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Lula and Sadie's


2022 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 251-9916
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Photo of Ashley Burns Ashley Burns
Nov 1, 2023 5

Everything was wonderful from start to finish. The restaurant is gorgeous, the staff is attentive and kind, and the food is spectacular! I had the chicken & red velvet waffle, my boyfriend had the French toast (we each had a mimosa flight as well). Highly recommend all of the above! Special shout out to our server Radley, he was amazing!!

Photo of Cecilia & Shelby Turner Cecilia & Shelby Turner
Oct 2, 2023 5

Lula & Sadie’s is such a treat. It’s a great date spot day or night. We sat on the roof top at the end of September and it was such a vibe! My husband and I truly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to go back! I have loved the meatloaf at this spot for many years and it never misses. My husband can’t wait to go back and try the cowboy steak! The staff was so helpful and welcoming!

Photo of Alex Davis Alex Davis
Sep 17, 2023 5

This is a great new spot. The place itself is very nicely decorated. We ordered brunch food but the dinner menu looked great as well. It was a unique southern menu. I also loved their drink menu. This is a place I would take visiting guests. Great food and great drink options, including dessert drinks! There’s not much direct parking at the place but there’s a shopping center next door where we parked no problem.

Photo of Tia Sloan Tia Sloan
Sep 8, 2023 4

We made reservations for Sunday brunch but upon arrival the restaurant was not very busy at Noon so there was no need. However, that being said, there was no one at the hostess stand to greet us and we stood there for about 5 minutes before a server came over to assist. The Host arrived at the same time as well and told the server he was up next and the server grabbed menus and took us to our table in the cozy bar area. Server was extremely prompt and attentive offering suggestions when asked. We ordered and after the order was put in I realized the entire reason we came was because we wanted the bacon wrapped cinnamon rolls. They weren't on the menu. Sad face. I sat at the table with my wife and Google searched who had those cinnamon rolls and....drum roll...we were in the right spot. I checked the menu again. No brunch. I was able to flag someone down and it ended up being Lula and Sadie's best asset, the GM Nicole Rondeau!! She was so personable, apologetic and super friendly. She informed us that we simply weren't given the brunch menu due to the confusion at the host stand. She immediately notified the kitchen to cancel our order because we had ordered lunch and brought us brunch menus offering apologies and suggestions. Because of her personality we will be back! And because of those cinnamon rolls and biscuit and gravy...we will ne regulars!!

Photo of Anna Whitaker Anna Whitaker
Sep 1, 2023 5

We had an awesome experience at Lula and Sadie’s! Our waitress was kind and attentive, and she offered a great recommendation for the mac and cheese. We loved the catfish plate and fried green tomatoes, and we’ll definitely be back to try out more menu items!

Photo of Jessica Strait Jessica Strait
Aug 26, 2023 5

The brunch here is SO delicious! Best brunch spot we’ve been to in the Triangle. The menu is very creative while still paying homage to classic Southern fare, and the pricing is very reasonable for the portions. We loved the breakfast poutine and red velvet waffles, and we especially loved their living wage model for their employees!

Photo of Lauren Friedman Lauren Friedman
Aug 9, 2023 5

My boyfriend and I happened to stop by on opening night! It was busy and a little hectic but SO worth it. The food was absolutely to die for, ever flavor was perfect and tasty. We had the Mac n cheese and the catfish and I had a specialty lemonade and I would 100% eat that same exact meal again it was so good. We'll definitely be back here. It was a very cute place and the staff were all friendly and helpful too.

Photo of Melody Fain Melody Fain
Aug 5, 2023 5

What a hidden gem in Durham! We found out about this place through Offline and had a $15 discount. Food was delicious! We tried the "oink" balls, ribs, and pimento cheese burger. Everything was amazing and we'll definitely be back. Our waiter, Arturo, was attentive and friendly, helping with recommendations and making us feel welcome.

Photo of Madeline Minor Madeline Minor
Jul 22, 2023 5

We came here for brunch. We ordered the Benedict and Corn Beef Skillet as well as the cinnamon rolls. The two meats we got were perfect seasoned and cooked. All three were absolutely delicious. We sat on the roof top which was perfectly shaded. Highly recommend for some solid southern style food!

