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Miel Bon Bons Fine Chocolate I Artisan Cake I Extraordinary Desserts


1011 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 360-3332
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Photo of Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson
Feb 14, 2019 5

Super cool chocolate and candy store. Homemade confections and made on-site chocolate. Recommend very highly.

Photo of Emily Ray Emily Ray
Jan 20, 2019 5

Love having this delicious chocolate shop in the neighborhood. Her truffles are delicious!

Photo of John Lee John Lee
Aug 24, 2018 5

Miel Bon Bons has one of the most delicious Macaroons and chocolate in town if not the best. I would recommend this place to anybody in a heart beat! Make sure to check out the pistachio macaroons if you love pistachios!

Photo of Beth Bruch Beth Bruch
Aug 16, 2018 5

Bonnie at Miel Bon Bons is an incredible cake designer and decorator. My father loves baseball and scuba diving; when we asked her to create a cake with an octopus playing baseball, she hit it out of the park! Gorgeous, creative and delicious!

Photo of Brian Denhart Brian Denhart
Aug 8, 2018 5

I ordered 2 birthday cakes for our monthly office birthday lunch. OMG was I overwhelmed with the beautiful elegant delicious cakes! The best decision I have made this month was ordering from Miel Bon Bon's !! The chocolate torte and Passion fruit-Mango cakes we out of this world and I was the star of the monthly birthday-party hosts. Miel Bon Bons sets a very high bar for all other bakeries to achieve. Thank you so much for delivering I really appreciate it!!

Photo of Ruth Porter Ruth Porter
Aug 21, 2019 5

Bonnie made a two tier cake for our 50th anniversary party at the Washington Duke. The guests praised the cake--said it was as light as angel food. The fillings and frosting garnered rave reviews. She also made up little favor boxes of chocolate and raspberry truffles. Delicious. I can't stress enough how pleased we were with Bonnie's treats for this special occasion.

Photo of Lindsey Williams Lindsey Williams
Jul 19, 2019 5

We got both the cake for our engagement party and our wedding from Miel Bon Bons. The cake and the experience dealing with Bonnie could not have been better! I would recommend her for every party and wedding! And the chocolates are to die for!!

Photo of Amy Clements Amy Clements
Oct 21, 2019 5

This is THE PLACE to order your wedding cake in Durham, hands down! We ordered a custom cake for our wedding with an Irish creme tiers and a chocolate raspberry Portal companion cube on top. Bonnie is a pleasure to work with and was excited for the challenge. Miel Bon Bons certainly delivered as the flavors were PERFECT and we could not have been happier with how well the cake was received by our guests. Thank you Bonnie!

Photo of Tiffany Bass Tiffany Bass
Sep 14, 2019 5

This place is awesome and the Deserts are absolutely amazing! Was in Durham for the day from Charlotte and wanted something sweet. This place is a new favorite and anytime we are near we will be stopping by. The deserts are creative and so decadent like rosemary pistachio chocolate and lavender chocolate and both are mind blowing delicious. The owner was in and was so incredibly kind and helpful explaining any questions. This place is wonderful stop by you want regret it. God Bless!

Photo of Sean Haugh Sean Haugh
Jan 18, 2020 5

So, I can get 6 macarons from Miel Bon Bons for $17, or I can get 36 from Costco for a dollar less, and will say that Miel Bon Bons offers by far the better value. Sure, it's nice to pound down a bunch of cookies every once in a while, but what you are buying here is a transcendent flavor experience. With every bite, you just have to stop and say, oh my word that is sooooo good. The chocolates are also out of this world. So treat yourself! You deserve it!

Photo of Cherise McManus Cherise McManus
Feb 9, 2020 5

The chocolate cake with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry mousse was absolutely phenomenal. Their chocolates was so shiny and looked delicious as well. The employees was so nice and answered all of our questions.

Photo of Khoi Vo Khoi Vo
Mar 4, 2020 5

Cute little dessert shop that Durham needed!! Glad that Miel Bon Bons decided to move to Durham from their CH spot. When you have an urge for a sweet bite, check them out!!

Photo of Hakim Ziyad- Bey Hakim Ziyad- Bey
Dec 25, 2019 5

You have got to meet Chef Bonny and her friendly staff of chocolate crafters. New to the area. Main st has welcomed Miel Bon Bons to the area in a beautifully designed, city approved building. With top of the line custom cakes and chocolate delights to add to your morning expresso you are sure to be as happy as I was throughout my day. Great for custom orders for holiday parties, office get togethers and any time celebrations. You will need many trips to a sure new favorite to taste the menagerie of tastes collected in one place. Miel Bon Bons is the cherry on top. Thank you for being here.Welcome to Bull City.

