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1002 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-2642
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Photo of Jessica Short Jessica Short
Jun 16, 2019 5

Delicious breakfast.. sat and ordered at bar..service was quick even though when we first arrived was shocked of the amount of people inside..happy friendly staff and awesome combination of food.. the sandwich I had was a interesting delightful combination of strawberry preserves, avocado slices, bacon, cream cheese and I believe arugula.. great textures and flavor for something to wake the taste buds..

Photo of Elika Emerick Elika Emerick
Apr 1, 2019 5

Best breakfast!!! They make their own bagels, biscuits and donuts. The donuts are absolutely mind blowing. They have interesting flavor combos and they change regularly. They have delicious teas too. Everything is farm to table and locally sourced. Always busy, and its a line up and order kind of place. But if you sit at the bar you get service without standing in line.

Photo of C C C C
May 17, 2019 5

There's a reason this place is always busy. I make it a point to come here whenever I am in Durham. They offer you a coffee to go after dining in which is the sweetest thing and really shows how awesome they are. Don't sleep on the yeast donuts.

Photo of Rodney Dalton Rodney Dalton
Apr 26, 2019 5

Great homemade biscuits and donuts. I had the sausage and bacon biscuit with a plain donut. Both were fresh and tasted amazing. I'm going to being friends next time I visit.

Photo of Arkopal Choudhury Arkopal Choudhury
Jun 8, 2019 5

This place was amazing!! The coffee was so good. I was amazed at the cold coffee too. The shawarma sandwich was great with the aioli and the bread quality was amazing. The strawberry avocado sandwich was great with cream cheese and very fresh. The interior decor of the place is great and it is usually crowded for Sat and Sun brunches since it's both cheap and tasty!

Photo of Lisa Vines Lisa Vines
Jun 25, 2019 5

I love this place! Friendly service. Our sandwiches were so good that I can still taste them. The lavender iced coffee was great and so was the hibiscus ginger ale. Looking forward to visiting again and again. We got there around 1pm or so on a Sunday and there was plenty of seating and no line, so that was good accidental planning n

Photo of Patricia Cepeda Patricia Cepeda
Jul 7, 2019 5

It was our first time here and we went in for donuts but couldn't resist the other options. It was packed but the wait was reasonable and the staff friendly and helpful. I got the Heirloom Summer on a salted bagel. The pesto sauce was fabulous, bagel had the right consistency (coming from a previous resident of NY). My friend ordered the Guac Dirty to Me and it was also a perfect balance of flavors, onion, sausage, egg, etc. So glad we skipped the chains and tried this place!

Photo of Aimee Dolan Aimee Dolan
Jul 3, 2019 5

Deliciousness in every bite. Great to go for sandwhich, donut or their homemade pop tart . Vegan and vegetarian friendly. Parking available on side streets.

Photo of Emmy Kline Emmy Kline
Oct 14, 2019 5

Nice ambiance with good food. I asked the guy who took my order what was the hands-down best thing to eat, so on his recommendation I got the turkey, avocado, & bacon sandwich. It was really tasty, though I probably would have preferred a little less lemon juice mixed in the avocado (then again, who wants brown avocado?). I can only guess they have to prep it well in advance because of the lines, but overall it was really good.

Photo of Lincoln Sward Lincoln Sward
Aug 22, 2019 5

This is a regular spot for weekday lunch. It can get pretty crazy there towards the latter part of the week and during the weekends for brunch. I really love this place. The staff is awesome, the food is great, and they are a part of Durham's living wage project which makes the pricing of the food super reasonable. I'm a big fan of cake donuts and they always have something I want (coffee cake donut, apple cider donut, dark and stormy donut, lady grey donut - earl grey flavor, chai donut, lemon poppy seed, I mean come on!!). The donuts rotate so the ones I listed may not be available. The more popular donuts go pretty quick. They general have two homemade soups available and they are always tasty. The menu doesn't change much but everything on there is worth a try. Oh...and it can get pretty loud. This only seems to be the case at peek hours. Just a heads up for folks that aren't into loud places. I can comfortably read a book in there, but if your sensitive to loud noises it might get under your skin.

Photo of Leslye Kornegay Leslye Kornegay
Oct 12, 2019 5

My favorite place for lunch. Excellent comfort food that is always fresh. It’s a good bargain for today’s dining scene. It can get pretty busy at times, however, they do a great job keeping the lines moving.

Photo of Melody Kuroda Melody Kuroda
Aug 25, 2019 5

Monuts has upped their cake donut game to match their excellent yeast donuts. They also offer large sandwich ready biscuits and bagels and have some great looking salads. Their kitchen is very efficient for being as busy as they are.

Photo of Larry Lockett Larry Lockett
Aug 11, 2019 5

This is definitely a favorite for me and my wife. The donuts are good. The sandwiches are AMAZING! They're so good that we actually went three days in a row just to taste the different selections of sandwiches and donuts on the menu. The service is friendly in the atmosphere is cozy. The restaurant itself has his own culture which is definitely unique. Keep up the good work.

Photo of Matthew Brugner Matthew Brugner
Oct 21, 2019 5

Great local breakfast spot. Apple cider donut was incredible. Coffee was fresh and tasty. Get here early because the lines can be long, but it’s worth the wait. Visiting from Dallas and would highly recommend.

