three vegetarian entrees, samosas, and tea, all available through curbside pickup. There was a small mixup with my online order, which was immediately and kindly rectified. I look forward to joining you again for lunch in your dining room. Thank you!

Photo of John Sung John Sung
Oct 13, 2018 4

Great food for an all you can eat lunch buffet. Their food tasted very fresh and it was an wonderful experience for my first time in NC.

Photo of Matthew Luedke Matthew Luedke
Mar 7, 2020 5

NaanStop serves up solid food, friendly atmosphere, and convenient location. With food convenient for plant based patrons and carnivores alike, you can get something to serve most tastes. It can get very busy, and it's not a place for a quiet intimate meal. But if you're looking for good Indian food and you're near the Duke University Medical Center, NaanStop is the answer. Plus, the name is a pun. How can you not like that?

Photo of Taylor Taylors Taylor Taylors
Feb 29, 2020 5

We were all very happy we chose NaanStop for dinner! The food was amazing and worth the wait. It was a full house the entire time we were there. Our waiter was very nice and answered any questions we had.

Photo of Vianey Jacobo Vianey Jacobo
Feb 12, 2020 5

My friend and I ordered Naan Stop for lunch last week and absolutely loved the name! When we got our food we were so happy with it. It made my tastebuds SO happy! I went with my family on the weekend because, duh! It is just So So scrumptious when we came in for dinner. Everyone was so friendly and such quick service! The atmosphere was so nice, it was like having dinner with family. Absolutely recommend!

Photo of Erica Gonnerman Erica Gonnerman
Jan 9, 2020 5

Can’t say enough good things about this Indian restaurant. The food is absolutely amazing, every time and the service exceptional. We brought food home one night and it dropped on the ground. I called them and asked if they could make us a new batch and said it would be on the house. They really appreciate their customers and their food is downright the best Indian I’ve had.

Photo of Hannah Neumann Hannah Neumann
Dec 7, 2019 5

Our new favorite Indian lunch buffet in the triangle. It is clean, simple, delicious, and the employees are really nice. We especially love the masala tea. It makes an amazing lunch even better!

Photo of bill mcconaghy bill mcconaghy
Dec 15, 2019 5

Our new favorite Indian restaurant. The buffet is great, with a nice variety of dishes and good spice level. They bring fresh naan to your table and everyone is very friendly.

Photo of Shu Shu Shu Shu
Dec 6, 2019 5

Was a great first time dining experience! The staff were friendly and very professional. The Lunch Buffet, was awesome! Free parking available in garage behind the store, just pay attention to signs posted not all spaces are open to the public.

Photo of Spencer Johnson Spencer Johnson
Nov 18, 2019 5

Easily the best Indian food in Durham and one of the better restaurants around too. This is my go-to for take out, and based on how busy it was tonight, it's a lot of people's go-to! But don't worry, they're still fast! Don't miss out on this great restaurant.

Photo of Jason Rivera Jason Rivera
Oct 24, 2019 5

This restaurant is so cozy inside! All dark wood and exposed brick. The perfect place to grab a glass of wine. Becky is so attentive to her patrons and very friendly. I've been back multiple times already and will continue to keep coming back.

Photo of Boilermaker Devil Boilermaker Devil
Aug 24, 2019 5

Really loved the lunch buffet here. I’ve been to 90% of the Indian buffers in the area (Including the countless number around Cary) and this is definitely in the top 3. Lots of variety, spicy and non-spicy dishes, great environment, multiple dessert options, etc. I’ll most certainly be back.

Photo of Sheerkhanful Sheerkhanful
Oct 14, 2019 5

Usually eating at a buffet automatically means the quality of the food will be lower than just ordering an entree. Being inexperienced with Indian/Punjabi cuisine I tried a little bit of everything at first. Some things you’re boing to like more than others but in this case I really enjoyed everything and wound up going back for a little bit of everything two more times. EASILY the best buffet meal I’ve ever had.

Photo of Pano Maniac Pano Maniac
Oct 17, 2019 5

I had dinner, so can not comment on the buffet. Dinner was excellent. The restaurant smells delicious and the food tastes just a good. The vegetarian options are numerous, maybe the best I've ever seen. I eat at many Indian restaurants while traveling, and this is my new favorite.

Photo of Amanda Thompson Amanda Thompson
Oct 5, 2019 5

This is the best Indian spot in the triangle! The staff is so friendly and accommodating! My family and friends love this place! We honestly go about every other weekend. Their buffet is a great price with an amazing selection!

Aug 11, 2019 5

Good food and felt back in India in Punjabi dhaba. Nothing to beat this aroma. Just suggest to get more Goat dishes.

Photo of Regina Madalena Regina Madalena
Jul 4, 2019 5

Excellent option for lunch! Good selection of tasty food on the buffet. I've only been here twice, but I'll be back. The naan were some of the best I've had. Attentive service, despite it being very crowded. Also had a good selection of vegetarian dishes.

Photo of Naisargi Sheth Naisargi Sheth
Apr 23, 2019 5

Amazing, authentic and tasty Punjabi food. I love the taste and the price was reasonable. Taste was far better than any other Indian restaurant in the area.

Photo of Hollis Ruth Hollis Ruth
Mar 23, 2019 5

There aren't many Indian restaurants in Durham so I'm REALLY glad this one is so great. I haven't gone for buffet yet but so far every time I've eaten in or taken food out the food was outstanding and the service was excellent. I recommend highly. I really want to go in to try their buffet soon.

Photo of Rosemary Gingerich Rosemary Gingerich
Apr 11, 2019 5

My husband and I love Indian food and are pretty picky about where we eat it because some places taste fresh and delicious but most don’t. When we found this place we fell in LOVE! Everything is so fresh and colorful and bursting with taste. The menu is well thought through and you can tell everything is made from scratch and with love. The service was wonderful, welcoming, and friendly. We were so taken care of and had everything we needed/wanted. We have told all our friends about it and will def. be frequenting this place as much as possible whenever we are in the area!

Photo of Ohm Patel Ohm Patel
May 13, 2019 5

The food catered from here was awesome! They gave it to me in an insulated container that kept it hot for 12 hours. Even the fried foods were still crispy. I will be ordering from here again in the future.

Photo of Sanga Poonia Sanga Poonia
May 11, 2019 5

Amazing Indian buffet for the price. The buffet food is always fresh and customer service e is very efficient. Your water will never run out. They also give you Naan with the buffet. Best Indian buffet in Durham, hands down.

Photo of Victor R Victor R
May 21, 2022 5

The food here is amazing! I can go on and on about how good it is but you need to try it. If you are in Durham and want Indian food, order from here. This is one of the best Indian restaurants in the Triangle.

Photo of Phil Montemayor Phil Montemayor
Aug 2, 2021 5

I'm a working stiff, and have used Naan Stop twice now for a great late night meal that I don't have to worry about

Photo of Scott Beer Scott Beer
Jun 17, 2022 5

Amazing flavor! I ordered the lamb curry, extra spicy. They seriously brought the heat! The heat didn't detract from the flavor profile at all. I've enjoyed a lot of incredible Indian cuisine in my day and this ranks up there with the best. The bullet naan was a great compliment to this meal.