Photo of Cathy Floyd Cathy Floyd
Mar 17, 2020 5

O.M.G. The absolute best almond pear tart! I took a little walk from the Marriott and found this gem of a bakery and candy shop. in addition to the tart, I bought several truffles and candies. The candy was just as good as the tart. Creative and delicious!!

Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
May 10, 2020 5

Really amazing dessert shop featuring super high end chocolates, macaroons, specialized cakes, and baked goods. They also serve as a coffee and espresso. Pricey but the quality and taste is exceptional and well worth it. Small space with standing counters inside and small patio outside. Amazing spot for the occasional or even daily treat.

Photo of Misha Kumar Misha Kumar
May 30, 2020 5

The dark chocolate concerto cake was just too delicious and amazing. I was longing to have that kind of cake for long time and my wish came true after visiting here. Great cake shop and customer service.

Photo of Darci McClary Darci McClary
Aug 18, 2020 5

I have no words to sufficiently describe the perfection that is Miel Bon Bons chocolate. It needs a poem. But I will say this: I make it a point to find the chocolate shop in every new place I visit. I've tried the fanciest chocolate I could find in NYC, Belize, Barcelona, ... I'm always on that hedonistic quest for the best chocolate and I don't care how much it costs. But guess where the best chocolate I've ever had is located? Right in my home town. The lady chocolatier at Miel Bon Bons is some kind of magician. It's perfect.

Photo of Monica Slubicki Monica Slubicki
Aug 22, 2020 5

Delicious, beautiful chocolates and truffles. Creamy ice cream. Wonderful, genuine owner. Super clean and neat decor. Great coffee. Nice sitting outside. Perfect experience!!

Photo of Inès Nnoko Inès Nnoko
Sep 26, 2020 5

Extraordinary desserts. Macarons, chocolate treats, cakes, tarts. Totally worth it

Photo of Shala Perla Shala Perla
Oct 13, 2020 5

So amazingly delicious. The latte and the drinking chocolate was sublime. The pastries were flaky, buttery and full of flavor. Def taste all the elements with a balanced sweetness. And oh man the chocolate!!! The olive oil lemon is to die for. 10 out of 10 stars! Will be demanding my hubby buy me chocolate from her for every occasion.

Photo of Angelica Villarreal Angelica Villarreal
Oct 15, 2020 5

I had the Oreo bliss cake today and it was absolutely incredible. Will definitely be coming back to try more of her delicious and beautiful looking treats!

Photo of Robert Young Robert Young
Nov 19, 2020 5

Stopped in there today for the first time and got to talk to the owner Bonnie. A beautiful and very pleasant woman who is a fantastic chef! The place was very clean and colorful and just follow the most wonderful delightful treats. I bought two slices of cake. One was a pecan and the other ... well I'm not sure but it sure looked good so I bought it. They were delicious! Really delighted my hostess later that night after dinner.

Photo of Durham Local Durham Local
Nov 20, 2020 5

Loved this place! Everything is so beautiful- almost too beautiful to eat. And everything I have tried is so delicious! I didn’t share with my roommates!!

Photo of Karina Zaveri Whelan Karina Zaveri Whelan
Dec 26, 2020 5

They strive for perfection and deliver it. We ordered a birthday cake from here and it was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had! It was light and fluffy and perfectly balanced. The owner was so professional and worked to ensure that we were happy with our choice. The cake was beautifully decorated and tasted great. Would highly recommend them!

Photo of Keith Samuels Keith Samuels
Jan 23, 2021 4

A little pricey but excellent quality, especially for the area. Pastries, bon bon, chocolates, ice cream, coffee / espresso, gift boxes, hot chocolate bombs. They have it all. Friendly staff.

Photo of Walt Barron Walt Barron
Mar 23, 2022 5

This has been one of the best-kept secrets in Durham until recently. World-class chocolates and other treats. Some of them are so artistic, you don't want to eat them. But you should. Because they're delicious. All of them.

Photo of Quanitra Boomer Quanitra Boomer
Jan 19, 2022 5

The shop is super cute! The owner is friendly and greeted up right away. They have SO MANY FLAVORS OF EVERYTHING- ice cream, macrons, chocolates, coffee and so much more! They are located right downtown of Durham 💖

Photo of Mellissa Ubbens Mellissa Ubbens
Nov 15, 2021 5

We ordered a sculpted cake for my husband's 50th birthday party. It was the HIT of the party. So beautiful, exactly what we asked for. The flavor of the cake was divine. We had no leftover cake because so many people had multiple pieces of cake!

Photo of Angelina Smeragulioulo Angelina Smeragulioulo
Mar 5, 2022 5

10/10 would recommend over and over again!!! Sweet quaint little cafe! Coffee was delicious, the crème brûlée cake had the perfect balance of richness but not overly sweet, and the Bon Bons were to die for. Shop Local and visit Miel!