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Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant


3801 Wake Forest Rd # 114
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 598-8990
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Photo of Samuel D. Knight Samuel D. Knight
Mar 12, 2019 5

We come here often. Love the food, the atmosphere. It's a family run restaurant and everyone is happy to see you. The service is out of this world. You don't know what you're missing.

Photo of Andrew Horvath Andrew Horvath
Feb 18, 2019 3

Decent little Mexican restaurant. Music stopped randomly after sitting. Had to improvise with YouTube Mexican restaurant music playing from the phone. Bathroom had not refilled paper towels. Good Mexican food, pretty standard. Good $2 Margarita deal on Monday.

Photo of Ramita Chitrakar Ramita Chitrakar
Mar 22, 2019 5

We love going here as a family.. Margaritas are awesome.. place is family owned and very attentive and pleasant staff! .

Photo of Mike Cook Mike Cook
May 30, 2019 3

Favorite neighborhood restaurant. Sometimes all the individual combo elements are mixed together info a giant cheesy saucy mix. Friendly wait staff

Photo of Cara Collins Cara Collins
Apr 28, 2019 5

Always good food and good service! Price is very reasonable.

Photo of Ana Velasquez Ana Velasquez
Jul 5, 2019 5

Love the authentic Mexican food, their wonderful customer service and their servers are awesome

Photo of Nickolas Gaier Nickolas Gaier
Aug 11, 2019 4

They turned up the heat in the free salsa! Chipotle I think. Its great. Love this place.

Photo of Steven Taylor Steven Taylor
Aug 20, 2019 4

Great food, service was between excellent and good, due to one waiter being fluent and we got dropped for 15 minutes for a large party.

Photo of Derrick Haniford Derrick Haniford
Aug 20, 2019 4

Good food, good prices and great service

Photo of MILLIE Wallace MILLIE Wallace
Oct 5, 2019 5

First visit Just picked up take out .fast service. Clean festive place ,clean . Food was delicious. I definitely will go back and highly recommend.

Photo of John Morris John Morris
Oct 9, 2019 5

Tables were clean, service was quick and fast. Additionally as I had ordered my food to-go, I was certain I was gonna get gipped outta the free salsa and chips however they included them in the bag as well. Its small things like that which make a difference.

Photo of Jack Sappenfield Jack Sappenfield
Sep 29, 2019 5

Always excellent food and service. I choose to not go anywhere else for my Mexican fix but Las Palmas.

Photo of Diane Pickett Diane Pickett
Aug 29, 2019 5

Great food,good atmosphere,wonderful staff.

Photo of Patrick Collins Patrick Collins
Oct 10, 2019 4

Good food ata great price.

Photo of Jeep Cross Jeep Cross
Nov 1, 2019 5

We go here about once a month and enjoy the authentic dishes they offer.

Photo of Aleidy Encarnacion Aleidy Encarnacion
Sep 22, 2019 3

I've been to better Mexican places but their tamales tasted the best. They use the red sauce on pretty much everything so you need to request the verde sauce. Also this last time the verde sauce was not the best. I'll come back here just for convenience because the food is ok but its very close to me home.

Photo of Lori Moye Lori Moye
Nov 18, 2019 5

Stumbled across this gem on a vacation. Great authentic Mexican food. Reasonable prices.I love being able to support local eateries. The harrp player was fantastic.

Photo of Roca2218@gmail.com Rodriguez Carres Roca2218@gmail.com Rodriguez Carres
Dec 14, 2019 5

Excellent family service Real Mexican flavors and good price

Photo of Diane Law Diane Law
Dec 26, 2019 5

We've been going here every week for 25 years. Pretty sure we put their kids through college. We love the food. Always quality portions and wonderful menu choices, great cuisine. We highly recommend our favorite place to eat.

Photo of Sara Hagmann Sara Hagmann
Dec 28, 2019 5

My husband can't get enough of this place. Reliably yummy... we like the ACP and the fajitas, and my 4 year old thinks the shrimp is amazing!

Photo of Jim Brandt Jim Brandt
Jan 15, 2020 5

The best Mexican food I have ever had. The portions are large and the drink and dinner specials will keep you coming back all at a great price.

Photo of Richard Smith Richard Smith
Feb 15, 2020 5

Decent service, they were really busy but the food was excellent. Well worth the wait.

Photo of Jadaa Jadaa
Mar 8, 2020 5

This place is Mad Radical😎 best food I have ever had 10/10. Highly recommend , a place to bring your almost novio !

Photo of Steven & Jamie Miller Steven & Jamie Miller
Mar 15, 2020 5

We love las Palmas. Awesome food and a great family staff

Photo of Doug N Doug N
Jul 12, 2020 5

Great food, great service. Never disappointed with the food, great taste.

Photo of Melanie D Melanie D
Sep 8, 2020 5

I need to come here more often, I forgot how tasty the food is and the prices are right.

Photo of Susie Biringer Susie Biringer
Sep 7, 2020 4

Really enjoyed our meal. Extensive menu.

Photo of Tara Ramsdell Tara Ramsdell
Oct 11, 2018 5

Cute little spot near our house! Choriqueso dip is very good.

Photo of Alex Moster Alex Moster
Oct 4, 2020 5

Some times the best restaurants aren't the ones you hear about everywhere or from everyone but the ones tucked away in the middle of no where but have years of experience. That said, that's what this place is. I was blown away by the authenticity of the Mexican food. It didn't try to appeal to the common person by throwing away the spice rack and drown things in sugar. I'm certainly going to return more often now.

Photo of Vicki Gurry Vicki Gurry
Oct 3, 2020 5

One of our favorite places to eat. They treat us like family. Victor always gives great service and knows how I like my margaritas. Job well done guys

Photo of Ellie Lou Who Ellie Lou Who
Oct 18, 2020 5

I had the ACC it was my first time eating there in years and I loved it!!

Photo of john kellum john kellum
Nov 3, 2020 5

The food was amazing! My cousins recommend this place when coming to Durham and it didn't disappoint at all! I had tacos and the na hoa are the best!

Photo of Nathan Glassner Nathan Glassner
Nov 7, 2020 5

Food was delicious and the staff ensured our needs were met. Absolutely fantastic.

Photo of Michelle Corkum Michelle Corkum
Jan 1, 2021 5

The food is always fresh and delicious, the staff is always attentive!! I can't say enough good things about this place!! ❤❤

Photo of Patrick Wynn Patrick Wynn
Jan 8, 2021 5

Good food, Fantastic service, and a very delightful ambiance. I can't stress enough about the food, service, and prices. I dont even like writing reviews and i gave them 5 stars. I love this place. The top shelf magaritas definitely pack a punch.

Photo of Donovan Kight Donovan Kight
Jun 11, 2021 5

Love this place! Go there at least once a month. The California burrito is my favorite. Great customer service too.

Photo of Thomas Hudson Thomas Hudson
Mar 3, 2022 5

Excellent service, food was very hot and delicious, staff and owner went out of their way to take care of you.