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8030 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 224-1253
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Photo of David Palmateer David Palmateer
Feb 14, 2021 5

Great place to shop for your significant other. Easy choices for us guys!! Staff were so patient and helpful as well. I'll be back for my anniversary 😁

Photo of Océane Âme Océane Âme
Dec 20, 2021 5

Last week I popped in to Lush to pick up a few last minute stocking stuffers. All of my favorite Lush products are handmade with quality ingredients, giving it a personal touch while also steering clear of anything that could possibly irritate my body. My current favorites are their massage lotion/oil bars and their bubble bars. When I went inside, I wasn’t wearing a mask as I have several chronic illnesses on top of asthma that make it really difficult for me to breathe. An employee (Gus) approached me and said, “I’m so sorry, it is our store policy to wear a mask in our stores.” I explained that I have a medical issue and cannot wear masks without risk of passing out. Gus responded by saying, “I understand, but unfortunately it’s our store policy to require face masks in the store, however, I would be more than happy to bring as many products out to you and help you shop outside the store if you would like.” Being a wheelchair user, so often I find that people don’t understand how to treat me like a person. It’s often a mix between pitying looks and insisting on helping me, or ignoring my existence like I have leprosy. I have no problems with Covid rules and restrictions, but it has taken a toll on my ability to live my life in an accessible way. So many don’t seem to understand true accessibility. Lush does not have this problem. I felt so accepted and welcome. Gus followed me outside the front door, carefully listened to what I was looking for, and offered to show me as much as I wanted to look at. I was reassured that I could also look online for a selection of products, and that taking a card payment outside will be an easy process. We started with bath bombs, as they have such a wide selection! Gus brought out several, based on criteria I mentioned, as well as some seasonal options and personal staff picks. Gus was so patient with me, and it was a really fun experience having lots of nice chats in between products. The manager (I forget her name but she was so sweet as well) came out to personally thank me for being so understanding, and I nearly cried as I told her that really this is a case of mutual understanding. THIS is the way accessibility should be handled, and THIS is how customers should be towards the nicest employees on the planet. Sadly, too many will get frustrated at the staff and hurl insults or give an attitude. I can understand a customer being upset that they can’t shop in the store without a mask AND they can’t shop outside as an alternative option. That would feel discriminatory. But the fact that Lush actually goes to the length of accommodating their customers’ needs in such a personalized way…I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I might just give away all my Lush purchases as Christmas gifts so I have an excuse to go back sooner.😅 BIG HUGE PROPS to Gus the Lush angel 😅💗

Photo of Ms. K. Ms. K.
Feb 9, 2021 5

I hadn't been to this location is a few years, and both experiences were great. Today, I was greeted at the door, and led to a sink for hand washing. Afterward, an lady assisted me in finding a face product that met my needs. She was kind, and knowledgeable. The store was organized, and clean which has me sure that I'll revisit this location again.

Photo of Vidya Shankar Vidya Shankar
Jun 10, 2021 5

Absolutely great experience. Friendly and hugely helpful staff. Alicia was very kind and generous with the samples that she gave me. The store smells heavenly. They have beautiful gift box options. We picked up something for a recent graduate. The samples help me to decide before I actually make a purchase. Love their argon oil for face.

Photo of Jacob Lee Jacob Lee
Jan 27, 2021 5

My fiancé and I always look forward to our monthly lush trips to this location! The staff are extremely friendly and really get us to purchase more than we need, but in the best way!

Photo of MobyDick sentme MobyDick sentme
Dec 5, 2020 5

The staff here is incredibly helpful and kind. Like every Lush store, the smell is incredible. I appreciate the strict guidelines the store is implementing during Covid and telling each customer before they come in the door.

Photo of Elizabeth Hughes Elizabeth Hughes
Oct 13, 2020 5

The employees are very nice and helpful!

Photo of Kristy Frazier Kristy Frazier
Aug 27, 2020 5

I love this store! Always friendly and helpful!

Photo of Jessica Phillips Jessica Phillips
Aug 17, 2020 5

They made it very easy to buy during COVID, even though you couldn't walk into the store. Thanks! I love and live by the lip scrub.

Photo of J.P. Davis J.P. Davis
Jul 7, 2020 5

I visited the store in Arizona last year. Loved it!

Jun 25, 2020 5

Great service.. also they get A++++++ for making sure you adhere to social distancing;)

Photo of Heather P. McPherson Heather P. McPherson
Sep 21, 2017 5

Cute, trendy boutique of "Fresh Homemade Cosmetics "Bath bombs, bath oils, bubble bath, skin care, hair care, make up ,soaps and more all from natural, organic homemade recipes... luxurious, unconventional mixing art, music and fashion creating uniquely named products. I bought a Butterball bath bomb with coca butter and vanilla and gave me a sample of their awesome soap called Sexy Peel with fresh citrus juices! They smell awesome, can't wait to try them. A bit pricey for bath products but perfect for a special splurge or present. Located inside Streets of South Point, free and wheel chair accessible parking.

Photo of Megan Yankee Megan Yankee
Mar 10, 2020 5

I can't say enough wonderful things about LUSH and the employees at the Southpoint location. I volunteered for Mijente/SiembraNC at this location last weekend and was delightfully surprised to learn about their commitment to helping us raise funds and inform people about our cause. Each individual employee listened to our story and goals and would be sure to include this when talking to clients. Kudos to everyone!

Photo of foreverimpatient13 foreverimpatient13
Jan 12, 2020 5

Smells amazing inside! Awesome employees, great prices for the bath bombs and products. I love it here!

