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Mike D's BBQ Smokehouse & Retail


455 S Driver St
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (866) 960-8652
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Michael De Los Santos is the owner of an award-winning line of sauces and dry rubs. More than 10 years ago, Mike entered a competition for amateur sauce makers and after his sauce came in third overall, family and friends encouraged him to go pro. Since launching his business in 2014, Mike D's BBQ has grown tremendously, even winning a competition on a national television show.

Customers can find these famous sauces and rubs as well as locally-made custom grills and smokers, grill tools and accessories, branded apparel, high quality charcoal and more at Mike D's BBQ Supply and General Store in historical East Durham.

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Photo of Katrice Perry Katrice Perry
Dec 16, 2023 5

I visited this location twice. Once during lunch for takeout and the most recent time I eat there for dinner. Both time I've being impressed at how delicious the food is. The first time I ordered the ribs and Brisket with Mac n Cheese and greens. 9/10. My only complaint was that the Brisket was chopped I prefer mine sliced. Not a major issue. Now my 2nd experience was phenomenal! I just came from Proximity Brewing grand opening and wanted a great dinner. The great thing I that these two place are on the same block. Great edition to East Durham. I ordered Smoked chicken wings with the mac n cheese and the smoked beans. Listen to me and please order the beans everytime. The we're cooked perfectly and the flavor was 10/10. I highly recommend this place. Plan an evening out on this block and you won't have to go anywhere else in Durham. Visit Proximity and Congress bar for drinks then Mike D's BBQ Smoke house. Also the Young lady that works the the cash register is so lovely, she always points me in the right direction for food choices. I love what this place is doing and I love the food even more.

Photo of Mark Brown Mark Brown
Nov 19, 2023 5

Strongly recommended! We've got a fun group of 5-6 guys, that for several years, has been getting together almost monthly to rotate through all the BBQ places in the Triangle. We visited this past Wednesday night, and all 100% agreed that this is a GEM that should be visited and supported! The pork was Extremely tender (a very moist rendition, that we all loved), relatively mild spicing, but good smoky flavor - and the optional side sauce was the kind I personally Love (reminds me of the side sauce at Woodland's in Blowing Rock, which sadly closed a year or two ago). The brisket was sensational. Portions were outrageously big - was the first time any of us took food home - and all raved to each other about our next-day sandwich creations. I can't fathom the negative review I just saw from a couple weeks ago, but maybe something happened that day. Restaurant business is terribly hard work and unforgiving, personal tastes vary, etc, so could be a number of things. Total opposite of our 5 opinions. Beans were Super good - very well seasoned, not too sweet, with green peppers and I presume onions, and not sure what else. Very well done and different from your typical BBQ beans which often, at other places, just have the same flavor profile as the meat. Slaw was good too (and great on that sandwich the next day, made with the leftovers). Please support them. Unique, cool place and great addition to the BBQ scene and not cookie-cutter or chain BBQ (though those have their place and can be good too).

Photo of Karla Gia Karla Gia
Oct 28, 2023 4

My husband and I tried Mike Ds for the first time yesterday. The food was tasty, especially the Mac and cheese. I do wish that the brisket and pulled pork were a little more tender. Overall, though, the portion size was good for the price. The outdoor seating was also really nice!

Photo of CLH 1 CLH 1
Sep 23, 2023 5

Pricey but good. Ribs could have cooked a little longer..more tug during biting than I prefer. Potato salad is heavy on the mustard base but I liked it better than the slaw. The mac and cheese was good. Staff was pleasant and helpful during ordering. Restaurant rating is 99 which is a huge plus!!

Photo of Brett Fox Brett Fox
Sep 15, 2023 5

We live right down the street and are so thankful for this awesome local barbecue joint that serves the best ribs I have had in the Triangle (and my wife loved the fresh smoked pulled pork sandwich). I can attest that this stuff certainly doesn't come from a can because I can smell it all day long! I'm just hoping that they add some hush puppies and fries at some point, but there stuff is on point! Especially their killer sauce and seasoning that I heartily use when I smoke my own meats!

Photo of Nikki Rogers Nikki Rogers
Sep 1, 2023 5

Guests are greeted by friendly, efficient, happy employees and a roomy, attractive, and spotlessly clean facility filled with the enticing aromas of a Sunday afternoon in Grandma's kitchen. Mike D's signature sauces are flavorful and beautifully paired with with the tender brisket served on a tasty bun strong enough to handle the generous meat portion. Sweet tea is served in individual chilled bottles so ice doesn't water down its bold flavor. The mac n cheese is gooey and decadent, and Mike D's interpretation of NC banana pudding as a topping for coarse, sweet pound cake is inspired. I haven't tucked into the sweet potato pie we took for home, but given the 100% satisfaction of our dine-in experience, I expect it to be bliss.

