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Local 22 Kitchen & Bar


2200 W Main St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-9755
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Photo of Abbie Coleman Abbie Coleman
Jun 26, 2019 4

Love this place! My roommate and I come at least once a month (usually for lunch). Can’t go wrong with the Tuscan pizza. I also love the margherita pizza for a classic pizza fix! The salads are also always fresh. I’d you're hungry, I’d add some protein to the salads but they’re great when you’re in the mood for something light and tasty! It is slightly expensive but you get good quality food so in my mind it’s worth the extra cost.

Photo of Jason McKinney Jason McKinney
Apr 9, 2019 5

I'm visually impaired and the low lightning and layout was a challenge, but the staff was really helpful and friendly, opening doors and helping me to and from my table and the restroom. Food was well prepared and high quality. My group of 7 all enjoyed their experiences.

Photo of SJ Davis SJ Davis
Jun 14, 2019 4

Good food, service and atmosphere! Second time visiting and both experiences were great. Our sever was awesome, he took the time to explain the menu and answered all of our questions.

Photo of Erica E Erica E
Jun 18, 2019 5

The food was excellent! I had the rainbow trout special and it was worth every penny of the $25! We sat outside which was beautiful and quiet. The waiter was friendly, funny and personable.

Photo of Ashlyn Travis Ashlyn Travis
Jun 17, 2019 5

I ordered to go and the bartender served us and it was a good experience. The bartender Sunday night was very knowledgeable of the menu and asked us several times if we needed anything else. Very approachable and friendly attitude. Restaurant had a relaxed and professional feel. Would go again when I visit Durham.

Photo of robert bridges robert bridges
Jun 13, 2019 5

We love this place! Heather is amazing! So much fun! She made this great Jalapeno Margherita and gave us great suggestion on food choices. We loved the burger and French fries were amazing! All the employees were great! Keep up the good work Local 22, at making this place a favorite for us.

Photo of Tam Ngo Tam Ngo
Jan 18, 2021 5

One of our favorite place in Durham. Small menu but everything is excellent. We like the pimento cheese, burgers and pizzas especially. Their daily specials are usually good bets to be tasty as well.

Photo of Ruthie Elaine Ruthie Elaine
Jan 3, 2021 5

So so so amazing! The atmosphere was electric. The music was perfect, the Deviled Eggs! ...I'm not sure I'll ill ever eat another regular deviled egg again! Fried oyster and I believed smoked salmon roe.....my husband and I shared them and I know we were both wishing we hadn't after the first bite! Our waitress was amazing, can't recall her name...but she was amazing. Can't wait to visit the state again and return!!!

Photo of Sarah M. Chey Sarah M. Chey
Dec 23, 2020 5

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! The food was delicious and fresh and the staff is wonderful! I highly recommend stopping here if you are ever in the area.

Photo of Terry O'Brien Terry O'Brien
Oct 2, 2020 5

So I’ve had my fair share of G&T’s and I’m quite picky on how they are made and the type of Gin I prefer as well. I picked Local 22 because of the reviews plain and simple. First off, Atmosphere, clean, organized, calm, and quiet even though they were quite busy compared to other restaurants in the area (score 10/10). Second, Food, I had Burnt Brussels, a burger and fries, all simple & fantastic (9/10). Third and most important, The G & T, I was laughing at the name of one of the Gin-Sailor Strength- and the bartender recommended their signature G&T, The Pink G & T (score 13/10), hands down the best Gin & Tonic I have ever had. I even had to find out what bitters they use so I can pick some up for the house.

Photo of Fuzion Massage Therapy Fuzion Massage Therapy
Oct 14, 2020 5

My husband and I enjoyed dinner at Local 22 tonight. We reserved online for a table on the patio. Every person in the kitchen and every server was wearing their mask correctly and we didn’t notice anyone removing their masks at any time. The tables were well spaced and had candles for added ambience. And the menu is always delicious. It was apparent that the staff and majority of the patrons value the safety precautions.