Photo of Megan Perkins Megan Perkins
Dec 14, 2019 5

The employees at this LUSH location are wonderful and really go above and beyond to ensure their customers are taken care of and satisfied with their purchase. I truly appreciate LUSH's commitment to reducing single use plastic and encouraging recycling.

Photo of Derek Robertson Derek Robertson
Oct 25, 2019 3

Great products! And a truly unique store to visit in the mall. The only downside is the over-eager approach of the staff. They "jump" on you as soon as you enter the store. They mean well obviously but sometimes it's better to ease in or help from afar.

Photo of Michael Suciu Michael Suciu
Nov 7, 2019 5

Meredith is exceptional. She truly goes the extra mile to try and make you as happy as possible. I’ve been in retail for years and love to shop and I can honestly say her kindness was so memorable. Thank you so much. The least I could do was leave a review to express my gratitude. Also, my brows are stunning from the henna sample.

Photo of Ashley Kern Ashley Kern
Oct 20, 2019 5

The staff here are amazing and so helpful. Love the products

Photo of Prema Narayana Prema Narayana
Sep 28, 2019 5

The staff are very educated on pretty much any of the products in the store, and they are super helpful to finding the product that is perfect for you!

Photo of Tami Joyce Tami Joyce
Oct 5, 2019 5

There's always something new to try, and the people that work there are super friendly and helpful. Especially Tucker, he was happy to help me find everything I was looking for.

Photo of Monique Rentas Monique Rentas
Aug 31, 2019 5

Awesome and sweet staff. They helped me just shop and discover new items to try. They listened and engaged me fantastically. Left with a bunch of stuff, but I loved everything I took home.

Photo of Leanne Tupper Leanne Tupper
Aug 1, 2019 4

This is a very unique store and there's such a wide variety... My nine-year-old son loves the store and they were super careful in helping us shop as he has several allergies.

Photo of Susan Miciotto Susan Miciotto
Jun 28, 2019 5

Great products, great staff! I love that you can sample almost anything I'm the store before buying.

Photo of Francisco Estrada Francisco Estrada
Jun 26, 2019 5

I'm a dude so I never really heard about this place until my current girlfriend told me about it. I do get stressed out a lot and as the day goes by, my face does get oily. I do break out a little bit around the forehead and sides of the face. When I came in to LUSH, the staff was so knowledgeable about the products they sell that they sometimes know exactly what you are describing if you are talking about a specific product that they might have. They do ask you questions about your face and how oily it is, etc. Once they do that, they do recommend you some products to buy and if you are not sure, they can and most of the time will give you a free sample to try out before you buy the whole thing. All of there products are natural and are 100% chemical free. I do have to say that after about half a year on LUSH, my face has cleared up so much more. You just need to find that one product that fits your face the best which the LUSH employees are more than happy to figure it out with you. They do have bath bombs which they should as they are the original creators of of them. They also have many kinds of facial and body wash. Different kind of toners, masks, and lotions. It's best to go in and speak to someone there as they will know what to get for you. There products do last me a while so I do not need to keep going back which is always a plus so I can save money. I still go back and will keep going back because it has been the only place that sells products that trully do help my face. Knowing that the staff will always help and willing to help makes my return feel a lot better.

Photo of Geoffrey Berry Geoffrey Berry
Dec 22, 2018 5

Environmentally friendly body care products for all people. The commitment to sustainability and quality are what bring me back again and again. I’m a big fan of their scents. The customer service can get a little aggressive with many people offering to help, but there’s a good side to that, too. Also, you can sample anything.

Photo of Asian Ricecakes Asian Ricecakes
Feb 28, 2019 5

I love walking into this store (even if it’s just for some window shopping). This place literally RADIATES happiness. It’s not just because of their products and all the amazing scents, but also because Lush employees are always so friendly, so service-oriented, and also so knowledgeable about their products (without seeming scripted). I think this is a great place if you’re looking to treat yourself or someone you care for, with something that’s guilt (and calorie)-free. I like their mission statement. I went in for a gift exchange once, worried it would be a problem, but it was hassle free.

Photo of Aja Mitchell Aja Mitchell
Jun 8, 2019 5

Love this place and kids do to . All natural and good prices. Kids love there bath booms.

Photo of LaKisha Simmons LaKisha Simmons
Jan 26, 2019 5

Lush has a great product line. You can go into this place thinking you're only getting soap and you'll leave out with skin care, perfume bath bombs, etc. Lush is the spot to get just about everything you may want for your skin. I love this spot. The sales associates are all helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the product line. Try Lush.... you won't be disappointed!

Photo of Dip P Dip P
Jun 14, 2019 5

I absolutely love this store and the people that work here. I have gone to consult about getting some hair care products and body sprays and the consultants have been extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction. They listen to what you want and give advice accordingly. I also like that they can give samples for some products that you may want to try. I like being able to make commitments after making sure I won't have adverse reaction on my sensitive skin.

Photo of Miranda Pejera Miranda Pejera
Apr 7, 2022 5

The staff is super knowledgeable and helpful and the product always exceeds expectations.

Photo of Joni Newell Joni Newell
Aug 21, 2022 4

Cute place and it smells nice in there. My son loves the products and employees are friendly.

Photo of Adrienne Parlante Adrienne Parlante
Aug 4, 2022 3

Chose curbside and the guy told me I had to come in. I then clarified that I had to come in for curbside? He said yes. When I walked in I told him I’ve never had to do that because I usually have my dogs with me or other reasons I can’t leave my car and he said “that must be my bad then.” You know well and good that curbside doesn’t mean walking into the store… I’m not trying to be petty about this but when you have a mom with multiple kids in the car, or someone that can’t walk in for whatever reason, don’t make them come in because you don’t want to walk outside.