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Lulu Bang Bang


5418 Page Rd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 908-1851
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Photo of Amara Kattrein Amara Kattrein
Jan 6, 2024 5

We really enjoyed eating here! I love the Ginger mocktail! The Thai toast was really amazing, we had never had it before and we are so glad we ordered it.

Photo of Joe (MrSchnydes) Joe (MrSchnydes)
Oct 27, 2023 5

I've been seldom impressed with the RDU dining scene lately after 15 years. Then there's that rare place that I say to myself "wow this was worthwhile." This place is that kinda place. Their sushi was delicious, unique and fresh. Their cocktails also hit home (which is a rarity at any sushi place in 50 square miles). Service was also exceptional and on point and they even had a kids menu. This place impressed the whole family and deserves a trip back, can't wait.

Photo of Sameer Dave Sameer Dave
Oct 10, 2023 5

This is a huge place and beautifully decorated. And the food is one of the best places for Thai and rolls! Loved it. The quantity was good and the prices were reasonable.

Photo of Super Aba Super Aba
Oct 3, 2023 5

Lulu Bang Bang is a fusion Asian restaurant that serves awesome grilled salmon in a beautiful and ambient setting. The service is also great, making it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious and relaxing meal.

Photo of Sunshine Jimenez Sunshine Jimenez
Sep 20, 2023 5

I accidentally found this place while passing by the area, and since then, it has been one of my favorite go-to places when craving for Pad Thai. I've tried a loooot of Pad Thai in numerous restaurants, and theirs have been the best so far! The place is clean and very welcoming and spacious, too. I've been recommending it to friends, and no one has ever been disappointed. Will definitely be back!

Photo of FA Mel Z (Z Goddess) FA Mel Z (Z Goddess)
Aug 22, 2023 5

This is gonna be my favorite spot whenever in this area and overnighting. I had some good drinkz, delicious food, met some very sweet people who ended up joining me for an early dinner, and we shared eachothers dishes. The food here is amazing. Can't wait to visit again, hopefully very soon.

Photo of Emmanuel Osuyah Emmanuel Osuyah
Aug 8, 2023 5

Booked Lulu Bang Bang for a company event celebrating the 10th Anniversary of one of my employees. It was by far one of the most pleasant experiences around town doing these celebrations for my employees year after year. The management team was very accommodating for the theme we had in mind. They helped us curate a menu that provided for the variety of guests and age groups. Appetizer through desert was served on the agreed schedule. Grace the manager was spectacular. Very attentive to our needs from the time we arrived for set up. They accommodated our early arrival. Tequila shot was chilled in advance for us..nice touch Grace. All the meals tasted great, plates were clean and classy, the spinning top on the table is a great feature for a large group like ours. Most of our Employees said they will visit again even the ones that live far away from Durham. If I had pictures of all the meals I'll post them here but I was too busy during the event to take photos of dishes just believe me when I say, they look exactly as posted on the website and they taste even better. Possible one of the few restaurants with a private party room TV which with Dobly sound. Made all my presentations come alive with better quality sound. Y'all are amazing. Ambiance couldn't be better, and all the parking made it convenient for the guests. I added some photos from our event for perspective.

Photo of Steph Rice Steph Rice
Jul 21, 2023 5

Stunning restaurant with easy parking also a great patio area. The food was better then I expected. Z our waitress was great and she recommended the Thai Toast. I’d say the Thai toast was my favorite thing! It was surprisingly good! I had a fruit of hope cocktail that I am still thinking about. Can’t wait to go back.

Photo of Allen Davis Allen Davis
Jun 15, 2023 3

Good not great. The peanuts were tasty but I don’t need an enormous bowl of them. The chutney for the naan was delicious but the scallion pancake was gummy and naan had no carmelization. The wings were super tasty but not at all spicy (as ordered). The tuna had a great flavor but the giant pile of arugula was kind of a cop out. The interior was cool but the lighting was too bright. The drinks were great but for some reason they dropped empty glasses from the floor right beside us. The bartender was nice but the host (manager?) was cold. My king pao shrimp had good flavor but the sizable layer of oil floating on top of the dish ruined the whole thing. Chilled sliced (curled) scallions are used to garnish everything and that got a little tired. I wanted to like this place more than I do, but it missed the mark for me at most every step. Not worth the price.

Photo of Aries Calaman Aries Calaman
Jun 13, 2023 5

UPDATE Visited on 06/12 and the food was amazing! Server was very attentive and helpful with my tables requests. Love this place! Had lamb chops with red curry sauce and it was perfect! Liked it better than the yellow sauce it usually comes with! Must try! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Great atmosphere. Scallion pancakes were delish alongside the dipping sauce! The tandoori lamb rack chops were flavorful and nice sized. Curry was a tad bit sweet but the spicy chili sauce helped curve it. The raita was another nice accompaniment. One less star because there was lipstick on my water glass, thankfully I use takeout cups. The chicken wings, although delicious, were not cooked through. They also were out of dessert.

Photo of abdul kader abdul kader
Jun 12, 2023 5

This is a great location and modern vibes. The menu is also eclectic with twist. We ordered few things and came out good. Presentation was good. Service was prompt and attentive. Lamb was little on the more well done side. Would prefer little moist. This is our first time but will be back. Great place for fusion cuisine.

Photo of Chandra Jennings Chandra Jennings
Jun 11, 2023 5

I was so excited to see that LuLu was a part of Triangle Restaurant week as I had a great excuse to finally check them out! I arrived a few minutes after them opening for dinner, and because of reservations, I sat at the bar. I did not mind much as the bartender was very kind, and everyone at the bar was nice as well. To start, I ordered the spicy tuna roll. Omg, this is some of the freshest and best tuna roll that I've ever had! It had a nice flavor and hint of spice at the end. I ate three pieces and stopped myself as I ordered the steak for my main entree and wanted to try that as well! The steak was a little tough, and I had some trouble cutting it, but when I did, it was amazing! The sauce added to the flavor, making it a little sweet and salty. The broccoli, onions, and garlic all popped because of the sauce and the quality. You can tell the quality of the food is superb and is cooked to perfection. Every flavor pops! This carried over to the strawberry cheesecake, which was made especially for restaurant week, so of course I had to get it! The cheesecake was topped with strawberries and whipcream drops. The strawberry part was a little hard to cut, but it was so worth it as it was not super sweet but popped with vanilla and cream. Wow! Again my stomach told me to stop, so I did! But, my leftovers made wonderful breakfast and lunch the next day! LuLu is a must! I cannot wait to come back!!