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Masjid Tawheed wa Sunnah


3714 S Alston Ave
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 767-1044
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Photo of JW JW
Mar 4, 2023 5

Alhamdulilah, so grateful for this Salafi masjid not too far from Charlotte (in Durham). Came here for their pre-Ramadan seminar with my sister. The seminar was so good! Full of reminders which benefits the believer and knowledge that I newly learned Alhamdulilah. InshaAllah we will be back. Wonderful/Beautiful community of believers MashAllah the sisters are so welcoming and loving. I was so glad to have a truly separate sister side and brother side Alhamdulilah. Salat in heal to heal/shoulder to shoulder MashAllah (as it is supposed to be). Excited to come back soon!

Photo of Ashraf Khan Ashraf Khan
Jan 27, 2023 5

I love 💘 very much, beautiful masjid

Photo of Samantha Lunsford Samantha Lunsford
Dec 27, 2022 5

Best Salafi masjid! Super friendly loving and welcoming. You will meet people who will become your family! Alhamdulillah best experience I’ve had by far!

Photo of Amin Said Amin Said
Apr 16, 2022 5

Never been to the masjid but I ordered some books online — the brothers sent me the books in pristine conditions, timely manner, and added some gifts for me as well. May Allāh bless them. If you’re looking to buy some Islamic books, they have an amazing selection, with amazing service. May Allāh bless them.