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M Kokko


311 Holland St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 908-9332
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M Kokko

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Photo of A A A A
Jun 4, 2019 5

First time at here and I loved the experience. My server, Jon, was very helpful in explaining the items and spice levels from the menu (even though the menu is on the wall) he still took the time to make sure I would be satisfied. The other servers around made sure that if John has to step away that they took extra plates from the table and that my water cup remained full. I couldn’t have asked for better customer service and food! Def will recommend to a friend & def would recommend you sit with Jon!

Photo of Tim McKeoun Tim McKeoun
May 13, 2019 5

Absolutely amazing food in a little hole in the wall place. The curry udon was phenomenal, and tasted just like Japan. I didn't get the chicken sandwich myself, but I tasted a friend's and it was delicious. Worth the wait, if there is one!

Photo of Laura Duran Laura Duran
May 24, 2019 5

Sometimes there is wait but it is absolutely worth it. The Raman and Sandwich are super good. I always leave well feed and we’ll attend. It is also a bang for your buck!

Photo of Keith MacKay Keith MacKay
Apr 25, 2019 5

Really really good food. If your party is 4 or higher, the wait is going to be worse than is worth it on any night other than Tuesday or Wednesday. Other than that, its a great little hole in the wall next to MSushi with amazing good for a really reasonable price

Photo of ethan good ethan good
May 3, 2019 5

This has got to be among the best (and cheapest?) Places to eat in Durham. Entrees range from $9-$13 and you’ll be absolutely full. You will NOT be disappointed!

Photo of Daniel Swagcliffe Daniel Swagcliffe
Jun 20, 2019 5

Let me tell you I have been ALL AROUND DURHAM and Chapel Hill. But NONE have made such an impression. I came with my sister and ordered 3 dishes. The buttermilk sandwich, the lettuce wraps, and the korean fried chicken. At this price point, this is one of THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK LOCATIONS. Despite quaint, “hole in the wall” perceptions, the kitchen CLEARLY respects the food they provide to a contemplative degree. We waited almost 20 minutes for the sandwich, and this would have been the item to drop this review to a 4 star. But believe me, despite being one of the cheapest items on the menu, the sheer CALIBER of the depth of its flavor between, sweet and savory MORE than made up for the wait. Everything on the menu is between $9-$13. Though there are few options, they have perfected these options to a level MUCH beyond their retail price. Do NOT miss this place on your next after work get-together.

Photo of Beverly Martyn Beverly Martyn
Jun 29, 2019 3

It was my first time at Mkoko. I knew to be early but alas, I ended up ordering To Go. I ordered the chicken sandwich, and the wings for my friend. When I opened my food a plain chicken sandwich looked back at me. No pickles, no sauce. Just a plain sandwich. I get it, you guys are busy. But dang...I can't get no sauce?? Mind you I ate the sandwich (ya girl was HUNGRY). I was able to spruce it up and enjoy the sandwich though. Next time I'll get there early and dine in.

Photo of Gwendolyn Reilly Gwendolyn Reilly
Aug 14, 2019 5

If you like ramen you have to try this place. It was great. A bit of a wait but it was Saturday evening and it's a small place. But aren't they always the best? Yes this was worth the wait!!

Photo of DJ Neon DJ Neon
Aug 21, 2019 5

You can read all about how amazing their food is in all the other post but I was particularly impressed by the North Carolina handmade ceramic Pottery plates that our appetizers were given to us on. A lot of restaurants claim that they're about local everything and then have mass-produced and made in Taiwan or Japan plates and glasses.

Photo of Anthony Rosado Anthony Rosado
Aug 2, 2019 4

Food was fresh and tasty, staff was pleasant and helpful. Menu is written on the wall and service is fast. Small location but comfortable.

Photo of Patrick Edwards Patrick Edwards
Jul 22, 2019 5

Some of the best ramen around, M Kokko is a small restaurant with big taste. Sometimes you may have to wait, but is always easy to put your name on the list and go grab a quick drink somewhere nearby until they give you a call. Also try out their Korean fried chicken.