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Lime & Lemon Indian Grill & Bar


811 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 748-3456
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Photo of Ashish Fadnavis Ashish Fadnavis
Jun 3, 2019 5

Food is wonderful. ambiance and location is great too. We ordered Vegetarian items and they all tasted great. Nice local owners who checked on every guest to ensure their satisfaction.They have a full service bar with a range of non alcoholic drinks too. Overall, a great experience.

Photo of Harold Rodenberger Harold Rodenberger
May 15, 2019 5

Excellent taste of India. The people were friendly and the service good. The menu included all the usual dishes plus something I hadn't come across before, Bombay style lamb chops. They were excellent and I recommend you try them if you like lamb. The restaurant is clean, service friendly and efficient and plenty of parking. I think it's the best Indian restaurant around the area.

Photo of Awinash Ragothaman Awinash Ragothaman
Apr 11, 2019 5

My wife and I love travelling for food! We have been to a lot of Indian restaurants in the Triangle and were pleasantly surprised when we first went to Lime & Lemon!! We found it to be quite unlike any other Indian Restaurant in the area. For starters, here's an Indian restaurant with a menu that is designed to please a gourmet palate with authentic flavors from across India. We sampled a variety of food and each tasted as authentic as what you find in India. Their chefs do an amazing job. They have outdoor seating as well! Can't wait to sit outdoors and enjoy a beer with some deliciously mouthwatering Indian bites. Pro Tip: If you choose to go here, pass on food you are familiar with and go for lesser known/obscure choices! You will find some hidden gems. You're welcome!

Photo of Mark W Mark W
Apr 20, 2019 5

Ate here for the lunch buffet and everything I tried was amazing. The best Indian I've had in the Triangle has been in Cary where I understand there's stiff competition among restaurants. Well I'm happy to say I'll no longer be driving to Cary for Indian food. The staff were very nice, the interior has been redesigned. Can't wait to go back.

Photo of Priya Fadnavis Priya Fadnavis
May 26, 2019 5

Thanks to Lime and Lemon for making it an awesome experience for us. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. In addition to the great location, ambience and food we loved how the owners paid personal attention to all the guests. Highly recommended. PS: Their mocktails are a must try 👍

Photo of Ramesh Rathinakumar Ramesh Rathinakumar
Jul 8, 2019 5

We have been there several times, and every time the food has been absolutely delicious! All the items are fresh. The restaurant is clean and ambient. It is a quiet very relaxing place. The servers are very kind. I highly recommend the buffet lunch as well. I think it is closed on Mondays, so be sure to check before heading there on Monday :)

Photo of Courtney P Courtney P
Jul 6, 2019 5

I love Indian food but tend to get the same things. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried something new on my first visit to Lime and Lemon and loved it. Great service in a cute, vibrant atmosphere. Outdoor seating as well. Generous portions. Great meat and vegetarian options for both appetizers and entrees. Comfortable spot for dining alone or with company. A variety of naan flavors too!

Photo of Mahesh Janakiraman Mahesh Janakiraman
Jul 7, 2019 5

One of the best Indian food I have had in a long time. Very authentic and excellent taste. Their service is also remarkable. We are just visiting and given a chance will definitely visit again.

Photo of 涵ㄦshallis 涵ㄦshallis
Aug 17, 2019 5

Highly recommend. The second time trying Indian buffet and it was wonderful. The staff are all so nice and helpful. The food is amazing and various choices. I’ll definitely come back again. Such a nice lunch buffet experience.

Photo of Mohanaselvan Jayaraj Mohanaselvan Jayaraj
Jul 25, 2019 5

It was a great place to eat. Food is awesome and not compromised with the traditional taste. I ate in the buffet and also ordered for party and their service was excellent along with the food taste. Especially a person name Napoleon who takes care of the customers kindly and satisfy their needs. Love it and will go again.

