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M Kokko


311 Holland St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 908-9332
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Photo of Bryce Jamison Bryce Jamison
Sep 10, 2022 5

Absolutely delicious food with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Make sure you get there early though because there's not a lot of tables and they fill up fast. I'll definitely be back!

Photo of Nataly Arriaga Nataly Arriaga
Aug 16, 2022 5

This was a great experience. The space is very cozy and makes it so that you feel the intimate atmosphere with friends/family you bring. The food was delicious and the ginger drink was perfect!

Photo of Vplan0019 Vplan0019
Jul 16, 2022 4

This is a small restaurant hidden in the back conor, waiting line built up 30 minutes prior to the open when we arrived on Saturday. We are party of 7 and the biggest party they can arrange is 6 so we split up in 3 and 4. It was filled up immediately after open and another line started right after. The menu is simple and most painted on the wall. (We tried couple of their dishes but not take picture of all). The appetizers We ordered are pork chop bun and chicken wings (spicy). For the pork belly chop bun, you can see it's the thick cut chashu pork (same in ramen) with vegetable and diced pickles, dressed with lemon juice come in two per serve. It melted in mouth with flavor of wood fire and freshness from lemon. Delicious but don't eat too much as it's oilish. And the chicken wings come with 7 pieces crispy dressed chicken wings covered with selected sauce and picked reddish (not much comment on this). For the main dishes, we tried ramen, spicy ramen, buangbiang noodle, and Hinan chicken rice (not in picture again). Ramen served with regular Japanese noodle in rich soup and common sides, the interesting points are: thick cut pork belly as mentioned; deeply fried garlic oil sauce (provide flavor and crispy bites); agaric instead of roasted laver (more nutrition and texture); and heavy cream used in the soup (so, the soup base is rich due to the cream but also become super heavy flavor that drink up all the shop is not a healthy choice). The hainan chicken rice cooked rice with chicken and mushroom soup, nice flavor for the rice, but too much taste of mushroom took away the role of chicken and rice (still, maybe reduce the chicken oil from the soup base before cook the rice might help make it more fresh). And for biangbiang noodle, great knife cut noodle with spicy flavor and fresh vegetables (a interesting thing is their vinegar are light and a little bit fruitish, kind of sweetness compare to regular Chinese dark vinegar). Over all we spent more than an hour there and most time waiting for our dish ( since they only have two server and little kitchen in the back. Actually small party like 2 will have their order come out faster.) Consider of their location, price and food with service, I think this place is pretty good. If you like different new style noodle, this is a place to go.

Photo of Joe Haak Joe Haak
Jun 8, 2022 5

Excellent food and great service. No reservations and not many tables, so expect to wait if you are going at a popular time. Well worth the wait, though!

Photo of Amanda Bernal Amanda Bernal
May 30, 2022 5

The ramen is really good, the best we’ve had so far in the few places we’ve tried. I like the concept of having the menu on the board. We went around 4pm so we came before the crowd. Great service. Their yuzu ice cream and coconut sorbet was delicious! The only thing I will say is although their fried chicken is delicious, the size of the wings make the dish overpriced at $18.

Photo of John “Grumbles” John “Grumbles”
May 25, 2022 5

The place is small and a little hard to find if you are not familiar with it. It is a fancy hole in the wall. With a casual atmosphere and the staff is friendly and welcoming. They have a limited menu which is on a chalk board wall but the limited menu makes it do they can focus on giving high quality and delicious food.

Photo of Antony Young Antony Young
May 15, 2022 3

The fried chicken was not marinated enough so it’s very bland inside. The Hainanese chicken tastes good but the portion is too small. The ramen is not good. The broth is bland and not aromatic. The toppings are kinda weird. In general, not great food.

Photo of Sid S Sid S
May 10, 2022 5

Great food and cute spot. I had the curry udon and it was great! PS: It's easy to miss this spot since it's tucked inside; I accidentally went to their other restaurant.

Photo of Cedar Pettiford Cedar Pettiford
Apr 10, 2022 5

Nice laid-back vibe. Wonderful customer service. I wouldn't recommend for large groups but perfect for date nights