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Let's Eat Soul Food


2514 Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 780-8554
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Photo of Rhonda Mapp Rhonda Mapp
Aug 22, 2023 4

So the first time I went was on a Saturday afternoon. I ordered online and arrived when my food “said” it was ready on the app. Once we got there the place was jammed packed. My order was nowhere near ready. It was so many people waiting and the lines were unorganized (some for over an hour for an online order) that a lot of them asked for refunds and left. We ended up getting a refund as well because the wait time was unacceptable. They should hire more staff and have a better ordering system. I went back a 2nd time the next week on a Wednesday afternoon (I chose this time because it’s mid week and I figured it wouldn’t be packed like it would be on the weekends). I ordered online again and the when we got there we only waited about 10 mins to get our food. I ordered the special of the day which was spaghetti… it was just ok and it was too greasy. I also ordered potato salad as a side to that and it was amazing. I also ordered the Honey Hot baked wings with Mac and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes and hush puppies. It was all good! The mashed potatoes was very flavorful. I also had the grape lemonade…. It was top notch! Dessert we had the strawberry pudding. It was so good we ordered and extra one to take home! Overall if you don’t want a long wait go during the week. We live almost in Wake Forest so the food and drive was worth it!

Photo of Jymmi Taylor Jymmi Taylor
Aug 20, 2023 5

This is my go to place! I love this food! The lemon pepper wings and turkey collards are my favorite, but everything else I've eaten here was pretty damn good as well.

Photo of Len Gray Len Gray
Jul 4, 2023 5

Good quality and grest tasting foods and cake! Run by very direct and fun middle aged women. Everything was well prepared. Self service and ordering was a bit confusing.

Photo of Deirdre Green Deirdre Green
Jun 8, 2023 4

My husband and I came for the first time today. The food was awesome. I gave it 4 stars because of 2 things. 1. The cornbread was too much bread and not enough corn. Was a tad bit too sweet, but I was raised on savory cornbread. 2. The collards needed to be cooked for about 10 more minutes. Other than that!!! Baby everything was seasoned well, cooked well and we LOVED the owner. I forgot to get her name. We ate the strawberry pudding at home.... I was literally licking the bowl 🤣. The lemonade was delicious but my favorite was the pinto beans 😋😋😋. Look at that seasoning...... We will be back!!

Photo of Kyndall Janai Kyndall Janai
Apr 18, 2023 4

They were out of Whiting fish so I got the fried Flounder. It was pretty good. The Mac and Cheese was average but good. I was really disappointed in the greens. Considering they were cooked with pork I thought they would have more flavor. My husband had green beans with his and they were soooo seasoned. They probably were the best green beans I've ever had.

Photo of Nehemiah Davis Nehemiah Davis
Apr 7, 2023 5

ALRIGHT‼️ ALRIGHT‼️ ALRIGHT‼️ This place located in the city of Durham happens to be the best Soul Food I’ve ever had in that whole region! The wings were cooked to perfection and had the hot honey sauce! (THAT HOT HONEY SLAPS). You can’t really see the other sides, but I got the Turkey collards and I’m pretty sure the collards came freshly picked from the fields in Heaven because they were on point. They needed no salt/pepper. They were cooked to PERFECTION! I also got the Mac and Cheese. As a big fan of Mac and Cheese, my only issue would be that they didn’t put enough on my plate! I wanted more! While you’re there, GO WITH THE CORN BREAD! There was something about that corn bread that made me want to drive ALL the way to my mom’s house to slap her because it was THAT good! The staff was friendly, and there wasn’t a long wait for the food. The atmosphere was great, and I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK. The experience at this restaurant was EXCELLENT and I was pleased with my meal. it was so good that it made me say “Gee_Whizz!” If you made it this far, YOU ARE THE REAL MVP‼️ Thank you all for you time and I hope this review pushes you to try this place‼️ I would give the place a “GEE-WHIZZ”‼️

Photo of dkdiva katrena dkdiva katrena
Dec 1, 2022 5

food is always on point. excellent customer service. Brandy is so sweet. The Caribbean Sundays are the best. Lemon cake and banana pudding is oh so good. I make sure I'm there for meatloaf Mondays.