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Maggiano's Little Italy


8030 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 572-0070

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Photo of Hans Rumble Hans Rumble
Sep 11, 2019 5

I went here for a very special occasions - we rented out the entire private dining room for a 20-people lunch. The staff is very friendly and courteous. The food and selection is delicious. It is known as one of the pricier restaurants in the area, certainly a bit fancier than most. Very nice to go to for a treat.

Photo of Anthony Hill Anthony Hill
Oct 12, 2019 5

Good food, good service. Couldn't ask for anything better. My wife and I had the lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs. It was really tasty. My "go-to"appetizer is mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. Eat those as soon as you get them because they will get cold due to the air conditioning. Enjoyed my visit there.

Photo of John & Jessica Dodson John & Jessica Dodson
Sep 13, 2019 5

Service was wonderful. Went for our 10 year anniversary and had our toddler in tow. Greg was our server, super prompt and very accommodating of our son asking of we wanted his food out with ours or sooner (huge bonus for parents). We had to cut our meal short because of an antsy kid and our food was boxed up, and our bill handled quickly, and even an added anniversary gift of lemon cookies to go since we couldn't stay for typical candle lit dessert they bring out for special occasions. The food was tasty and we'll presented. This is why the go to Maggiano's for each of our anniversary dinner, the great staff, good food, and a relaxed (yet classy) atmosphere.

Photo of Joel E Joel E
Sep 24, 2019 3

Why is it so hard to find good Italian food?? Got spaghetti and meatball. Meatball was so salty, sauce also but not so bad. Light on sauce for my taste. I had to fix it to make it taste good. Last there recommended the Reedsville ravioli. I'll try next time.

Photo of Joanne Wheels Joanne Wheels
Oct 1, 2019 5

The waiters were awesome. Very nice and helpful to us. Beautiful place inside. The food was Great.Taste good. A lot of it. Friendly staff. I highly recommend it.

Photo of Brian Miller Brian Miller
Oct 9, 2019 5

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE. I HAVE NEVER HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE THERE. The food is AMAZING and the staff are very friendly and respectful of their guests. I will say that I miss my absolute favorite server Merari but they haven't skipped a beat in service. Thank you for setting a high bar for others to rise to in their quest to be recognized as a supreme dining establishment...

Photo of Iavor Todorov Iavor Todorov
Nov 21, 2019 5

Fantastically large mirrors in this place! It's often said that what you see in a mirror is a reflection of who you are on the outside, which is pretty profound if you stop to think about it. Whenever I remember that piece of wisdom, I like to stop and stare into the mirrors of Maggiano's, often for several minutes on end, or at least until the waiter asks me when the rest of my part of 7 will show up. I tell him that they should be arriving soon, but this isn't true. I just want an entite table to myself. That way, I can look into my precious mirrors without worrying about small talk or idle gossip!

Photo of catchat33 . catchat33 .
Nov 28, 2019 3

Reservation was at 4:15pm. Arrived at 4pm. Was told it would be 4:15 to 4:30pm before we could be seated. This was fine. Found empty seats out in gallery hall to wait for our text to let us know seating was ready until 4:40pm. Still not ready, but told we were next in line. Waited 15 more minutes, when I asked again and we were finally seated. Our waitress was very polite but obviously very busy. Her service was excellent, however was disappointed in some of the dishes served from the family menu. Desserts were superb!

Photo of Joel Reavis Joel Reavis
Dec 23, 2019 5

Went here for the first time and was really hoping the food was worth the wait. They said there was an hour and a half wait, apprehensively I agreed to wait. The bar area has some first come first serve tables which can be a little competitive trying to get one but we did after about an hour or so. We sat down, the service was great and the food was fantastic! We can't wait to go back. Do yourself a favor and get the bread pudding.... Amazing!

Photo of A Rancourt A Rancourt
Dec 29, 2019 5

Great service! The food was good. I had light chicken piccata which was more in a broth than butter sauce but the chicken was tender and the hand cut fettuccine was just enough. I could only eat one of the two chicken pieces. Others in my party were satisfied with their choices.

Photo of Jeff Anderson Jeff Anderson
Jan 10, 2020 5

Had a work event here. The menu was fantastic and the sectioned off room for just our group was nice. We were able to have our own music and control the volume. I'm inclined to come back on my own for regular dining not part of the event.

Photo of Wilmer Gregg Wilmer Gregg
Jan 17, 2020 5

I go to Toshi's for their smoothies. My favorite smoothie is called Sweet Melody and it is indeed a melody of flavors. Believe me your taste buds will thank you! It is my favorite smoothie in town, way better than tropical smoothie in my opinion. Although tropical smoothie is probably much healthier

Photo of Kenneth Holley Kenneth Holley
Jan 26, 2020 5

This Italian place is fantastic for birthday celebrations and other group settings! Family style is fantastic. Individual meals are great too! Location is great and the wait staff is outstanding. I recommend it highly. You will enjoy yourself and your guests will be pleased.

