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Mellow Mushroom


410 Blackwell St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 680-8500
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Photo of April M. April M.
Mar 27, 2022 4

Decided to head to lunch with my daughters and wound up enjoying some wings, pretzel bites, and spinach & artichoke dip. This is hands down some of the best dip of its kind that I’ve had. The little bread that it comes with is all just a great combination. Though not a fan of the beer cheese, the pretzels were actually good with the dip as well. Now let’s talk about those wings 😋 oh my goodness!!!! I don’t usually clean the bone when I eat chicken EVER but these wings were so amazing and I absolutely recommend…. Lastly the pizza I got the cheese 4 slice pizza and I’m not a fan to say the least. I still recommend this place clearly 🙃

Photo of David Davis David Davis
Dec 29, 2021 5

Pizza's are always great but sandwiches are very good too. I also enjoy their well made salads! They have a festive atmosphere and the service is also very good.

Photo of Magdelene Ramón Magdelene Ramón
Jan 23, 2022 5

This Mellow Mushroom is good. However, their crust is not as good as some of the other Mellow Mushrooms I've been to. Their crust is thinner and not as fluffy as most Mellow Mushrooms, so if you prefer thin pizza crust this might be the perfect Mellow Mushroom for you!

Photo of Rob Moffett Rob Moffett
Mar 22, 2022 5

Great food. Their pizza dough is the best. Good beer selection. The waitstaff are friendly and quick. The thin crust is just as good as the regular.

Photo of Shilpa Shrestha Shilpa Shrestha
Mar 7, 2022 4

They have beautiful outdoor sitting space. I was there during evening and the lights gives you a happy vibe. The food quality was good. I highly recommend pizza lovers to try this place.

Photo of LeDeija Curtis LeDeija Curtis
Jan 18, 2021 5

Cobb salad was delicious and good variety of beer on tap. Boyfriend and me had a great time. Social distance seating and nice on outdoor patio. Waitress was so friendly and helpful.

Photo of Michael Hearn Michael Hearn
Jan 18, 2021 5

Amazing experience and wait staff. Our waitress also pulled hostess and cook duty and did a phenomenal job. Kept up with us, and did a great job with attention to detail with one of our people with dietary restrictions. This location was the very first Mellow Mushroom I've been too, and blue the Roanoke and Richmond VA locations or of the water.

Photo of Colin Curtis Colin Curtis
Jan 15, 2021 3

Not sure what happened but since Nov 2020 their pizza is typically under-cooked. If you have it delivered then expect it cold. Check out Hutchins Garage instead. Edit: Mellow Mushroom, specifically Katie, was good about refunding my order and baking me a new pizza. I'll give a couple of stars back..

Photo of Hunter Humburg Hunter Humburg
Dec 28, 2020 5

Good pizza! The sauce was spicy, and there were generous toppings. This was a lot better than my memories of the Mellow Mushroom in Boone. Our waitress was also very nice and attentive, and the restaurant was clean and comfortable. Will definitely come back.

Photo of Cheryl Lawrence Cheryl Lawrence
Nov 21, 2020 5

My husband and I rented electric bikes by Southpoint and rode them on the Tobacco Trail to Mellow Mushroom where we stopped for lunch. We ate outside in the shade, and lunch was delicious. My husband got pizza, I got a salad; both were very good. We split an ice cream sundae, also delicious. Everything was perfect. Then we got on the bikes and rode back. Such a nice day!

Photo of Cheri Gray Cheri Gray
Oct 31, 2020 5

Fun spot to stop for a quick Guinness. Food is always good here but didn't have time for any today.

Photo of Walker Video Walker Video
Sep 20, 2020 5

Katelyn was great!

Photo of Randy Parnell Randy Parnell
Oct 14, 2020 5

Annabel was awesome,🌟 she was friendly, attentive, and made sure my beverage was always filled. My pizza was perfectly cooked with plenty of melted cheese. The decor is Mellowtatic, they even have an outside sitting area that looks amazing. Parking is next door in the packing desk or they have curbside if you are grabbing a takeout order.

Photo of Chanel Hansen Chanel Hansen
Sep 3, 2020 5

Great food. Great staff. Great location 🥰

Photo of Kylie Kylie
Sep 29, 2020 4

My boyfriend’s favorite pizza restaurant in the area. I love the Great White and he always gets the Funky Q; both are delicious. Last time we went there they totally forgot about us. We waited probably 30 min for our food and they comped the entire meal.

Photo of Dewey Langston Dewey Langston
Sep 15, 2020 5

Gluten free food was amazing here.

Photo of Latanya Harris Latanya Harris
Sep 3, 2020 4

Kiddos enjoyed lunch here. We sat at the table under the HUGE mushroom. Pizza was great

Photo of Ashley S. Ashley S.
Aug 15, 2020 5

One of the very few places I can get fabulous pizza and not have to worry about my dairy/egg allergies. I have never had an issue with having the regular cheese changed to vegan.