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 4, 2020 5

I was in town visiting my niece and she suggested we try Local 22. The menu was interesting and the food we ordered was tasty. The server even allowed us to switch out our sides with no problem. The atmosphere is casual with a comfortable vibe. Wouldn't hesitate to go back again!

Photo of Ayreka Plowden Ayreka Plowden
Jul 11, 2020 5

I loved the atmosphere!!!! Very laid back, very chill.... perfect ending to my day being hectic.Food was AMAZING!!!!! I'm definitely bringing my husband back with me next time I come. Prices weren't too bad either.

Photo of Marc Becker Marc Becker
Sep 12, 2020 5

This It's a great place with ideal outdoor seating under a veranda and large patio. The service, menu, food, specials, adult beverage selection, laid back atmosphere, and cleanliness are all well above par in this already picky foodie town.

Photo of Max Bernard Max Bernard
Sep 20, 2020 5

By far the best place in the area. A great lunch and dinner place. They cook with passion; every dish is hand made, supplies are planned in advanced and specials are based on the whimsy of the chefs. Every single dish there expertly crafted with care to visual presentation and flavor composition. My favorite local place, I've come here for dates, parties and get togethers countless times. I cannot recommend this place more.

Photo of Elizabeth Rivas Elizabeth Rivas
Aug 31, 2020 5

They were very accommodating when our party of 8 ended up being a party of 12. Service was great! Strongly recommend the skillet cornbread!

Photo of Thomas Minton Thomas Minton
Sep 5, 2020 5

There’s obvious attention to details which produces a comfortable atmosphere and great food! Can’t wait to go back!

Photo of Trublondmom Trublondmom
Jul 15, 2020 5

We went today, to celebrate my son's 21 birthday! It was our first experience and I can't say enough good things about this place. The decor, the music, the vibe and the food were all spectacular! Out waitress was a little forgetful but nice and followed through with my requests. Our food was really good! Burgers were juicy and delicious. My daughter ordered a plain burger and somehow it came out loaded but she just picked the stuff off. Not sure if the waitress didn't write down plain or the cook didn't see it but we dealt with it. The only other issue I really had is that we were seated in the corner on a bench that was missing a large chunk of the cushion when we were the only patrons in the place. It wasnt the most comfortable but we stayed, anyway. They need to fix that seat though because it can rip certain fabrics, for sure and it's not comfy. Other than that, it was an awesome experience! Will definitely be back.

Photo of Courtney Jordan-Steele Courtney Jordan-Steele
Jul 6, 2020 5

Local 22 Kitchen & Bar is a modern joint with tasty food and cocktails. One ultra pro during this pandemic is their plentiful outdoor, spaced out seating. I ordered the Skillet Cornbread to start, and the Quinoa Garden Salad with grilled chicken as my main entree. I also indulged in a couple of rum and cokes with my dinner (nothing fancy, but refreshing as usual). The cornbread was as delicious as expected, with a nice texture and perfected by the maple-bourbon butter on top. The salad was as incredible as a salad can be, probably the best I've ever enjoyed. All of the ingredients were crisp, perfectly chopped, and drizzled in just the right amount of dressing. The grilled chicken was flavorful and juicy--not the least bit rubbery or dry. There was a little bit of a mix up regarding our bill, but the situation was handled quickly with care, so I do not consider it a damper on my experience. I am still dreaming of the day when I can eat that cornbread and salad again! I highly recommend Local 22.

Photo of Maritza C Maritza C
Jan 21, 2019 4

Small and unassuming, Local 22 promotes fresh and local food selections. The lunch menu was simple and straight forward but offered a number of choices including vegetarian and gluten free options. The crowd was hip and young in nature but there were sprinklings of fourty and fifty somethings enjoying a quieter dining experience. The food was clean in appearance and flavorful without question. I dined on the lamb burger while my husband enjoyed the lamb sausage pizza. We finished our meal with the bread pudding which was just the right portion and warmth. Overall the experience was favorable although the price was steep for lunch. Atmosphere was clean and held a small restuarant warmth. Definitely recommend checking it out if you are not budget conscious.