Photo of J D J D
Aug 23, 2023 5

Tasty. The atmosphere was cheerful and everyone was welcoming. I believe that the man himself dropped by the table which I just loved. The flavor of the ribs was terrific but I felt that they were just a bit too dry for my taste especially the ends. I'm not even deducting any stars. Very tasty and it gave me an excuse to enjoy both delicious sauces in abundance. There's a fun sauce that seems plain when you first taste it but then the flavor evolves into a smoky and succulent and then to a honey like sweetness. But not too sweet, mercifully. I also enjoyed (quite a bit more than the sweet), a tangy sauce with just enough kick for entertainment and zest without overwhelming a similar spiced profile but without the sweet finish. The mac and cheese was well cooked but I thought could do with some more flavor - not bad but not great. I'm sure that the dish stands alone very well but you have to really work hard to keep up with the rest of this plate. Shame. Next time i'm skipping the mac n cheese and doubling up on the smoked beans... to smuggle home. Those beans are absolutely wonderful. That is a dish prepared with passion for sure. This is as close to vegetarian chili as you can legally get without needing to label it as such. A+. Come for the ribs; skip the mac; stay for the beans. I didn't have dessert on this visit because I had a fozzie bear cake to enjoy back home. 😊

Photo of Writer at Mahogany Greenhouse Writer at Mahogany Greenhouse
Aug 5, 2023 5

We ordered takeout but it was so nice we decided to stay there and eat. Everything was delicious and everyone was kind and helpful. We all ordered different plates with sides and lemonade; leg quarters , baked beans, macaroni and cheese, I have never had just completely delicious EVERYTHING on my plate at a barbeque restaurant! But we all love it, were stuffed and got extra mac & cheese for the baby. Next time I will be sure to take pictures!

Photo of Jacob Zimmerman Jacob Zimmerman
Aug 5, 2023 3

My friend and I came in at 11:30 AM on a Saturday. While we enjoyed the food, the prices were absolutely absurd. The dude that was in line ahead of us stormed out in disugst after seeing that his total was $50. We begrudgingly paid our $60 per person (we had skipped breakfast and were starving). The food was excellent, the brisket was arguably the best we have had in the region (as barbecue fanatics we have tried quite a lot), the pulled pork was very good, and the BBQ chicken was solid. The selection for the sides was limited but everything that they serve is very good, especially the mac and cheese. The premises were extremely clean and the staff was competent. If you go during the summer, definitely eat indoors or get it to go as the outdoor seating is completely exposed to elements. Overall I like the restaurant but with their absurd prices, I probably will not be back.

Photo of Elizabeth Adams Elizabeth Adams
Aug 4, 2023 5

Tried Mike D’s for the first time yesterday for dinner. I got the brisket, Mac and cheese, and corn. My husband got the brisket, Cole slaw, and smoked beans. I also got the bourbon pound cake too which didn’t even last long enough for a picture! Everything was absolutely delicious! The spicy BBQ sauce was perfect on the brisket. This is good, simple BBQ done right. The beans are awesome and I loved the Mac and cheese. But really, you can’t go wrong with any of the sides. Next time I’m going to try the ribs. The price was what I expected for a BBQ plate this big. $25 for a ton of brisket, two good portions of sides and a roll. All I was missing was some spicy dill pickles and cornbread! *hint hint* I was able to take half the meal home to have for lunch today. So that’s a great price for what is essentially two full meals. My only suggestion (other than some cornbread) would be to have more indoor seating. It was overcast and really humid yesterday, so we sat inside. The outside area is incredible, but not covered.

Photo of Stacey Sprenz Stacey Sprenz
Aug 3, 2023 5

Such a great addition to East Durham! We always get the 3 meat plate because it is so hard to choose. Mike has the best pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. Those beans are a delicious side, but that is a hard choice, too. I also love that I can pick up some of my favorite local products on the retail side. Great food, great people, and a cool space!

Photo of Michael niemi Michael niemi
Jul 23, 2023 5

BBQ brisket was excellent, unique BBQ beans that are spicy good. No soda here! Homemade tea and lemonade!

Photo of Alexandria Westfall Alexandria Westfall
Jul 23, 2023 3

I’ll probably give them another shot but for the price the portions are way small. $40 for 2 meat combo and $50 for 3 meat. The Mac was hitting though

Photo of Xavier Washington Xavier Washington
Jul 22, 2023 3

Not sure what’s with the high Google ratings. Okay BBQ for the area. Brisket was dry and the only decent customer service was the women at the register. Sides are limited and overall, overpriced!

Photo of Dan Kuszaj Dan Kuszaj
Jul 20, 2023 5

Real wood smoked BBQ. Ran into Mike D filling the smoker with wood after lunch today. I like the fact that the menu is simple. Smoked meat and some good sides. I had pork, slaw, and smoked corn. Very good, had some good bark mixed in. They haven't been open even a week. Go by and give it a try.