Photo of Gian Marco S. Gian Marco S.
Jul 7, 2020 5

Satisfied with the pizza and service overall. Ate outside and split 3 medium pizzas in 8 people. Payed relatively cheap for the amount of food eaten. Kosmic Karma is a must.

Photo of Rex D Rex D
Jun 21, 2019 4

They have a nice dough, which works great for their soft pretzels and pizzas. I had the Holy Shiitake pizza, and it was exactly what I needed. My girlfriend had the Pacific Rim, and it was nice, but I liked my pizza better. I'd love to try some of their other pizzas.

Photo of Kevin Kevin
Jul 20, 2019 5

Amazing food with some of best salad I've ever tried. Definitely try to local specialty potato pizza, and the pretzels with the beer cheese was a must try.

Photo of David Chang David Chang
Mar 7, 2020 5

Great pizza. Must stop if touring the Tobacco Campus. Get the funky chicken one. Or try halves.

Photo of pilotdane . pilotdane .
Feb 5, 2020 5

We arrived right at noon on a Saturday and got seats at the bar. As we were getting settled the bartender greeted us and gave us menus. Within 2 minutes we each had a cold pint in front of us while we looked over the food menu. After ordering our pizza arrived promptly and was delicious and the bartender kept an eye on our drinks to make sure we were taken care of. Another consistently good experience at the Mushroom.

Photo of Miranda McCraw Miranda McCraw
Jan 20, 2020 5

The food is always delicious, including the vegan cheese and tofu options. Staff is always friendly. There are TVs with sports on but they're never so loud you can't have a conversation. Nice draft beer selection.

Photo of Rosa Underwood Rosa Underwood
Dec 28, 2019 5

This was a night to remember... I was celebrating my anniversary with friends and we ordered FOOD!!! It was hot...it was delicious...and it was on time. The staff was great and reasonable. From wings to stuffed Portobello to meatballs and pretzel bites, it was all wonderful.

Photo of Phyllis Lachapelle Phyllis Lachapelle
Dec 9, 2019 4

Awesome food and service. One drawback in my opinion is that the place is a little bit loud. However, I am a little extra sensitive because my son is on the autism spectrum, and it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't return.

Photo of Jordan Jewell Jordan Jewell
Dec 6, 2019 3

The food was great but the service was quite slow. There was an event going on nearby and the restaurant was quite crowded but even so we waited 40 minutes for a table, another 5-10 before our server came over and then 10-15 minutes for us to receive our checks upon finishing our meal. Would go again with the hope that the service is a bit quicker next time.

Photo of Devonne Owens Devonne Owens
Nov 17, 2019 3

I usually love Mellow Mushroom...but it took 45 mins between when I ordered by wings and salad and got my food. I also asked for all flats and this did not happen. Nor did I get the extra dressing I requested. O understood that they were very busy...I love them was just a little disappointed.

Photo of Sam Hebda Sam Hebda
Nov 21, 2019 5

GREAT Gluten free pizzas!! I ordered a mighty meaty Gluten free for pickup and they we're able to put another one in for me when I got there - NOTE THE GLUTEN FREE PIZZAS ONLY COME IN SMALL! But it looks so amazing at ordered another which was ready in 7 minutes!! Still one of the best gluten-free pizzas I've ever had! Definitely giving them a five-star for quality of pizza and quantity of toppings - they really loaded on the bacon and sausage - so it kind of makes up for the small size... It's not the size of the boat that matters it's who's on the boat 😂 😉

Photo of Travis Futas Travis Futas
Nov 11, 2019 5

Custom handmade pizza and craft beer on tap, what else could you need?! Pizza was delicious!

Photo of Sharon Smith Sharon Smith
Sep 26, 2019 4

Mellow Mushroom has several set pizza combos, plus a large selection of build-your-own toppings. They have several crust options, and a nice rotating selection of beers; I enjoyed a good pineapple hard cider. I wish the menus were made of something that could be wiped down.

Photo of Jennifer Carter Jennifer Carter
Sep 14, 2019 4

Food was good and we were able to bring our dogs and be outside. The waitress was great and brought them water and was on top of our needs.

Photo of Thomas Rutledge Thomas Rutledge
Aug 17, 2019 5

Great service, attentive waitress (Kristen I believe) and as always, the food was delicious. Also they have an awesome new foutain outside. Would definitely recommend

Photo of Jacqueline Diaz Jacqueline Diaz
Jul 25, 2019 5

It was a large party and the server was very attentive and she did the best she could. She handled all of our requests promptly. I love the atmosphere it's very lively during the day and at night. I had a small pizza with spinach, mushrooms and pepperoni. It had a little too much tomato sauce on it but over all it was pretty tasty.

