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Learning Express Toys & Gifts


3604 Witherspoon Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
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Photo of Harold Dyson Harold Dyson
Jan 16, 2021 5

My 9yr old daughter and 7yr old niece begged all week to come to Learning express & toys. So it was like almost 2hrs to Durham, NC from where we reside. I was quite skeptical honestly and thought why would I drive that far not knowing much about it and going that far based on 2 little girls description and on a whim heard about it randomly on an ad not knowing nothing about it also begging to go. Welp guess what? I said what the heck have nothing better to at the moment and quarantine driving us all cuocuoo for coca puffs. Anyways it was an awesome store and had all kind of different toys and all kinds of learning toys, books, robots to build and code yourself or your child could build it and code, they had scooters, slime, all kinds of games from board games to matching games for younger scho age kids, they had they squahmallows of all kinds, had simply southern clothing and accessory items. I mean a little bit of everything that's new and popular to things popular back in the day also very awesome learning tools for all ages and grades, even for us graduated out of school parenting adults. I'm about to be 32y/o this month Monday actually and fell in love with this store. The employees were very nice, helpful and understanding. We ended up getting there right before closing and they didn't say anything and stayed over so we could finish looking and shopping. They didnt seem to mind or be upset or bothered by us at all not did they rush us out of there like other stores have and usually would do to people. Thank you to the two women working tonight you both are very sweet and nice greatly appreciate having such patience with us 3 after hours. They are closing this location due to the person renting out the store all of a sudden decided to give the store a drastic increase on the rent amount and so drastic there was no way they could afford to keep the store open. Which is bull doo doo absolutely 110%. ESPECIALLY DURING A HORRIBLE TIME FOR EVERYONE ESPECIALLY SMALL AND LOCAL BUSINESSES DURING A CRISIS PANDEMIC. THATS IS AWFUL AND VERY VERY WRONG TO DO. THE EMPLOYEES OF COURSE LOSE THEIR JOBS BECAUSE THE STORES IN OTHER LOCATIONS ARE NOY CLOSE HY OR CLOSE TO EACH OTHER AND NO WAY POSSIBLE WOULD IT BE WORTH THEM DRIVING A LONG WAYS EVERYDAY TO WORK FOR THE AMOUNT KF MONEY THEY WOULD GET PAID. IT WOULD COST AND THEY MAKE LITTLE TO NO PAY AFTER GAS COST ETC.... ANYWAYS WE HAD A GREAT TIME AND ENJOYED AND WILL GO TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION ANOTHER TIME. GOOD LUCK TO THE EMPLOYEES AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THE WAY YOU GUYS AND THE STORE IS BEING DONE. THERE IS NO REASON AND ITS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS ESPECIALLY DURING THIS HORRIBLE STRUGGLE AND PANDEMIC WE ALL ARE FACING AND HAVING TO DEAL WITH.

Photo of Mary Luckenbaugh Mary Luckenbaugh
Dec 20, 2019 5

I shopped here today for the first time, searching for board games for a friend's children and for my family. The store had an excellent selection of high quality toys and games, and it was easy for me to find what I was looking for. The outstanding customer service is what prompted me to write this review. I stood in the checkout line for less than a minute, and several staff members apologized for my wait time and greeted me with a smile. While I waited for the gift wrap of my purchases (again, very short wait) another staff member approached me to ask if I needed any assistance. A few days before Christmas I had expected long lines and tired and cranky staff members. I found just the opposite! I will be back and will certainly recommend this store to others. Wishing all of the staff members a very happy holiday and kudos!

Photo of Aubergine Smith Aubergine Smith
Dec 25, 2020 5

Great selection and good prices.

Photo of Charlotte Dungan Charlotte Dungan
Sep 30, 2020 5

Great friendly customer service and they wrap gifts for free! Their selection of toys is the best in the area.

Photo of Kristina Cabrejas Kristina Cabrejas
Jul 15, 2020 5

Always unique finds. Great service

Photo of Morgan Lashaw Morgan Lashaw
Feb 10, 2018 4

Good local toy store. Has something for everyone. Toys are mostly for you get children.

Photo of Bryn K Bryn K
Feb 28, 2020 5

Great staff! They are really knowledgeable and really care about helping kids access science!

Photo of P Locklear P Locklear
Jan 15, 2020 5

Im always in here buying gifts for my daughter's friends. I love this place.

Photo of Julia Shields Julia Shields
Sep 29, 2019 5

Filled with quality toys. Helpful staff. Complimentary gift wrap. Lots of play stations with toys available for testing and lots of children enjoying them. One missing item is the colored wooden building blocks that I was searching for, but I did find some toys I was equally happy with. Worrisome to see so many blank storefronts nearby. This whole area is getting way overbuilt for retail while Amazon and other giants are killing local retail.

Photo of tara marean tara marean
Aug 19, 2019 5

I ran in at ten minutes before closing to grab a gift for my niece. Both the ladies working were so nice! They helped me find what I was looking for and told me to take my time looking around. Their selection is great and their prices were reasonable.

Photo of Madeline Roper Madeline Roper
Jun 30, 2019 5

It's a fun store and they let you try out the toys before you buy them.

Photo of Megan Anderson Megan Anderson
Feb 17, 2019 5

We had another great experience at the Learning Express! Brought the kiddos in to pick out birthday gifts! They were wrapped free of charge, discretely and they always have such great options for a multitude of age ranges!! Thank you Cam for your great customer service!!

Photo of Michael Duda Michael Duda
Dec 6, 2018 5

I can't help but love these stores. Really great place for educational and fun gifts for kids of all ages. They have some decent STEM sets as well. Really unique and hard-to-find board games including several that teach kids basic programming skills. I'm a huge supporter of educational play and this is a great resource.

Photo of Alan Hendricker Alan Hendricker
Dec 28, 2018 5

Places like this might not be long for this world. Get here while you can and support local toy stores. Kids can’t play with toys online. Wonderful to have a place like this where kids can be kids. Staff are so nice it will make you reevaluate yourself as to how good a person you are. Great diversity in toys. Great location. Best in the whole triangle. To all that work there, thank you!

Photo of Matthew Cloues Matthew Cloues
Nov 24, 2018 5

Really nice smaller toy type store for kids. They feature a higher quality product than you see at many toy stores and put some thought into the educational sides if things too. It is a bit more expensive than a large toy store, but they send coupons regularly if you get in mailing list. Staff and service is excellent and really helpful. And they offer free gift wrapping year round making it the only spot to go for birthday gifts.

Photo of Sybil the Clown 919 291 5676 Sybil the Clown 919 291 5676
Jun 2, 2019 5

So much Fun Thank you for letting me Entertain for yoi r Fairy and Dragon Event this was Awesome the staff and everyone there was so nice and sweet the store is absolutely beautiful any age would love to go in there and have fun it is a magical place inside thank you again Sybil the Clown