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Moe's Southwest Grill


359 Blackwell St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 973-4797
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Photo of Charlie McDonald Charlie McDonald
Mar 12, 2023 5

The best Moe's I've ever visited!! The chicken was tender, juicy and perfectly flavored. Generous portions for my stack and if I'm ever in the area again it's definitely a stop I'll make. The staff was great and friendly.

Photo of Inside The Vibes Inside The Vibes
Mar 3, 2023 5

I enjoyed visiting this restaurant. Usually I work at Durham performing arts center. This time the play/musical Riverdance was here. I thought to myself, "man I'm hungry"..... I decided it was in my best interest to go to Moe's southwest grill. I had my mind and my taste buds set on a chicken quesadilla. As soon as I entered the employees mentioned how they loved my skin tone. I love those compliments because it makes me feel more centered as an individual especially ordering food. I wanna build trust and rapport, because sometimes they might add a little extra chicken into the quesadilla. So I also got a cup of water which was delicious and I was able to eat and take a nap before returning to Durham performing arts center from lunch. That nap was fire. I was so thankful that Moe's southwest grill was so quick and professional. Honestly any other restaurants near by would have taken way longer and also the drive so I may not have been able to take as long as efficient of a nap as I was able to. Thanks Moe's southwest grill!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of G YEE G YEE
Nov 3, 2022 5

I went to Moe's because a friend said it is better than Chipotle. Their prices are comparable to Chipotle prices. The food is comparable to Chipotle, they do however have a few different options. Such as Adobe, quesadillas, nachos, tacos, etc... Chips and salsa are complimentary here. Also, the chips are made fresh right in front of you! I ordered a burrito and from what I remember from my last visit to Chipotle, I can say Moe's is slightly more filling.

Photo of Josh Packett Josh Packett
Aug 22, 2022 3

This is a perfectly great Moe's!! And, I happen to really enjoy eating Moe's Southwest Grill..! Edit: Not actually the best Moe's (price- & environment-wise), I've come to find out.. but not bad in a pinch!

Photo of James Morgan James Morgan
Aug 1, 2022 4

A cheaper option in this area which is great because things are becoming more catered to those with disposable incomes

Photo of Luvleeh Poetiklocks Luvleeh Poetiklocks
Jul 13, 2022 5

Excellent service quick and easy. Really liked the employees especially the one who made my nachos. Great smiles. Great food. Great visit.

Photo of Alex Daniel Alex Daniel
May 2, 2022 5

Super nice and friendly staff. Easily top 5 customer service experiences I've ever had at a fast food place. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Photo of Anne Robinson Anne Robinson
Apr 12, 2022 5

Thank you More's Southwest Grill. I ordered the Fajita Kit for the NCAA final four game. Of my goodness the good was delicious was a pleasure , plenty.

Photo of Blake Talley Blake Talley
Apr 10, 2022 5

Mmmmm....delicious burrito and those warm tortilla chips! The salsas are very tasty also! The staff at this location were friendly and attentive. Well done!