Photo of P H P H
Jul 12, 2023 5

We went there for their brunch on a Saturday. Promptly seated and asked where we wanted to sit, originally was going to be inside but the air conditioner was FULL BLAST. So we opted for outside dining which was a great. Started with some mimosas which were solid. my wife ordered the Missus breakfast poutine which she said was absolutely delicious. Myself I ordered the Bird's nest benedict and it was scrumptious. Before being seated they let us know they were a living wage restaurant and that 20% would be added to the bill and it's on their menus. No qualms from me about providing a living wage, would rather them just up the prices however rather than make it a surcharge. We were there as part of their soft opening and I'm excited for this place!

Photo of Latisha Dutch Latisha Dutch
Jun 17, 2023 5

A hidden gem in Durham! This is a must have!! Our server, Imani, was exceptional, and the entrees were nothing short of amazing! The only thing we did not enjoy were the desserts (banana pudding & purple sweet potato pie) but everything else was so exceedingly great that I still could not give this place less than 5 stars!

Photo of Jessica Griffin Jessica Griffin
Jun 3, 2023 4

My mom and I came to Lula and Sadie’s for the first time today for her birthday and had an excellent experience. The food was spectacular. Waiter Marcus was attentive and incredibly personable, and he was more than willing to share the backstory of the restaurant with us. My mom also received a complimentary piece of white cake courtesy of Chef Dorian for her birthday. We highly recommend the chicken and waffles (they were Pride-themed this month 🏳️‍🌈😁) and the fried green tomatoes (both pictured), as well as the fried catfish and rosemary-dusted fries (not pictured). My mom said the catfish was the best she’s ever had. What a great way to spend her birthday. It’s hard to believe this place has only been open less than two months, but it’s truly a hidden gem and I have complete faith that it will become very popular very fast. I’m excited to see this family-owned and-operated little place expand (hopefully to Greensboro!).

Photo of Tabitha Tomala Tabitha Tomala
May 28, 2023 5

I hosted brunch here with a non profit I volunteer for. With a party of ten people they set us up with a table fairly quickly. The staff are so friendly and hospitable. And the food was fantastic! I highly recommend this restaurant!

Photo of Richard LaBennett Richard LaBennett
May 14, 2023 4

The staff is friendly and the service is good. I was a little disappointed in the food. I thought the shrimp and grits with voodoo sauce would be a little savory and spicy but it was more sweet. It wasn’t bad, I was just looking forward to savory shrimp and grits. The oink balls were good. The Caesar salad had excellently fried shrimp 🍤 on top. The dirty rice was not good, in my opinion. I also had a few decent cocktails, the Dom Pom was my favorite. The rooftop was nice and the bartenders downstairs are nice and friendly.

Photo of Artemis Witry Artemis Witry
May 12, 2023 5

I don't know why someone would give this restaurant 2 stars, come on, give them a break they just opened!! For me personally, I am giving them 5 stars!! From the food to the hospitality everything has been so great. I am not even done with my entree and I'm writing this review because it's THAT GOOD. Like no cap. I had the CHICKEN SANDWICH- oh my god. Look, I'm from Charleston SC, one of the worlds best hospitality/foodie cities and when I say that this chicken sandwich was better than the best chicken sandwich in Charleston, I mean it. I love that everything is homemade, from the sauces to the buns. I'm very very impressed and hope that more people will support this business because they deserve a chance to make a name for themselves!! And the vibe is just immaculate!! Oh! And! It was our anniversary and they literally gave us a personal card saying happy anniversary!! I've never had a restaurant do that. It's the small touches like that which make dining a wonderful experience! Thank you so much!!!

Photo of Renee R Renee R
May 9, 2023 5

The staff are nice, and the food is good. I ordered the catfish plate and it came with two sides, yellow squash with onions and collard greens. I really loved the fried catfish and the squash. The collards were my least favorite only because they were cooked with vinegar..They serve nice size portions of everything. I had some left to take home.. Our bill was $75 for lunch. We both had tea and one extra side each. What I did not know is the gratuity is already added in the bill at 20%. I will be going back. However, I will not be spending $37.50 on lunch. Upscale Southern cuisine.