Photo of randumb2020 randumb2020
Oct 13, 2019 5

Well first of all the best pizzas in the world. You'll never get a better Pizza done at Mellow Mushroom . And pretzels and pretzel bites the best I've ever had always have to have some when we come. And what makes it special is just the atmosphere. There's something special about Mellow Mushroom

Photo of Rich Beaudry Rich Beaudry
Sep 8, 2019 5

Stopped by with friends before the ball game and had an excellent pizza (really wonderful crust) with leftovers shared with crossing guard outside. My first experience with Mellow Mushroom after wondering for years. Never hesitate -- try them. Despite busy game time traffic, service was prompt and attentive. A new favorite!

Photo of Katara Evans Katara Evans
Jun 23, 2019 4

Ate outside, enough space for party to be seated and waitress was on point! Forgot one thing on an order for 11 people. Fun and very accommodating 😁🍽️🍕🥗🍗🥤

Photo of Melanie Woods Melanie Woods
Jun 26, 2019 5

My son and his girlfriend came for a visit from Kansas and had never ate at a Mellow Mushroom. We took them here and they loved it! His girlfriend loved all the tie-dyed stuff as well.

Photo of Nate Larson Nate Larson
Mar 20, 2019 4

Tasty but could use an update on a few aspects of the interior. Other than the $3.50 draft special, I thought it was a bit on the pricey side. I'll probably be back, mostly because the service was very good.

Photo of David Roberts David Roberts
May 16, 2019 4

Great place for beer, pizza and wings. The wings are the best because they are baked. I remembered the wing spices because there was a hot, nude, Thai that was a jerk. Always a great place to visit. Deducted 1 star because service can be a little spotty

Photo of Joy Holloway Joy Holloway
Apr 21, 2019 5

Always have loved Mellow Mushroom. It's in the perfect location at the American Tobacco campus. You can walk around and enjoy the views and then stop to eat at Mellow Mushroom before heading home. Their pizzas and wings are perfect. Who could ask for more?

Photo of Joshua Ratliff Joshua Ratliff
Jun 1, 2019 4

Service was good and fast, food was good. It wont blow you away but Mellow Mushroom is good. Great location being just around the corner from the Durham Bulls stadium.

Photo of Richard McFall Richard McFall
Apr 24, 2022 5

This Mellow location is located in the historic old Lucky Strike complex and beside the Durham Bulls Baseball field. This Mellow has 2 outside seating areas ( use the lower patio outside seating - way nicer & quieter). Usual Mellow menu with great service. Allow 10 - 15 extra minutes to walk around this beautifully restored complex of buildings. If an event is happening at the complex tell the parking staff you are eating at Mellow so your parking is then free.

Photo of Beth Henderson Beth Henderson
May 13, 2022 4

Whenever we're either passing through downtown Durham or want a quick good bite Mellow mushroom one of our few "go to" spots. Between food and drinks it can be slightly pricey. However the service is always quick and friendly. And the drinks are cold and the food is always fresh, hot, and delicious. So if you're ever just passing through or visiting downtown Durham. This is a great spot to drop by to.

Photo of Erica C Erica C
Jun 10, 2022 5

I've been to my fair share of Mellow Mushrooms and finally decided to try their pizza here (I'm normally a calzone kinda gal) and holy cow I wish I would have tried their pizza sooner. It was top tier and might be my go-to there from now on. I highly recommend this location. I do wish they had more beer on their selection list but that's more personal preference and not a deal breaker.

Photo of Lisa & Wes Williams Lisa & Wes Williams
Jun 24, 2022 5

Solid 5 stars here for sure. To be honest I am generally not a big fan of chain restaurants and tend to explore more unique locations. This particular venue is definitely outstanding and here is why: There were 11 of us who just strolled in around lunch time on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. They pulled tables together, smiled and sat us within 3 minutes. Drink orders were quickly taken and quickly delivered. Lunch orders were taken, I ordered the House Special pizza and requested no onions and to add jalapenos, they said no problem. Everyone's order came out quickly and within 3 minutes of each other, they were all correct including my no onions add jalapenos pizza. Drinks were continuously topped off and we were asked if we needed anything and that if everything was okay. Everyone loved their food, my was piled high with goodies and more than I could eat! (They provided a to-go box for those needing them). They are located right next to the Durham Bulls ball field and pardon the pun but they "Hit it out of the park". Please give them a try! 13/10 for sure

Photo of Veronica Parks Veronica Parks
Jul 22, 2022 4

It wasn't too busy but quite a few people here and there on the inside, so we decided to sit outside. But the Mosquitos were tearing me up so the waiter was nice enough to move us inside! Shout out to Ryan!!! Our pizza was good, fresh and hot as always! The seasonal summer pineapple drink was good also!

Photo of Keith Saroka Keith Saroka
Aug 4, 2022 5

Best and tastiest pizza my son and I have had in quite some time. Right next to Durham bulls ballpark. Interesting decor.