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Motorco Music Hall


723 Rigsbee Ave
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 901-0875
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Photo of Natalie R Natalie R
Nov 14, 2020 5

Motorco is great! Their poutine is AMAZING you have to get it.COVID: This is THE safest experience I have had during the pandemic. I talked 1 one masked employee who was outside and 6 feet away. The entire experience is completely contactless. You order and pay online and the servers drop off/pick up drinks at the opposite end of the table. They got creative and I felt incredibly safe going out for drinks. While this is great, if you do not get there early you won't get a table. They should invest in some space heaters though as it is getting colder.

Photo of Evan Doughty Evan Doughty
Jan 21, 2021 5

We love Motorco - especially the delicious fusion recipes. As far as beer goes there's something for everyone. Killer place to drop in and hang out.

Photo of Kedar Mahajan Kedar Mahajan
Sep 8, 2020 5

Amazing food and ambience

Photo of Mikey B Mikey B
Sep 24, 2020 3

For me, It's all about the patio here. They have food here too, that's good, but it's not great.This is a Durham spot, no one can argue that. Like I said, it's all about the patio here. It's a great location with other bars restaurants within walking distance of each other.

Photo of Morgan J Cooley Morgan J Cooley
Jan 29, 2020 4

Converted warehouse cool location. Lots of places to sit, dance, walk and stand.

Photo of Antony Illa Antony Illa
Feb 16, 2020 4

Mice venue. Would be greater if it was bigger. I love that it is attached to a restaurant/ brewery.

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Mar 11, 2020 5

They have really expanded their menu over the years and they have lots of vegan options. I need to go back and try all of them but the vegan taco was good but a little messy. Good beer and cocktail options as well. I’ve never actually been there for a concert but I hear it’s a great little venue!

Photo of Ezra Wise Ezra Wise
Mar 1, 2020 5

Nice little venue with good acoustics. Awesome food and beverages inside and adjacent. The grill and bar has a great outdoor seating area for spectacular days like when I was there. Located in downtown Durham, so plenty of stuff to do and places to eat and drink in the immediate area (The Pit is right across the street.)

Photo of Andrew Michael Nolan Andrew Michael Nolan
Jan 15, 2020 5

Amazing food, great drinks, including nitro coffee on tap, and the bartender Marshall is amazing. Like award winning. Best bartender in downtown Durham I've seen. A little on the skinny side. But amazing bartender.

Photo of Nicole Paolucci Nicole Paolucci
Jan 1, 2020 5

Love love love love love this venue. Many thanks for existing!!!! Also, good beer selection. Haven't tried the cocktails yet...next time!!!😄

Photo of Jamila Wilson Jamila Wilson
Dec 22, 2019 4

It's a intimate venue that provides an up close and personal connection to the performers. Where comfortable shoes unless you buy bleacher tickets.

Photo of Allie Thurkill Allie Thurkill
Dec 19, 2019 5

Been to two shows here. Perfect size venue for a punk show. There's seating along one wall, the bathrooms are clean, and the bartenders and door guys were friendly (not my usual experience at shows).

Photo of clonedela . clonedela .
Dec 14, 2019 5

Awesome venue with good bands and friendly staff. Also stop by early for a beer and hot wings or whatever bar food tickles your fancy. Food is a little pricey for what it is but if you're in town for a show then spending that little extra isn't that big if a deal to stay local to the venue without riding around.

Photo of Timothy Willis Timothy Willis
Dec 5, 2019 5

Great venue. Good beer and some stadium style seating to the side of the stage area for those who need to sit while the music is playing.

Photo of Nick Biondo Nick Biondo
Nov 20, 2019 4

Great live music and good food next door. There's plenty of free parking within ten minutes and cheap parking out back, although that fills up quick. The bartenders aren't the most knowledgable about mixed drinks and aren't always attentive to people waiting to order, especially if music is playing. Otherwise, a great concert experience overall.

Photo of douglas rogers douglas rogers
Oct 4, 2019 5

First visit. LOVED the venue. Staff was helpful, and well trained. The sound was good, and their AC worked! I will definitely be back!

Photo of Matt Matt
Oct 7, 2019 5

They bring great indie artists through the area! Get there early if you want to be at the front. There is also an unreserved seated section with a decent view.

Photo of Dillon Myrick Dillon Myrick
Oct 20, 2019 5

The amount of talent they have here is incredible. Whoever is the booking agent for this venue deserves an award. Bartending situation could be better but no biggie. Staff are friendly and helpful. And Parts and Labor next door has late night food on lock.

Photo of Amol Soman Amol Soman
Oct 6, 2019 4

Motorco is a great venue for events as well as to hang out with friends. I've never been for a music show here but I've been to their bar several times. The drinks there are very reasonably priced with some good cocktails and beers on rotation/seasonal stuff. The outdoor seating area is great for small as well as large groups. This is one of my go-to places in Durham.

Photo of Colleen Dover Colleen Dover
Aug 26, 2019 5

This concert venue is terrific! Very cool, interesting, out of the box performers. I've been several times and have never been disappointed. Great selection of cocktails. Staff is friendly. Located in downtown Durham where new & groovy bars, restaurants, etc are all around. VERY diverse part of Durham. I truly hope Motorco stays around for a long time to come.