Photo of Payden Reed Payden Reed
Aug 20, 2019 5

Best Indian buffet I’ve ever been to! I have been craving their food since I left. Beautiful decor, great service and amazing food. They have one breaded/fried spicy chicken dish that I loved and have never had anywhere else. Parking is a little hectic and not many spots.

Photo of Sridevi Jagannath Sridevi Jagannath
Jul 10, 2019 5

Loved the ambiance!! Extremely friendly staff. A very good mix of veg and non veg options. They’ve put a very different spin on Indian cuisine. It is definitely not the usual Indian restaurant buffet that you see in the Triangle. Highly recommend this place..

Photo of Kirtan Kirtan
Jul 14, 2019 5

Best Restaurant I’ve ever been to. The service was Outstanding. I’ve been to many restaurants, but none of them were this good. The interior was outstanding! The food was Amazing! The manager and all the staff were very friendly and kind. I had a very amazing experience, I would definitely people to go to this amazing restaurant.

Photo of Muta Rugumamu Muta Rugumamu
Aug 29, 2019 5

Best food in the city without question. I have been eating rice and different kind of broths/sauce all my life.. I got the mango chicken delivered to me and it literally changed my life. That's how delicious it is. There is enough mango chicken for more than one sitting. I thought the $16 price was somewhat high at first, but I was able to get 2-3 meals off of it. I couldn't stop thinking about eating it again after each sitting. The pieces of chicken are perfectly cut and tastes amazing, the sauce Is the perfect texture holy. I rarely write reviews, but I can't say enough about this establishment. (The only criticism I have is that there was not enough rice for the amount of mango chicken that I received. Most likely not as big of an issue if you order at the restaurant as you could request more rice. Just something to be aware of for customers that get the food delivered.) DO NOT MISS OUT!!!!

Photo of Bharath S Bharath S
Sep 29, 2019 5

Great food.. Have been here multiple times.. Mutton Chukka is the best.. Got catering service for 150+ people and it was hassle free with awesome service for reasonable price.. Our point of contact was Mr.Napoleon, and it was highly efficient, friendly and smooth transaction.. Highly recommended..

Photo of Jeff Brami Jeff Brami
Oct 10, 2019 5

My wife Tonya & I read the Raleigh N&O review of this restaurant yesterday morning & after seeing the write-up decided to have dinner there that same night. We were surprised & pleased they had my favorite Indian beer: Kingfisher. We started w/ the cauliflower & were impressed. The lamb chops were excellent as was my wife’s chicken curry. I recommend this restaurant at the risk of it becoming too popular & difficult for us to get in. L&L is excellent!!! We’l Be crack soon. Jeff B

Photo of Girish Kalburgi Girish Kalburgi
Sep 6, 2019 5

I had catered the food for my daughter's birthday and I must say myself and all our guest loved the taste of their food. One of the finest quality. If you want to try Indian food this is the place to go! There manager Napoleon did an Incredible service with choosing the items until the delivery. I would say food, service, hospitality, and price is extraordinary.

Photo of Nitya Ramkumar Nitya Ramkumar
Sep 2, 2019 5

Amazing Indian food in Durham! I have been here only for a week and already been to the restaurant 3 times! They have a good spread in their lunch buffet including lots of options for vegetarians. The service is good and the staff are very helpful and friendly. I would totally recommend this place for Indian food lovers!

Photo of W Sandhu W Sandhu
Nov 2, 2019 5

Finally got a chance to try this place out-Great tasting food and great service-highly recommended. Definitely Durham's best Indian restaurant. So much better than Viceroy and the prices are much more reasonable too. Will be back.

Photo of Santosh Marupilla Santosh Marupilla
Oct 26, 2019 4

Have been to this place 3 times and also ordered some food for a party. The food here is great but only limited varieties. Good if they can add some fish or mutton in the buffet menu.

Photo of Vivekram Apparsundaram Vivekram Apparsundaram
Dec 6, 2019 5

One of the best places serving Indian food. Food was spicy. So, make sure to mention it if you do not prefer hot and spicy food. Mango lassi was my favorite - great consistency. Courteous staff. The place is crowded at peak hours, prior reservation is recommended.