Photo of Shady Shane Shady Shane
Feb 19, 2020 4

I have always enjoyed Maggiano's and this last visit was no different when it comes to the food. Went during the Valentine's weekend so of course it was very crowded. Was smart enough to have reservations so that helped a bit.Was led to the table by the hostess who shocked me by not even saying hello or enjoy your dinner. Seemed very stiff and unfriendly. Throughout the meal we saw her doing the same thing to other people she was seating.Our waitress was very friendly and knew the menu very well so she was able to help us decide what we wanted. The food was excellent and very tasty. Even with the restaurant being so crowed you were able to have a nice meal with conversation without having to yell.Great place to eat with a good selection to choose from when it comes to your meal. Food was brought out in a reasonable amount of time considering the place was packed to the gills. Not once did I start to wonder where my food was.Nice place to bring a date for a special occasion as they have a large room in back for parties or it can be a place to go to after a night of shopping at the mall.

Photo of Kwak Family Kwak Family
Mar 9, 2020 4

First time at this franchise restaurant. Impressed with the decor and ambiance as I was entering and led to our table. Menu was typical Italian food whose prices seemed reasonable. Had Chicken Parmesan. Huge portion for the price. It was good too. The starter bread was good also. They didn't have the balsamic vinegar on the table. It appears serving olive oil balsamic vinegar concoction with Italian spices is not their standard practice. The server was a bit hard to find to try to order extra stuff. Desserts combo was really good! Will seek this chain restaurants in other cities.

Photo of robert bridges robert bridges
Feb 29, 2020 5

Took my 9yr old granddaughter for the first time. Great kids menu and inexpensive too. Food, drink, soup or salad and dessert $7.99!The chef was nice enough to come out and help me pick a delicious entry for my restrictive detox diet. Roasted asparagus and zucchini fried in tempura, absolutely delicious! We love their Italian food, but nice to know they make something for all our diet needs! Thanks to the chef

Photo of Kameron Mcmillan Kameron Mcmillan
Mar 10, 2020 5

The workers here are very nice.they greet and tell you there specials and give you water at first and ask for your drink after. There food is amazing and very good.

Photo of Devin Combs Devin Combs
Jul 2, 2020 5

Great service, our waiter went above and beyond. Restaurant was very clean and tables were properly social distanced. Felt very safe eating there!

Photo of Bryan Ramirez Bryan Ramirez
Jul 1, 2020 5

Excellent Italian food! It's a little bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for. Service here is just as good as the food.

Photo of Sydney Ott Sydney Ott
Jul 14, 2020 5

Aside from being selfish and going out to eat during quarantine, we had the best dinner here. The restaurant was spread out and all covid precautionary measures were taken. Our server was lovely, as well as our food. I’m assuming this is during the pandemic, but the classic pasta dishes were BOGO to take home. Great atmosphere and food!! Their music is the best part. And the bread.

Photo of Queyanna Gamble Queyanna Gamble
Jul 12, 2020 5

The food was awesome...accomadating service because of the social distancing..nice laid back setting...fast and direct service...food was made fresh and hot when it arrived to the table...The server got all of my changes correct for my shrimp scampi.

Photo of Dennis Norton Dennis Norton
Jun 29, 2020 4

Enjoyed Maggianos immensely even though there was a mask requirement the food was great, the portions were big and the Saturday specials were cost effective!

Photo of Angela Hunt Angela Hunt
Jul 26, 2020 4

Got curbside pickup. Great food, good portions, though slightly smaller than when there was in person dining.

Photo of Brandi Hunter Brandi Hunter
Jul 18, 2020 5

love maggianos! great deals and great food. I have never had a bad experience here !

Photo of Christine Ashby Christine Ashby
Aug 10, 2020 5

Fabulous! Our waitress today was the best!! This is our special place. First date, weddubg reception, we celebrate every anniversary here as we did today. Just like our fist date abd our first day married. It's great for jyst a good meal with family and friend's as well. It jyst vecame our special spot, even amist all this covid mess we still were able to celebrate.

Photo of LuAnn Polk LuAnn Polk
Aug 8, 2020 5

Great service, great food, great location. Our server was just adorable. She was sweet, pleasant and attentive.

Photo of Beth Allison Beth Allison
Aug 22, 2020 5

I have a dairy allergy. Maggiano's has always been very accommodating. They send a chef out who works with you to adjust for you needs. They also supervise the process to avoid cross contamination. Wonderful restaurant, food and service!!!

Photo of Milly Newson Milly Newson
Sep 3, 2020 4

Always great portions and you can take an entree to go. The bread is fresh and you can mix olive oil, crushed red peppers and parm to dip the bread.