Photo of Alex Comer Alex Comer
Aug 5, 2020 5

My husband and I loved our date night at Local 22 last Friday July 31st. The playlist was perfect, the ambiance was classy yet fun, and the staff took all the precautions necessary to provide a safe eating environment. Highly recommend the Lamb Burger! Flavored extremely well and cooked perfectly. Hubs had the Angus Burger with chili and it was delicious. Good local draught options too. Can't wait to come back!

Photo of Lenora Ross Lenora Ross
Jul 11, 2020 5

First night out in five months. Social distancing was well observed. Manager, waitress and overall staff were awesome! Definitely will return. Please support this fabulous local restaurant.

Photo of Ayreka Plowden Ayreka Plowden
Jul 11, 2020 5

I loved the atmosphere!!!! Very laid back, very chill.... perfect ending to my day being hectic. Food was AMAZING!!!!! I'm definitely bringing my husband back with me next time I come. Prices weren't too bad either.

Photo of Kerry C Kerry C
Feb 24, 2020 5

Great farm-to-table restaurant. There was an option available for every dietary need. I would definitely go back to eat more Brussels sprouts and try more menu items.

Photo of Shoba Kumar Shoba Kumar
Mar 16, 2020 4

Went there for drinks for the first time before our dinner reservation at a restaurant nearby. The restaurant was cozy and the drinks, drinks were potent and the bartender we had was attentive and friendly. The food menu looked good too so would definitely want to visit again for dinner. The people next to us were raving about their pizza so would definitely want to try that!

Photo of Thom Dunn Thom Dunn
Feb 16, 2020 5

We stopped in four a small bite and a couple of drinks. The whiskey menu is quite impressive, as is the bartenders' knowledge of the whiskeys on it. The charcuterie plate was amazing. We ordered all six items, and it was quite the spread. All the servers there were super nice!

Photo of G B G B
Feb 25, 2020 5

I haven't been to Local 22 in awhile but rediscovered why I love this place. The atmosphere is nice, the bartenders make great cocktails, the waiter was on top of it despite being busy and the food is delicious. Everyone at the table were pleased with their choices. We were starving so I forgot to take pictures of all the plates we shared. I'll definitely go back when I'm in the area.

Photo of Taunya Macht Taunya Macht
Jan 22, 2020 5

In search of a dinner before heading to a game and stumbled on this gem! Sat at the bar and enjoyed the Triangle Restaurant Week menu- amazing! Small venue, so make a reservation or first come, first serve at the bar. Engaging and excellent bartender. We would definitely go there again!👍👍👍

Photo of Wilmer Gregg Wilmer Gregg
Jan 17, 2020 5

The coffee is provide by Joe Van Goh, and owned by them for the last 2 years. I remember when Green Bean was a little more rough around the edges, but the change had been good for business. The coffee shop is spacious with both indoor and outdoor sitting. I had a cup of coffee, and my daughter had a kid's hot chocolate. The baristas were super nice an my daughter was on first name basis with them before we left.

Photo of Corey Maday Corey Maday
Dec 20, 2019 5

This place simply knows how to take care of their customers. Consistently with a very kind attitude. The food is fairly priced, regularly delightful and clean.

Photo of Dianne Lengyel Dianne Lengyel
Dec 19, 2019 3

The food was great but whoever was seating us, I was told it was the general manager, ignored us for 10 minutes while there was at least 7 people waiting. Me and the person I was waiting with had half of our party already seated but he wouldn’t let us sit with them until we got through the line. He took a phone call instead of helping the people that were already there. He told us to “step back” and wouldn’t let us check to see where our party was.

Photo of George Bullard George Bullard
Nov 22, 2019 5

We visited on a Friday night without a reservation. The manager said a table for 3 would be around a 40 minute wait. We were going to find something a little quicker, and they offered to sit us immediately on the patio. It was a chilly night, but they have overhead heaters and the area is somewhat enclosed. We were quite comfortable and the food and service were great. Such a simple solution really made a great impression, and we can't wait for our next visit here.

