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110 E Parrish St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 374-1118
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Photo of Hani Naga Hani Naga
Aug 9, 2023 5

This is by far the best restaurant in Durham and the entire RTP in my opinion. They offer a fine dining experience with remarkably well constructed appetizers and entrees. The sauces and flavors are complex and very complementary. Their menu is pretty consistent, but select options do change every season. Their carrot cavatelli is incredible. Their rabbit dumpling dish is my personal favorite. Their fish entrees are so tasty. Their steak dish is strangely the best steak I've had in RTP despite the excellent steakhouses in the area. Their drinks are my favorite in the area, and they usually have a dry herbal option which I love. While the overall experience can be pretty pricy, it is definitely worth the experience. My fiancee and I treat ourselves to a visit every couple of months.

Photo of Daniel Lieurance Daniel Lieurance
Aug 3, 2023 5

The menu is thoughtful and well executed. Vegetables may feature more prominently here than some places... but the overall breadth of options (if not the quantity), is significantly greater than most "serious" restaurants. In a world of American restaurants that serve a lot of similar dishes, Littler feels like a unique experience.

Photo of Sophia Alexandria Sophia Alexandria
Jul 8, 2023 5

I love this place. This is definitely one of my favorite places. The bread here is delicious. It's very comforting and soothing. The flavor is nice. It has a light cheese 🧀 flavor. I ordered the Rabbit dumplings. And OMG! They were so good. The dumplings were cooked just right. The flavor of the rabbit with the broth was amazing. Whoever created this recipe, knew the meaning of "Scratch Cooking." I ordered the potatoes Au Gratin. The were good. It could used a bit more flavor, but still good. I orderedthe okra side item and it was good as well. It too could have used more flavor. But it was good. I ordered the bartender cocktail which is a custom drink that the bartender make based on what you tell them you like. The bartender made me an Old Fashioned. I was disappointed that I received a classic drink as this is something I can normally order from most places. I was expecting something special and different. However, it was still good. This place is small, cozy, and cute. You most likely will have to wait before receiving a table. But, I will definitely be back.

Photo of Joey M Joey M
Jun 13, 2023 5

Probably the best pork chop I’ve had. The carrot cavatelli was divine. The bread puffs were solid. And the passionfruit black sesame dessert was very delicious.

Photo of rdb rdb
May 7, 2023 5

Tasteful in both atmosphere and food. This is one of the best dining experiences you can get in the Bull City. The food is expertly prepared in all facets: the quality of the ingredients, the superb mechanical skills of the chef and her kitchen staff, and the calm, intimate environment make for an excellent meal.

Photo of Frieda Sanders Frieda Sanders
Jan 15, 2023 5

Very cozy and charming restaurant downtown Durham. The chef and staff here are amazing! Top-notch food and high quality sourced ingredients. The food presentation is fabulous.

Photo of Sarah Mikati Sarah Mikati
Nov 1, 2022 5

First time at littler and had a wonderful experience. Everything about this place is very cozy. The service is impeccable - we never really needed anything. Dishes are very creative, light enough to try different appetizers and have room for an entree and dessert. The mix of flavours and techniques takes the plates to another level. Small menu so we will be back as they add/make changes to the menu.

Photo of Lyndsey Campbell Lyndsey Campbell
Oct 2, 2022 5

Amazing cozy restaurant! The staff is amazing. The food was incredible. We got the farmers market veg which was different types of squash and it was so good. Also got the roasted cauliflower that was great. Bread was so good. My partner said the oysters were good and his red snapper was as well. Highly recommend!