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M Tempura


111 Orange St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 748-3874
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M Tempura

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Photo of Angie Shen Angie Shen
Jun 11, 2019 4

Very authentic Japanese food and this place is small but adorable. I love their pork but the tonkatsu sauce and the slaw are too salty. It’s also n the high end. That being said, I would still love to try their other food!

Photo of Lauren Nye Lauren Nye
May 11, 2019 5

Truly a unique and amazing dining experience! Allow for plenty of time to appreciate the pacing of tempura dishes. We loved sitting at the bar, and since it is a small space I would recommend making a reservation to accomplish that. Great for a special occasion, and to learn about a specialty cuisine. Will look forward to coming again!

Photo of Anamaria Radulian Anamaria Radulian
Apr 10, 2019 5

One of the best meals we've had in a long time. The food was amazing, each course was perfect. The Tempura scallops are to die for (and our waiter graciously hooked us up with a 2nd round of them since we loved them so much!). The service was exceptional. We'll definitely be returning for more!

Photo of Elizabeth T Elizabeth T
Nov 12, 2018 5

Classy & innovative. A chic experience dining tempura as I've never experienced before. Great flavors and presentation. Eat everything with your eyes, and some with your mouth, and enjoy! Staff was all great, too. You need reservations to sit at the bar! Next time, I'll try that!

Photo of Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson
Mar 14, 2019 5

Just be aware that this is "Omakase" Style food. This means the chef has 3 or so preset meals that you can choose from but ultimately, it is somewhat limited. But it is great food. Reservation Reccomended. The tempura is not seasoned and you are invited to add your own when they bring it to you. Deceptively more food than it appears to be

Photo of Sean Chaney Sean Chaney
Jul 17, 2019 5

i love all of the Michael Lee restaurants. especially this once since my favorite food in the world is pork tonkatsu.

Photo of Kathleen Koechling Kathleen Koechling
Sep 23, 2019 5

We chose the "basic set" for $29. Flavors were delicate to intense, all perfectly balanced. Different sauces provided variety in every bite. Tiny portions of many different items were surprisingly filling. Lovely presentation.

Photo of Jerry Helmcke Jerry Helmcke
Sep 10, 2019 5

Beautifully prepared and well executed tempura! Tempura is lightly fried and not oily. The fish was so fresh and there were so many unexpected bites! Pro tip: sit at the bar!

Photo of Zachary Bennett Zachary Bennett
Oct 17, 2019 5

Excellent meal with excellent service. One of the most unique and interesting dining experiences I've had in Durham. Come with an appetite!

Photo of Brooklyn C Brooklyn C
Sep 10, 2019 5

WOW! Some of the best Japanese food I've had in the US and by far the best in NC. There's also a super sweet lunch with beautiful katsus! What a discovery this sweet little gem is for me.

Photo of Nicole S Nicole S
Sep 3, 2019 5

This is a great spot if you’d like to have a food experience. As with M Sushi, everything is very fresh and delicious!