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Mateo Bar de Tapas


109 W Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 530-8700
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Photo of Hersh Mahajan Hersh Mahajan
Aug 4, 2022 5

Octopus with tomatoes was excellent. Everything else I had (trout, calamari, and fried chicken) was a solid 4 stars. Nothing was bad. Service at the bar was on point and the drink was strong. 4.5 overall rounding up.

Photo of Zung-Ru Lin Zung-Ru Lin
Jul 21, 2022 5

The best food I had in Durham! Atún tuna tartar, blue crab thingy was good for me a seafood lover. Pulpo, the octopus with inky black olive aioli was perfectly cooked! The other were also excellent. Even though they are expensive, I’d still recommend it to anyone who loves seafood and small elegante dishes. Oh right, the male waiter was super friendly and patiently explained everything to us.

Photo of Robert Haarsgaard Robert Haarsgaard
Jul 1, 2022 5

Mateo's is easily one of my favorite restaurants in NC. My most recent visit was the best yet. Every plate and every bite was incredible. The Sea Bass and The Bone Marrow plates were the highlights of the evening.

Photo of Guan-Lun Liao Guan-Lun Liao
Jun 21, 2022 4

This is a great restaurant with amazing food and friendly staff. But it seems like the place is a bit understaffed. We were waiting for our food for a long while, and we needed to remind them one item never showed up. The place is super busy, so do make a reservation before visiting. Everything is small and pricy but tasty!

Photo of Joshua Novak (Josh) Joshua Novak (Josh)
Jun 18, 2022 4

This was our first experience in a tapas restaurant - the food, service, and atmosphere was excellent. Taking off 1 star because it's just too expensive for the amount of food you get. Sure, you get to try a bite of a lot of things, but at the end of the night you're still hungry. My family all came home and immediately ate dinner again - and this is after over $30 per person in food! Again, the food is great, and the service excellent - just pricey.

Photo of Corinne Goudreault Corinne Goudreault
Jun 11, 2022 5

Mateo is reliably delicious and great service, but as with all small plates the tan runs up. We paid about $45-50 without drinks and dessert. If it’s your first time, try the paella with some small plates as apps. Mateo also has reservations! Which for some reason is hard to come by in Durham. Always polite and prompt, food is always quick and great.

Photo of Sasha Lubkin Sasha Lubkin
May 22, 2022 5

Went to a wedding rehearsal dinner here. Food was very good. I loved the salad and the calamari. Everything seemed very fresh and well prepared. Don't skip the chocolate mousse, it's delicious! Servers were friendly and happy to make non alcoholic mocktails on request.

Photo of Andrew Strachan Andrew Strachan
May 1, 2022 5

Loved some of the dishes a lot especially the picked sardines, duck confit, and pulpo. We also ordered the bone marrow, shrimp, and serano ham but they were just good, didn't wow us like the other 2. Would recommend we paid 140 for 2 people dinner plus 2 drinks and left very satisfied. Would recommend!

Photo of HumbleK801 HumbleK801
Mar 27, 2022 4

My hubby and I have been to this Tapas Bar twice. The atmosphere is nice. The small plates we have tried were very delicious. The bone marrow dish, fried rice, and the brussel sprouts are a few of our favorites. The plates are shareable and its a great experience. Eric is a great and knowledgeable waiter. He was busy on Saturday, but took care of his tables with no problem! Try the spicy margarita and the rum punch too. The bartender was on point also!! Give them a try and see what you think!!

Photo of P Wallington P Wallington
Mar 21, 2022 4

Had a pretty fun night here. Most plates were great. Service was really, really slow. Considering it's a tapas resteraunt, it would be nice if servers stopped by tables more frequently-- Seems like we'd only be checked on maybe once every 20-30 minutes (we were kind of tucked in a corner upstairs). We wanted to spend more money! More drinks, plates, and dessert, but our night was cut short because the restaurant was closing by the time we could get ahold of our server again. P.S. nice music!

Photo of Luke Smith Luke Smith
Mar 7, 2022 5

This is a special occasion kind of place for me. I've come with various celebrations with friends and this time with my work to interview a candidate. It was great! Plenty of quality menu options and great service.

Photo of John Lee John Lee
Feb 12, 2022 5

Great tapas place for any occasion! The dishes are all delicious and look great! The atmosphere of the restaurant is romantic but may have difficulty talking due to the noise. Try to get a seat upstairs if you want a more quiet setting.