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Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church


4610 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-8596
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Photo of Jennifer Bunting Jennifer Bunting
Jun 4, 2017 5

It is definitely a place of God. People believe and trust in God. The Pastor preach the message that God wants him to deliver regardless how people feel because he is doing God work. The choirs are amazing and everyone so friendly. Also, they get the youth involved. Love this church

Photo of Joletha Leathers Joletha Leathers
Sep 13, 2017 5

It was a grand learning experience concerning the word of God. I obtained knowledge, wisdom and understanding during today's Bible study concerning Romans 6 chapter in it's entirity. To God be the Glory.

Photo of Ruby Bailey Ruby Bailey
Dec 10, 2017 5

It's always a blessing to be in the house of God,and share in the spirit of the word and through songs that keep my mind on him throughout the weeks as I go out in this world that's so out of touch with him.

Photo of Antonia Denkins Antonia Denkins
Oct 15, 2017 5

Great loving church family

Photo of Robert Neal Robert Neal
Aug 9, 2017 5

Nice church to go to