Photo of Ted Kostich Jr. Ted Kostich Jr.
Sep 9, 2020 5

Really delicious authentic italian food! The place is clean and service is great, definitely will come here again.

Photo of Shawn Waldron Shawn Waldron
Sep 6, 2020 5

Our server Sebastian was amazing and the food was terrific! The atmosphere was calm and every employee was kind and courteous.

Photo of Pamela Edge Pamela Edge
Sep 12, 2020 5

Good food....The best of Italy

Photo of Geraldine Crowder Geraldine Crowder
Sep 13, 2020 5

My 1st time there and the food was amazing especially the salad, everything was great

Photo of Denise Smith Denise Smith
Sep 18, 2020 5

Great food, great service

Photo of Cruz Nestler Cruz Nestler
Oct 6, 2020 5

The food here is fantastic! The service was excellent as the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Their drinks and pastas are so flavorful. Currently if you purchase a pasta dish you get one to take home for no additional cost. Desert... it speaks for itself. You need to try this place if you’re at SouthPoint!

Photo of Jacob Garrett Jacob Garrett
Aug 27, 2020 4

Maggiano's is the perfect mix between fine dining and at home experience. From start to finish it feels as though you're at dinner with your rich Italian relatives. The service was phenomenal and the food was delicious. The only thing holding them back from a 5 star review this time is that they were unfortunately out of 3 items on the menu that I was really excited for. But once I did get my food, I couldn't have asked for any better quality or taste.

Photo of Spencer White Spencer White
Sep 26, 2020 5

Great Italian restaurant. Good sized portions and with some meals you can also take home another one. All made with fresh ingredients. One step above Olive Garden

Photo of Johnny McMuffin Johnny McMuffin
Feb 10, 2019 4

Very good Italian Chain Restaurant. It has an aesthetically pleasing look and you feel that you are in an old time Italian joint. The prices are pretty affordable and they load you up at the end of the meal with a bunch of Pasta to take home. I'm not a big pasta guy, so i ordered the Filet and it was just okay. Everyone else at my table was very pleased with their meal. The service was solid.

Oct 10, 2020 5

I am so please with my visit to the southpoint mall location today. My order wasn’t wrong in and they gave me my complete order of food for free!!! What great customer service!!! I was greeted by the Very Nice To-Go clerk Ray at the carry out parking spot, then he apologized and told me they would take care of it. Went inside the Super sweet manager Elisha was super nice and even offered dessert. I will return there soon!

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 3, 2020 5

Anybody can boil spaghetti, but it takes a good Italian bistro to do it well. This Maggiano's hit it out of the park (can you tell I miss baseball too?) They'll give you the basics, the classics, meat sauce and chicken parm, but they'll do it good. Go here you'll love it.

Photo of Aisha Nasser Aisha Nasser
Aug 30, 2020 5

The food is always amazing so you know that’s going to be a hit but if you want the full Maggiano’s experience ask for the server Tyler!! She was super awesome and helpful always helps with any question about the menu and just an overall great server! makes my visit great every time the experience isn’t the same with any other server. Ask for her and thank me later!!

Photo of chris ayscue chris ayscue
Sep 20, 2020 5

Tamirra was fantastic amazing service! Food was delicious as well

Photo of DG DG DG DG
Nov 18, 2020 5

Restaurant environment is so pleasant . Food is tasty. Calamari- awesome taste, When comparing with Olive Garden Alfredo Chicken is okay. Spaghetti is tasty. Also tried few other specialty paste- they are also tasty.The quality is food is so good. Quantity is huge, knowingly I have ordered so many dishes, assuming it will less and I ended up taking home. Check with restaurant person before placing order for starter and pastas based on people count.

Photo of Joyce Perry Joyce Perry
Dec 26, 2020 5

I put a carry out order in for lunch and It was perfect! Not only did I receive everything ordered but the carry out packaging was impeccable!! The best carry out experience ever!! I will definitely be ordering again as I received a gift card at Christmas because I’ve been raving about Maggiano’s carry out process and packaging to everyone!!

Photo of Lisa McCorkle Lisa McCorkle
Jan 5, 2021 5

We love eating at this restaurant, and getting takeout is easy. The food is always delicious. The Rigatoni D and mushroom ravioli are my favorites. We also like the family meal bundles. Today we ordered the New Years bundle and it was a delicious feast. We miss dining in since the ambiance and service are so nice, but any night we get takeout from Maggiano's feels special.

Photo of The Traveling Rose The Traveling Rose
Dec 20, 2021 5

Went here for diner and honestly didn't expect much. But I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. Everything was cooked perfect with the right portions. Bailey did an amazing job making sure we had beautiful presentations and brought a wonderful energy to the table each time. I loved how cozy the environment was, yet intimate. I will be returning very soon.

