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Mount Hermon Baptist Church


4511 Old NC 10
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-2982
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Photo of Valentina Valentina
Aug 22, 2019 5

Photo of Charles Nichols Charles Nichols
Apr 1, 2017 5

Great Church! Very Family Friendly and full of Love.

Photo of Tracy Blethen Tracy Blethen
May 16, 2019 5

Wonderful services and fellowship from the the people. Very welcoming. Would definately visit again.

Photo of Robert Addison Robert Addison
Jul 20, 2022 3

Friendly people. But I've had a problem with a man that attends there who's a drunk and has had 5 DWIs in just two years. He isn't a Christian and he pretends to be. I've tried to get the church to help him but I've never got any response. I attended this church when they had a church full every Sunday and now there's less than 50. If it wasn't for 10 of so people who put their lives into the church there wouldn't be a church. Last time I attended here at mount Hermon, the man in I've had trouble with, said to me which i was talking to one of the members who has been one that has kept this church together, the man stepped right between us and told me that he was going to take out a warrant on me right in front of a member of the church. I had a restraining order against him for trespassing and the Sheriffs department said to call if he comes back on your property. He called the police because he tried to push his way into my house and I knocked him out. The Sheriff said he was drunk and couldn't hardly talk and they couldn't understand what he was saying. I will pray for the church, but I'm attending another church now and I'm very happy.