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Melina's Fresh Pasta Shop


2717 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 403-3663
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Melina's Fresh Pasta Shop

Google Reviews

Photo of Kate Litscher Kate Litscher
Apr 27, 2019 5

The pasta here was fantastic. We attended for a gnocchi dinner and it was delicious. I cannot wait to go back to buy more pastas and ravioli from here.

Photo of Kevin Dendy Kevin Dendy
May 23, 2019 5

Our weekly goto for a no brainer dinner at home. Just dont let the ravioli thaw before you break it up.

Photo of Jeanmarie O'Neill Jeanmarie O'Neill
Dec 23, 2018 5

I love Carmela's pasta. She makes many different types. She also makes entrees that are fabulous

Photo of Dan Garreau Dan Garreau
Aug 9, 2018 3

The raviolis were very good. But do not let the name fool you. The pasta is frozen. No need to go to the main location except for more variety. $8 per dozen is alot.

Photo of Louise Martin-Carpenter Louise Martin-Carpenter
Sep 15, 2018 4

The putanesca sauce was wonderful. We just had the lasagne as well. It made a great hurricane meal. I am trying to eat what is in the freezer in case the power goes out! Thanks Melina's for giving me some good options.

Photo of Alysia Matteucci Alysia Matteucci
Aug 5, 2019 5

Always amazing pasta! Work your way thru every flavor pasta and sauce.

Photo of robert Held robert Held
Sep 6, 2019 1

Sadly, I was unimpressed with the quality and taste of the pasta I tried. I bought the frozen four cheese lasagna, the spinach lasagna, and two different types of manicotti. Unfortunately, they were all sub par. The amount of garlic would keep vampires away for years... try at your own risk!