Photo of Amy M Amy M
Jan 8, 2021 3

I was a little disappointed when coming into Maggiano’s. I came through the spinning door side into the bar and heard music playing in the corner of the bar that wasn’t playing in the rest of the restaurant. While this is one of my go to restaurants and I love it here. I was never acknowledged by the male bartender as he seemed to have been singing to his music or talking on the phone. He was walking back and forth on the bar so he saw us for sure. I was never acknowledged. There were only a couple people in the restaurant at this time as it was before dinner rush. My husband and I felt a little confused as all we wanted was our to go order. Wasn’t until finally another employee came from the kitchen area saying we had to go back out and around the back she however was very kind. As we remember her from our past visits to the restaurant. I usually recognize her behind the bar. She has served us before and is wonderful. I rarely ever leave reviews and when I do it’s only the Disappointments. This is the first time I have come into the restaurant after 4pm. I won’t be ordering drinks from this bartender that seems more into himself and music playing on his phone then customers and attending to his duties at the bar.

Photo of ローラ ローラ
Oct 28, 2021 3

I got taken out to lunch by an acquaintance here. I never would have chosen to eat here because of the cost, it's way too expensive for me. Lunch of still enjoyable, though.The food is fine, though very expensive. The portions are generous, that is no lie. The wait staff are all great! The actual location is also nice, it wasn't too loud, and there is some outdoor seating.Mostly, it's just entirely out of my price range, especially since I have some Sicilian family who are great cooks, so I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to this kind of food.

Photo of S. Rosa S. Rosa
Jun 16, 2019 4

This place is okay. The ambiance and decor are very nice. Staff is professional and friendly. The food tastes good. Eggplant parm was thick and great tasting. Prime rib eye was good, too. The drinks were fine. Our steak (medium rare) took way too long and the manager discounted the whole check substantially (bravo!). Super thankful for the take-home pasta (great deal!). This place isn't too memorable, though. Besides the manager's discount, nothing compels us to come back; however, we would eat here again if we are passing through.

Photo of Layne Doyle Layne Doyle
Mar 30, 2019 5

Delicious Italian food right at the mall. We went for a private even in their back rooms. The service was excellent and they were all very attentive. The eggplant lasagna was the best I’ve ever had hands down. I loved the chicken dish and the ravioli. We were lucky enough to get two desserts that were also phenomenal: the cheesecake and the pound cake!

Photo of Emliegh Haithcox Emliegh Haithcox
Jun 10, 2019 5

Amazing food and even better service! Greg was great! Will definitely go back.

Photo of Christina Scales Christina Scales
Mar 30, 2019 5

This was a nice place with great food and great drinks. I was here for a business meeting. I got one of the specials get a pasta dish and take 1 home. Can't beat that. I took one home for later to enjoy but then my mom who had not eaten was there so it was perfect! She got to enjoy it too. You have 2 new fans.

Photo of Angelica love Angelica love
Mar 31, 2019 5

It's the best Italian food I've ever had. Very friendly servers, food is authentic, and they have cool options like buy one take one home. I live in Ohio so I only get it when I visit my best friend in Raleigh Durham NC, but I look forward to it every time I visit. Better than olive garden 😉 and olive garden was always a favorite of mine. Try the four cheese ravioli 😋

Photo of Michael Baker Michael Baker
Jul 6, 2019 5

We came in for a late lunch and there were still quite a few people here. We got seated right away and the wait staff was very attentive. Our meals came out quickly, were hot, and delicious. When we were done, we got togo boxes fast along with our "get one" classic pasta dishes to take home. An excellent experience all around. I will continue to come back.

Photo of Craig Smith Craig Smith
Jun 27, 2019 5

All 20 of the guests I ate dinner with found something on the menu they enjoyed. Large portion sizes for adults and a variety of options for small children and bigger kids. Service was on point, atmosphere was warm and friendly. Family style menu and the eat and take home options compliment the entrees well. Good flavorful food for all in our party.

Photo of Clay Dennis Clay Dennis
Jun 27, 2019 5

Great food with competitive prices. The shining star of the evening was our server Raven Pearson. Raven was friendly, courteous, and had a great personality. She made sure our table was very well taken care of. Highly recommend you ask for Raven for the best service.

Photo of Srinivas DG Srinivas DG
Jun 18, 2019 5

Had lunch on 6/17. Restaurant environment is so pleasant . Food is tasty. Calamari- awesome taste, When comparing with Olive Garden Alfredo Chicken is okay. Spaghetti is tasty. Also tried few other specialty paste- they are also tasty.The quality is food is so good. Quantity is huge, knowingly I have ordered so many dishes, assuming it will less and I ended up taking home. Check with restaurant person before placing order for starter and pastas based on people count.