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Moge Tee


760 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (984) 439-0799
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Photo of Amanda McVey Amanda McVey
Nov 5, 2023 5

Such good drinks! I got the brown sugar boba milk tea - definitely recommend! You can order on screens or at counter and they offer ice and sweetness customization.

Photo of Anna Valvo Anna Valvo
Oct 16, 2023 5

Best boba in the triangle. Don't skip out on the cheese foam, it's Delicious

Photo of Christine Wei Christine Wei
Sep 8, 2023 5

I grabbed a crème brûlée milk tea, and it the taste was superb. Very happy with the flavor of the tea, and 50% sweetness was just right. I was looking for a caffeinated cool drink that wasn’t Starbucks-sponsored, and I’m glad I stopped by for this unique beverage! The ambience is nice, but the tea is even better.

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
Jul 21, 2023 5

Finally delicious red bean bubble tea in Durham! First, the store decor is absolutely adorable. Imagine a meeting of anime and bubble tea. Second, ordering is painless because it’s via touchscreen consoles. You punch in your order, enter your phone number and get a text confirming your order. You can select the amount of ice and sweetness per order which IS GREAT! No more bubble tea that is mostly ice and sweetener. Third, the staff are friendly and make a mean bubble tea. The end results were creamy, milky tea with plentiful red beans and all the bubble you can slurp through the big straw. MOGE TEE is another great addition to Ninth Street.

Photo of Savannah A Savannah A
Apr 9, 2023 3

The inside space is cute with lots of seating. The music can be quite loud, it varies. There is wifi but no plugs. I always get my drinks very quickly. No food sold but you’re not supposed to bring in your own either. Big minus for not having any nondairy options. They have quite a few unusual drinks, it’s hard to really compare with other boba places. I tried multiple drinks before I found one I liked (mango slush). The slushes are definitely the bigger focus on the menu compared to normal tea. The worst thing about this place is the actual Boba. I got it for the first time today and it was so gross (tasted SUPER fake and plastic-y) that, after trying a few, I spit out the rest of the boba I got in my drink. Which was not a pleasant experience. Probably won’t come back because I just feel like I have to keep ordering the same thing to be happy…

Photo of Stella Wang Stella Wang
Jan 28, 2023 3

The milk tea and cheese foam teas are great. I really like their cheese foam. Downside is this location extremely understaffed. Only one staff on a Saturday when customer volume is pretty high, so the wait time is long. I waited 25 min for one simple cup of cheese foam fruit tea. For some reasons the staff skipped over my order to prepare 3 group orders after me. Then he took less than a minute to finish mine. I just don’t understand if it only took less than 1 minute why didn’t you first do my order???

Photo of phoxxes phoxxes
Dec 27, 2022 3

The cheese foam was good and the bubbles soft, but my drink had basically no milk in it. I got the brown sugar swirl, size large, less ice, half sweet, add foam, and it was basically 50% syrup and 50% cheese foam. I had to add more milk at home. I’m a fan of extra bubbles but I got basically nothing else. So much chewing my jaw hurts. Their brown sugar syrup tastes odd too, and is really overwhelming. Overall it’s okay, I guess. My heart breaks for the staff though — they were super busy and there was only one kid working. I do not hold it against him. I’ve been there, done that. It’s hell. Hope they get more help soon.