Photo of Kishore Gopalakrishna Kishore Gopalakrishna
Dec 2, 2019 5

Had been many times for buffet and dinner and loved the food here. Specifically loved the Shrimp and goat paya. This has become my default Indian restaurant among others in the area. We also catered food for our large gathering for Thanksgiving and chef prepared food outside of their menu to honor our special needs without compromising on the quality and taste.

Photo of edwin nirdlinger edwin nirdlinger
Dec 15, 2019 5

I really like Lime and Lemon Indian Grill. The food is delicious and the wait staff very friendly. It has become my favorite Indian restaurant in the area. The fact that the prices are very reasonable further adds to my satisfaction with this restaurant

Photo of Manivannan Mohanasundaram Manivannan Mohanasundaram
Jan 7, 2020 5

Made a catering order with Mr. Nepolean for my son’s Birthday party and he gave good ideas for the budget I had in mind. Food tasted really good and everybody at the party enjoyed the food. It’s cheap and best for the catering orders!!

Photo of Anuradha Vaidya Anuradha Vaidya
Jan 28, 2020 5

wonderful ambiance, creative cocktails, good food and great service.. cant ask for more! Wide variety of food options... everything we ordered was delicious. For one of the paneer dishes, we had specifically asked for it to be mild for kids. The first one they brought out was spicy, but I told the server and he was very prompt and polite about bringing us the replacement. Happy with food and service overall.

Photo of Pooja Bhadauria Pooja Bhadauria
Feb 8, 2020 5

Went last night for my husband’s birthday celebration. Ambiance was very good. The food we ordered was delicious . Quality of food was very good. Overall experience was very good. Prices was great too.Will go again in future.

Photo of John Thomas Kong John Thomas Kong
Mar 8, 2020 5

Upon entering, you notice this restaurant has beautiful decor and very friendly staff. We were greeted by not one but three people who were very excited we chose to dine at Lime & Lemon. The menu has a great offering of traditional Indian cuisine. Of course, when ordering make sure you understand the levels of hotness. The mango lime chicken is the house special and it is hands down the best Indian food I’ve ever had. And don’t let the bowls fool you, they hold a lot of food. We are definitely adding Lime & Lemon to our circuit of great dining locations.

Photo of Nicole Rosegreen Nicole Rosegreen
Jul 31, 2019 5

Delicious authentic cuisine, and the buffet menu changes frequently! Immaculate, perfectly designed, vibrant interior, and unbelievable service! I look forward to coming to Durham each week for this reason!

Photo of Barbara L Barbara L
Apr 23, 2020 5

Absolutely delicious food - we're lucky they are here. I've only gotten takeout so can't speak to the dine-in experience, but everything has been extra flavorful. A bit on the spicy side if you don't order mild, which is perfect for me, just know that medium is still a bit spicy (and delicious). Try the mango lime chicken - SO good. I'll be a regular there.

Photo of Veena Rajan Veena Rajan
May 28, 2020 5

Lime & Lemon did an incredible job catering for our wedding luncheon which was not only out of town but also took place during COVID-19, so they get double extra credit. Everyone raved about how delicious all the food was all day! The people from Lime & Lemon went above and beyond with the level of hospitality they provided and they have secured a spot as our #1 restaurant for Indian food from here on out. Thank you Lime & Lemon!

Photo of Barbara L Barbara L
Jun 10, 2020 5

Absolutely delicious food - we're lucky they are here. I've only gotten takeout so can't speak to the dine-in experience, but everything has been extra flavorful. A bit on the spicy side if you don't order mild, which is perfect for me, just know that medium is still a bit spicy (and delicious). Try the mango lime chicken - SO good. I'll be a regular there. EDIT: I just came here to leave them a glowing review, having forgotten I already did that. So double everything good I said.