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Morreene Road Park


1102 Morreene Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 560-4355
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Photo of Reni N Reni N
Nov 30, 2022 5

Great for tennis. Lights shut off at 9pm. Courts in great condition

Photo of Arjuna S.R. Arjuna S.R.
Nov 19, 2022 5

This park is well-maintained and good place for 2+ years old kids. It has interesting features viz. Swings, bigger and smaller sliders, Solar system, Braille numbers and Alphabet, tiny puzzle and even some strength development activities can be played. I can see many kids love to come to this place and doesn't want to go back. There are couple of benches to sit around and there is one restroom as well. Please note that restroom will be closed between November to March to avoid damage to the pipes, as per the local authorities. This area is pet-friendly as well. There is a tennis court next to this and it will be nice to make kids watch people playing the game and build some interest about that.

Photo of Jenni Levenbook Jenni Levenbook
Aug 17, 2022 5

After a rain, expect a lot of puddles in the land surrounding the playground, but the playground is always a big hit for toddlers-to-elementary age. If someone is doing virtual distance learning, the picnic table near the playground gets 4 bars of LTE data with ATT if you wanted to hotspot your phone. 😉

Photo of Bruce Hagmann Bruce Hagmann
Jul 24, 2022 5

A fantastic park with basketball, Dennis, bleachers, and lots of Pokémon stuff.

Photo of Micheal W Micheal W
Jun 11, 2022 5

Went for tennis and enjoyed for the entire morning. Tennis courts are open to public and first come first serve. It’s very pleased to know a place you may exercise at ease even not in the safest neighborhood. The fences at the tennis court could be higher though.

Photo of Dan Thompson Dan Thompson
Jun 6, 2022 5

Large playground structure! Not necessarily high like some are, three stories high and all, but this one is large in that it’s spread out, lots of walkways for the kids to run and play on. Lots of fun different playground elements and features. I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of various slides and ways to climb. Whole playground area has the nice soft rubberized flooring. Right next to tennis courts.

Photo of Heather Heather
May 8, 2022 5

Great Park! The playground & settings cover a range of ages. Baby on up. Looks well maintained. Bathrooms on site and courts for various sports even a pavilion with picnic bench