Photo of Aaron Weinbaum Aaron Weinbaum
Nov 8, 2019 5

Beet salad with salmon was great. With a group and every enjoyed their food. Restaurant was clean and staff were friendly.

Photo of Amelia Roberts Amelia Roberts
Oct 23, 2019 5

I take my mother in-law here once a month and we always have a lovely time. The service and food has always been top quality! Very very friendly and inviting here!!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Photo of Jamie Mack Kellahan Jamie Mack Kellahan
Aug 21, 2019 5

I sat at the bar, I had to escape reality for a few. The bartender was amazing. Went over all the local drinks to aid with my decision. The food, I got the salmon, was for enjoyable. It was cooked perfect, just thr way I asked for it. The atmosphere was very relaxing and help eased my mind. I would highly recommend this place to any and everybody. Those that left a bad review must have been having a worse day than myself.

Photo of Gail Taylor Gail Taylor
Jul 19, 2019 4

My first time. The skillet cornbread was delicious. I read about this place in The Indy's 2019 Food & Drink Almanac. The atmosphere, food, service were all above expectations. I had the Angus burger , fries and shared the bread pudding with my daughter! Worth the visit. I plan to return.

Photo of Jen Krohn Jen Krohn
Sep 29, 2019 5

First time dining and overall impressed by the decor, staff, beer/cocktails and delicious entrees. Highly recommend dining here, no matter what the occasion might be. Looking forward to cooler weather to enjoy the patio dining ambience.

Photo of Shoshanna Carroll Shoshanna Carroll
Oct 7, 2019 5

Great food, fun drinks- try the Maple Bacon. Old Fashioned while it's still on the menu. Brunch is phenomenal. They are also dog-friendly and spoil your pet family.

Photo of Kathleen Richardson Kathleen Richardson
Oct 13, 2019 5

It was raining but they have a large covered area. Just wonderful for our dogs. The food and service was excellent. I had a Greek salad w salmon, my husband had chicken and waffle. Oh, we also had the superb cheese and pimento app. Katherine and another gentleman who served us were helpful and fun to talk to. I wish we had something like this back home.

Photo of J Styron J Styron
Sep 29, 2021 5

I've actually been here a few times now. Burger, chicken sandwich, black bean burgers; all delicious. I love their outdoor seating. Not only is the food fantastic, it feels safe. I can't recommend this place enough.

Photo of C Rod C Rod
Mar 12, 2022 5

Got to Durham late on a Friday, celebrating a birthday. Was looking for a spot I could reserve that got good reviews. Came across this place. Arrived and was immediately seated, glad we reserved. Waiter was very attentive and food came out quick. Had an extensive drink selection and tried a couple of there specials. Definitely made with fresh ingredients. Was very happy with the meal which was kind of a sampler, Mahi bites, class with bread and the lamb burger. Couldn't decide what was better. Looking forward to trying additional items next trip. Oh and we got a free slice of cake for the birthday.

Photo of Lauri Stone Lauri Stone
Mar 23, 2022 5

Great find in Durham around Duke University. By far, the best Bloody Mary I've ever had. Everything was fresh and made that day-- including the tomato base. Awesome 👌 We ordered a charcuterie with smoked trout dip and it came with fresh bread, and accouterments, all of which were delicious. We split a beet salad topped with shrimp that was more than enough for two. Highly recommend!

Photo of Kaitlyn Burkholder Kaitlyn Burkholder
Apr 24, 2022 5

Last Night was our first time at this restaurant. We will definitely be going back. Everything we had was DELICIOUS and high quality food. I also appreciate that they use OpenTable for reservations. Lastly our waiter was awesome!

Photo of Christopher Harden Christopher Harden
May 2, 2022 5

We were in Durham this past weekend and went to Local 22 Friday night. The food was amazing and the service was great. Our only complaint was the music was too loud, but that is just a personal preference and it did not ruin our experience. If we are in Durham again, we will most definitely eat here again!

