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Li Ming's Global Market


3400 Westgate Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 401-5212

Google Reviews

Photo of Susan Deupree Susan Deupree
Jan 1, 2024 5

Asian supermarket primarily selling food items. But my favorite aspect is the ever changing inventory of miscellaneous non-food items. My greatest weakness are bowls. I have so many now!! I don’t have any space left to store more, and have been known to gift them from time to time in order to make room for a new design I really like. Chopsticks, doormats, fans, lanterns, straw hats, other culinary items for cooking/eating. And so many other cool, cute, weird, plain but useful, highly decorated but not obviously useful items - and there’s always something new or different. If you don’t take the time to peruse these, you’re really missing out. I do really miss the wide selection of planters they maintained up until a couple years ago. I haven’t been able to find a replacement vendor that compares to the variety of styles, sizes, quality, and price that I had taken for granted until they were no longer available (please consider bringing them back!!) I’ve been watching for another batch of Lucky bamboo. 🎋🤞🏻🎋 Last, but not least, I want to make a plea for the two gorgeous cane begonias in the entryway. They were thriving for years, but I’m worried about them. Please let me know if they need a home! I’m not sure if their size has become an issue in the small space, but if so, I do have room and I can even divide and propagate it so you could have some smaller plants as replacements after a few months. Let me know!

Photo of Deen Gu Deen Gu
Nov 21, 2023 5

This place is solid. Good vegetables, selection, good hot bar. If you're Asian, you're not reading this review because there's only limited asian groceries around. But if you're not, you should definitely come and take a look. A lot of people come here for the fresh fish, and the bakery. One time the hot bar gave me some indigestion, but I've had that happen with nicer restaurants too.

Photo of Laura Saunders Laura Saunders
Oct 28, 2023 5

Beautiful, peaceful cypress swamp. Kayaks are available for rent and a gentle 1.5 to 2 hour course through the forest is maintained. If you bring your own kayaks, it's free. Very easy, safe, and magical - like you have floated into another world.

Photo of Jonathan Sheppard Jonathan Sheppard
Oct 15, 2023 5

Great international market that always has what I am looking for. They have a great selection of produce as well as a fish market and butcher. They also serve food here if you want to grab a quick lunch or try something new. Best place I have found in the area.

Photo of Ho Pan Shum (Peter) Ho Pan Shum (Peter)
Oct 13, 2023 5

Good variety of product and reasonable price. Could be very cheap when on sales. They also have a food court, and man that's the BEST chinese food you can get unless you go double the price.

Photo of Don Bernal Don Bernal
Sep 13, 2023 5

My go-to grocery for Asian treats and desserts, dumplings and buns of all sorts of, and many other pantry items (sauces, spices, etc). There is a nice looking selection of meats for shabu shabu as well. There is also a hot food area to the right that you can fill up with a variety of meat and veggie Asian dishes - cash only!

Photo of Nelson Andrade Nelson Andrade
Jul 22, 2023 5

Huge grocer, it might be out of the way for a few but it's worth coming to. it's like an emporium and their food court is full sized. I doubt there is anything that they don't carry here. Produce, spices, sauces, cuts of meat, TEAS!, and much more. I'm overdue for a trip here. I highly recommend coming here.

Photo of Vidya Shankar Vidya Shankar
Jul 1, 2023 4

Excellent source for fresh seafood. Huge variety of fish and shell fish. Very friendly fish cutters who are skilled to do a variety of cuts at your request and are thoughtful to pack it in ice for you. The cornucopia of potstickers in their freezer section leaves you speechless! All possible Asian sauces oils and marinades are available here to please both the beginner level cook and an experienced chef. Don’t even get me started on their greens and produce especially the varieties of mushrooms, bok choy and leafy greens. It’s all so fresh and reasonably priced too. Exotic Asian fruits like Jack fruit, longans and lychee are seasonal and in abundance. Definitely a favorite in my list of grocery stores for my regular trips.