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111 W Parrish St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-1254
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Photo of Clayton Summitt Clayton Summitt
Dec 6, 2023 4

Best croissants in Durham by leaps and bounds. Buttery, moist inside, flaky delicate outside. And by croissant I mean the crescent shaped original 🥐, everything else is a croissant. Great patisserie selection and the staff is very helpful and friendly. Nice variety of breads. Unfortunately they stop making burger buns over the "winter". Dinged one star because of location, pay parking, and twice I have gone there on a day they are supposed to be open and it is mysteriously closed.

Photo of Carson Stuart Carson Stuart
Nov 12, 2023 5

My favorite bakery in the Durham/Chapel Hill area. I have to have 1 to 2 slices of their whole wheat bread per day. I also enjoy their wide variety of pastries.

Photo of Taylor Wolfe Taylor Wolfe
Oct 16, 2023 5

My husband and I recently got married, and Loaf made our wedding cake. The bakers at Loaf did not disappoint whatsoever. Not only was the cake beautiful, but it tasted amazing. They also created a dessert spread for us, and the guests LOVED it. I’d also like to point out the professionalism of the manager, Molly. She was incredibly informative, kind, and clear with us from day one. I recommend Loaf to anyone.

Photo of Toni DiNardo Toni DiNardo
Oct 10, 2023 5

I realized after a recent trip that I've never reviewed Loaf even tho I love the place. Probably my favorite bakery in a town with several excellent bakeries. Really reasonably prices (by artisanal bakery standards; it's still definitely a treat) and excellent quality pastries. Their savory options are rustic and straight forward - a little salt, a little cheese, generally perfect pastry dough. Their sweets are another lever; special shout-outs to their absolutely decadent Nanaimo bar and their almond croissant, which is filled with one of the best almond pastes I've tasted (and I've tasted a lot - they're my favorite pastry)

Photo of Carol Young Carol Young
Sep 23, 2023 4

I had a coffee and bought pastries. Be nice if they had barista machine. But excellent pastries and bread. Get there early for more choice they well out quickly.

Photo of Maxime Bercholz Maxime Bercholz
Sep 13, 2023 5

This is an excellent bakery. Flan pâtissier has always been one of my favorite pastries, and their passion fruit interpretation blew my mind. Make sure to try their breads, butter croissants and pains au chocolat, they are all excellent.

Photo of caimiao liu caimiao liu
Sep 9, 2023 5

Got their cinnamon roll and also a loaf of bread that is like sourdough and rye ish. Both really good!

Photo of Kharis Smith Kharis Smith
Jul 30, 2023 5

Amazing pastries with a great vibe. The shop has a limit of 3 people in the store at a time. All the things i brought tasted fresh and so good. While you shop you can catch a glimpse of people making fresh breads in the back which was so cool. They have a wide selection and i will definitely go again!

Photo of Darci McClary Darci McClary
Jul 29, 2023 5

There's really no reason to go to any other bakery in town (OK maybe Guglhupf). Loaf is next level. And they have stuff you can't get elsewhere like caneles (my son's fav) and Paris brest (my fav). The chocolate hazelnut croissant will change your life.

Photo of Tamara Johnson Tamara Johnson
Jul 18, 2023 5

So many kinds of delicious bread that it is hard to decide! The seeded sourdough is amazing, The pumpernickel and seeded rye are wonderful, and the croissants and coconut macaroons are the best.

Photo of Aelya Salman Aelya Salman
Jun 28, 2023 5

Conflicted. On the one hand I want to gatekeep so I have an abundance of things to buy at all times. On the other hand, I want nothing but continued success for these folks, and they deserve the love. Not that they need my review for either of those things to happen, because the pastries, bread ,and shelf-stable baked goods speak for themselves. Why are the croissants so good? Why are the caneles perfect? Been a steady customer for the last 3 years and don't plan on slowing down.