Photo of Chase Sommer (Chase) Chase Sommer (Chase)
May 28, 2022 5

Great organic food. I feel like a cool hipster here. Definitely come here with friends to drink - massive list of beer/wine/cocktails.

Photo of Erin Davenport Erin Davenport
Jun 23, 2022 4

Dinner was super yum- we love the cheese board and the cornbread specifically. Also a very relaxed yet elevated atmosphere and huge drinks menu which is nice. My only issue was I made a note when I made the reservation and then again when I called to confirm being like oh we're coming here to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday, and that was not mentioned at all by the waitstaff. I understand that not every place gives free dessert or whatnot but even just mentioning it and being like oh happy birthday! Would be the type of thing that would've been really appreciated. Especially since when I made the reservation there was a spot for "is this a special occasion". I'd rather they leave that question off if they're not going to do anything with that information

Photo of Adam Wilson Adam Wilson
Jul 27, 2022 5

Really outstanding, I don't have a single negative thing to say other than I didn't feel cool or trendy enough to eat here at times. The cocktails were fantastic (Old fashioned, and pink gin and tonic were my favorite. The traveling Broadway gets better as you drink it). I had the bone in pork chop special with orange maple glaze, potatoes, and asparagus. Wonderful. My son had an excellent Caesar salad. The tater tots appetizer and corn bread were A+. Also the peach bread pudding dessert was quite good. I would go again.

Photo of Austin McDonald Austin McDonald
Jul 19, 2022 4

Had a nice time with drinks/happy hour after a conference. Cocktail was expensive but good. Clam plate was good. Close to the Duke medical center hotel. Reasonable choice for drinks.

Photo of Isabel B Isabel B
Jul 23, 2022 5

Wow. Atmosphere 10/10. Food 10/10. Drinks 10/10. Service 12/10, that's right, TWELVE out of TEN. THIS PLACE IS SPECTACULAR. If you're reading reviews right now to decide if you should go to Local 22, take this review as your sign to GO THERE! I loved it and I will be returning.

Photo of Claudia Alberico Claudia Alberico
Aug 2, 2022 5

Pretty cool concept. It's a bar/restaurant. I went on a weekend late morning and they were serving brunch. Everything was fresh and delicious. Coffee was not great but my friend had an iced latte and they shook it like a drink, it was fabulous. Limited parking around the area.

Photo of Vanessa Venable Vanessa Venable
Aug 20, 2022 4

I had an amazing salad at this restaurant. The food was incredible. Unfortunately the take out service was sub par, I called to place a to go order and the hostess was rather rude and told me I had to place an order online. Which I did. When I came in my order was sitting on the counter and she casually pointed at it, the interaction was very cold. I got my to go food and she asked “do you need silverware?” This was an odd question to me because almost all people ordering takeout need utensils.. I said “yes” to which she pointed at silverware on the counter. The hospitality was just not there. But like I said the food was amazing!

Photo of Lindsay Wells Lindsay Wells
Aug 13, 2022 5

Delicious! I visit NC once a year or so and I love to eat. That being said, this place has a quality menu that is skillfully prepared. Had the lamb burger which i was able to substitute roasted Brussels instead of fries. I sat at the bar as per usual and the bartenders were friendly and ready to talk about the food, drinks, or whatever. I highly recommend making a stop here!

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
Dec 12, 2021 5

We wanted dinner with friends at a great local Durham eatery and Local 22 was perfect. The restaurant was full but not so packed you couldn’t move. Definitely make reservations. The ambiance was cozy and inviting. Our server was great at suggesting one of their strong signature cocktails to answering questions about the entrees. The ingredients for the dishes were locally sourced. The food came quickly and each dish was utterly amazing. The food was good. The company was good. Everything was wonderful. Make sure to give Local 22 a try because you’ll not only get great food but you’ll be supporting local.