Photo of Andrei George Andrei George
Jul 3, 2019 5

The best venue for an intimate setting to watch an artist. Food next door is wonderful. Bar is accessible and the place is big enough to move around if you want. Great sound system.

Photo of Derrick Carpenter Derrick Carpenter
Jul 1, 2019 5

Great live music venue for up-and-coming, as well as big-name talent. Clean venue, with bleacher-style seating left of stage. Plenty of standing-room to clearly see the stage. Good bar, but Pepsi-only. Can't get a Jack & Coke here. Unisex bathrooms shared with Parts & Labor, next door. Very hip scene, with lots to see and chill people to talk to. Parking isn't the greatest, so you'll have to either pay to use their lot or park on a side street.

Photo of T LaRoche T LaRoche
Jun 15, 2019 5

LOVE this place! Love the music set up, the drink prices and the layout. Really cool venue! Will be back, need to try the food!

Photo of Cody Martin Cody Martin
Jun 3, 2019 5

Great outdoor bar area with a good selection in tapas! Our pretzels were tasty. The venue inside is great for small/ medium sized shows and they usually get great acts!

Photo of Cameron Fortner Cameron Fortner
Jun 2, 2019 5

Drove up here 3.5 hours from Columbia SC to see Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. The "Hipster Poutine" and house Ginger Beer made the trip alone. The atmosphere is cozy and attracts a younger crowd. The food is great and the bar tenders were amazing. Concert hall has a row of bleachers on the left wall and a bar and on the right there's an elevated row to stand/sit on. TL;DR great atmosphere, great food, great staff.

Photo of Jon Lowder Jon Lowder
Jun 4, 2019 5

Hit this place for a beer and some good small plates and it did not disappoint. Our group had the samosas, shrimp and cheese enchiladas, sliders, fries and tacos - all were superb. Outdoor dining area is plenty spacious and the beer selection was solid. Will be back in the future.

Photo of chris mitchell chris mitchell
Jun 5, 2019 4

Small space with big names. A great place to get up close and personal with the bands. Fully stocked liquor bar, the beer is mostly local brews, too many IPAs for my taste. Overall a pretty good music hall. Hotels are only about a 10min walk and downtown is just a few blocks more for convenient fun when the shows over.

Photo of Tyler Kober Tyler Kober
Apr 4, 2022 5

Amazing patio, location, and music venue. Place really has it all, and a great vibe too. Had so many good times here! A wonderfully Durham place.

Photo of Kristy Lally Kristy Lally
Mar 27, 2022 5

This is an amazing, smaller venue to see live music. The other side offers small plates and drinks, perfect for grabbing a bite before or after the show. The intimate setting allows you to get really close to the artists or you can sit in the limited bleacher style seating if you prefer. The best part was the venue-provided cups and unlimited, free, self-serve water to drink after the show.

Photo of Calum King Calum King
Nov 30, 2021 5

Went to see Men I Trust on October 27 2021 and I have to say, the vibe in this place was really nice. Outside was also an especially nice place to spend the time waiting. Food was alright, not the best for the price but that's not what we came for. I would definitely come back here for another show. Entry to the concert was super easy and proper precautions were taken for COVID, so rest assured with that.

Photo of Maddie Maeve Maddie Maeve
Dec 5, 2021 5

Drove here from Wilmington NC twice in two months to see shows. Great small venue that has a great variety of shows to see. The first act I saw back in October was Men I Trust. The place was packed, but the staff had a great handle the crowd. Super organized and friendly. Check out this music hall if you’re in Durham! The garage across the street is a great place to get pizza as well!

Photo of Will Herbst Will Herbst
Mar 3, 2022 4

Great outdoor seating. The sweet summer air sings through the entire establishment. Their cocktails are not that good though. I ordered 4 cocktails, 2 of which were on the menu and all were unbalanced and way too strong. They were pretty cheep though and the staff is very friendly. The food is well priced and tasty. The scallion pancakes were quite good and the fries were crispy and well seasoned.

Photo of Aaron Hawkins Aaron Hawkins
May 10, 2022 5

One of my favorite local venues offering a wide variety of live music, interesting food, and drinks if that's your thing. The music venue has stepped seating on one side so there's always a decent view. I've seen possibly hundreds of shows here ranging from pop to rap to punk to metal to comedy to burlesque to EDM and many acts in-between. Watch the schedule to grab hot tickets since the shows can sell out.

Photo of Tyler Finck Tyler Finck
Jun 29, 2022 5

This place is fantastic. It got a little busy but there is outdoor seating and food/drinks were ready quickly. I asked for a high chair and they had multiple to grab from (the clip on to table kind, which is awesome).

Photo of Lara Wright Lara Wright
Jul 6, 2022 5

Easy to get to and sound was great. They struggled a bit to get everyone in on time but were apologetic and organized. Great smaller venue to see bands. Also have a wonderful restaurant/bar next door.

Photo of Ethan Defenbaugh Ethan Defenbaugh
Jun 24, 2022 5

I've been twice to see Hot Mulligan and Senses Fail, amazing experience. I recommend it to everyone. Got a signed shirt from Hot Mulligan!