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Moe's Original BBQ


2014 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 237-1004
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Photo of John Hollowell John Hollowell
Feb 11, 2023 4

Delicious pulled pork sandwich meal with Hashbrown casserole and Mac&Cheese. Pork was very tender, was pre-sauced, and topped with pickles on a delicious toasted bun (and optional slaw).

Photo of Q. Buggs Q. Buggs
Jan 31, 2023 5

My favorite spot in Durham. I come here to work often and this is ALWAYS on my list. It's actually the only one on my list. Must have. I've yet to be disappointed. Grab a shot from the bar. I've yet to try the wings. I will next time. Thanks for the consistency.

Photo of Darren Young Darren Young
Aug 31, 2022 4

Nothing fancy. Smells like a BBQ. Order at the counter and grab your table. Very casual. Lots of side choices, including a squash casserole that was awesome. Not too expensive. Portions were fair.

Photo of Lorian Johnson Lorian Johnson
Aug 28, 2022 4

Just a walk in and order kind of place. We were waiting for a waitres but there are none. The is ample seating for groups of people, but you seat yourself. The food was different and refreshing. The sides were seasoned well and as a family that has black mothers, that is saying something. The portions were fair and we were satisfied when we left. We will go back

Photo of Timothy Timmons Timothy Timmons
Aug 22, 2022 4

ribs were nice n tender mac n cheese was good also my son had a grilled cheese he ate that up. baked beans had a nice little kick to it but they were good also. that baked cornbread was awesome I could have ate too of those. I give this place two thumbs up.

Photo of Kentay Hardeman Kentay Hardeman
Aug 22, 2022 4

First time being at "Moe's Original BBQ". I ordered myself a pull pork sandwich meal. My two sides were Mac n cheese and cucumber salad. Their Mac and cheese was baked and I LOVE baked Mac and cheese. I've noticed that their Mac and cheese has a good cheese and noodles ratio. At the end result, My Mac and cheese was good than I expected. My next side dish was a cucumber salad. It pretty much self-explanatory. A couple of cut cucumbers and onion drench with salad dressing. Let talk about the main dish (the pulled pork sandwich). Before I talked about how great the sandwich was, The only complain I have is they don't put any slaw on their pulled pork sandwich. And I don't think it optional to have slaw or not. Besides my complain, I enjoyed the sandwich. I can tell that their pork is top notch. The meat felt like a premium quality type of meat. The brioche bun was a good compliment. Their sauce was kinda ok. I prefer real hot sauce like Red Hot, Texas Pete and Popeyes hot sauce packets. Overall, I was satisfied and I can see myself going back.

Photo of Chef Angel Lynn Chef Angel Lynn
Jun 21, 2022 5

Food is lip smacking delicious! Love the ribs, the smoked wings and all the sides. The potatoes casserole is so good. I really miss the catfish it’s no longer on the menu. If you haven’t been you’re missing out!

Photo of Keith Samuels Keith Samuels
Jun 20, 2022 5

Very good barbecue and excellent sauce. Next table over was raving about their hot wings. Cornbread is excellent as well. It wasn't crowded when we went, but I must have brought the crowd with me, it was full by the time we left. Banana pudding was major let down was the only negative. Not one Banana and no Banana flavor, just vanilla pudding with two wafers in a very small cup. Two spoons at most.

Photo of happy2bnappy happy2bnappy
May 20, 2022 3

I went to Moe's Original BBQ in Durham. The place was empty on the inside, and only two people sitting outside. When I asked the cashier why they were empty, he replied that everyone was going to the restaurant next door, which specializes in French Cuisine. The cashier immediately told they were out of Mac n cheese. No problem, I ordered a ribs plate with potato salad, and baked beans, and it came with corn bread. Th corn bread was slightly over cooked but edible. The baked beans came straight out the can. Nothing special about them, and the potato salad had some strange starchy texture, and somewhat dry and vinegary.. The ribs were naked, but they were meaty and cooked to perfection. They gave you a vinegar based sauce, which I did not care for, but when I added my own sauce, that improved the taste. I'm not sure Moe's is in the optimal location. With a few minor changes to the food, they would be a strong 4 1/2.

Photo of Dan Hilliard Dan Hilliard
Apr 28, 2022 5

Delicious BBQ at a good price. A sandwich, 2 sides and a drink for 12 bucks. Good music and friendly service. Loved the beans!