Photo of Jenna Riley Jenna Riley
Oct 27, 2019 5

A favorite spot of ours. I like the bagel and lox plate a lot. The lemon curd scones are perfection. Very good coffee and fun seasonal options. My partner really likes their apple cider donuts and the seasonal pumpkin spice latte donuts. It's very loud, so some work on sound absorbing and maybe opening windows with screens would help cut down the volume level. Counter service is a great way to get a table pretty fast. The wait isn't as long as regular sit down spots in town. The staff are very friendly and it's always very clean. *To anyone asking if they should tip, of course you tip. This a team of people making your coffee, taking your order, giving you your items, and cleaning up after you leave. $15/hour living wage isn't always what you think it is. TIP YOUR SERVICE STAFF

Photo of TLH Photography TLH Photography
Oct 16, 2019 5

Nice surprise and escape from the super serious/super indie cafes. This cafe is eerily like a M-class planet supporting just enough kinds of variant life and conditions to make it work. I would return If ever in the area

Photo of Heather Arndt Heather Arndt
Oct 22, 2019 5

Delicious sandwiches but the real secret is the donuts! Best donuts ever and they have unique flavors. My favorite unique flavor so far was the lemon pistachio

Photo of Nic holas Nic holas
Nov 17, 2019 4

Very popular spot. Staff are great, food is really great and very well priced. Try the salt bagel with whatever filling you like. I found the fall squeal a little challenging, but well made. Donuts are amazing. Would like to see more of the donut choice on the menu. We went at peak time, which with the queuing system where you have to buy first then find a table is a little stressful. All that said, this is a great local employer paying living wage, which shows in how the staff want to make it great, and well worth making a visit to.

Photo of Lyss Emerson Lyss Emerson
Nov 12, 2019 5

Love this spot. Great bagels and the service was pretty quick even though it was a bit busy. I enjoyed the seasonal beverages and this place surpassed my expectations. Highly recommend.

Photo of Luna Sunshine Luna Sunshine
Dec 7, 2019 5

Amazing spot to grab some food and a quick drink! Great vibes inside with a great variety of food. Either stay classic with some eggs and toast, or get snappy with an apple and Brie sandwich made with bread that tastes like angels crafted it themselves. Top it off with a decadent hot chocolate, or slyly sip on your adult beverage while enjoying the atmosphere. Whatever you order, you won’t be disappointed.

Photo of Alea Alea
Dec 17, 2019 5

This place was really fantastic. I got the orange cranberry donut, a fried chicken pickle sandwich and the breakfast burrito. If I lived near this place I would be humongously fat because I would go everyday. The donuts are very flavorful and go with coffee perfectly. The sandwich and burrito were a very nice size (I split them with someone) and I was super full after.

Photo of Myrina Robinson Myrina Robinson
Dec 22, 2019 4

Oh, my goodness! I really enjoy the donuts here which to date is the only thing I've eaten from Monuts. I like their liveable wage pricing. It's great to support a local business. I look forward to going back for a meal...and more donuts.

Photo of e g e g
Dec 28, 2019 5

Wonderful brunch spot! We went at a peak time and, though the line looked long, it moved quickly and we got a seat relatively quickly, as well. Love that everything is well priced and made in house (and that they pay living wage!). Very cute and cozy!

Photo of Alan Finn Alan Finn
Jan 30, 2020 4

Really good breakfast burrito (guacamole and bacon), but only average donut (cider). A good cider donut has a little 'crunch' outside and a baking-powder-raised fresh, fluffy interior. Maybe this one had hung around a little too long. They serve Counter Culture coffee which is always good.

Photo of Kelsey Smith Kelsey Smith
Feb 10, 2020 5

I had a great experience here! The staff was helpful and friendly. I got the Turkish plate, just the right amount of spice with creamy yogurt. The coffee was good as well and I appreciated the free refill. I somehow resisted buying a dozen donuts. Next time!

Photo of Ron Weyersberg Ron Weyersberg
Jul 15, 2019 3

It was a fun experience and food was creative, its a very loud place. The main dining area reminded me of a high school gym.... FILTHY WINDOWS and echoing voices. Prices were what we expected and the service was pleasant. Not a fan of tipping at counter service... 15-20% pops up as you pay at counter.... kind of obnoxious. Get rid of tipping options and pay your people better.

Photo of Dan Selleck Dan Selleck
Feb 15, 2020 4

This place is great. Good food and friendly. Lemon curd scone was amazing! Apple cider donut very good. Cinnamon roll was just average.

Photo of Brit Kelleher Brit Kelleher
Mar 21, 2020 5

This place was incredible, best chicken sandwich I had the entire time I was visiting my friend! I got the quiche, the fried chicken sandwich, the butternut squash sandwich and a pastry and I ate all of that either fresh or as leftovers over the course of two days and every single bite was incredible! Definitely worth checking out, it is an AWESOME place to eat!

Photo of Lee Draper Lee Draper
May 7, 2020 5

What a great place I found just by chance certainly the place to go for breakfast went with the breakfast burrito bacon was outstanding throughly enjoyed at the moment it’s takeout only so I wasn’t able to enjoy the vibe from inside but will definitely be coming back when they open the doors and can go inside. The taste and combination is well worth it heat and moisture sweet and tangy love it.

Photo of Anna Lobastova Anna Lobastova
Jun 5, 2020 5

Love everything I've tried here. Never had the dine-in experience due to covid but their pickup system is easy and quick. Love that they are setting an example by paying a living wage.