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8030 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 224-1253
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Photo of Sally Christodoulou Sally Christodoulou
Dec 27, 2022 5

I love Lush……the selection of products is wonderful and staff are so helpful. Special thanks to Mikaela, who helped me find the perfect gift today. I’ll definitely be back!

Photo of Farah Campbell Farah Campbell
Nov 21, 2022 5

I visited Lush this morning to get gifts for my daughter’s teacher. It was such a great experience. They showed me their best sellers specifically for teachers. I had both my girls with me and they did a bath bomb demonstration with them and gave them little soap samples ☺️. It was really cute!

Photo of Joni Newell Joni Newell
Aug 21, 2022 4

Cute place and it smells nice in there. My son loves the products and employees are friendly.

Photo of Adrienne Parlante Adrienne Parlante
Aug 4, 2022 3

Chose curbside and the guy told me I had to come in. I then clarified that I had to come in for curbside? He said yes. When I walked in I told him I’ve never had to do that because I usually have my dogs with me or other reasons I can’t leave my car and he said “that must be my bad then.” You know well and good that curbside doesn’t mean walking into the store… I’m not trying to be petty about this but when you have a mom with multiple kids in the car, or someone that can’t walk in for whatever reason, don’t make them come in because you don’t want to walk outside.

Photo of Miranda Pejera Miranda Pejera
Apr 7, 2022 5

The staff is super knowledgeable and helpful and the product always exceeds expectations.