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Lady Gold Tacos


347 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701

Taqueria in front of Remedy Room

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Photo of Houston T. Kidd Houston T. Kidd
Nov 14, 2023 5

Got the bacon and chorizo tacos. Delicious and filling! My new go-to breakfast spot 🤘

Photo of Sandra Ntube Sandra Ntube
Sep 26, 2023 5

I had some high expectations being from Austin, TX and these breakfast tacos never disappoint! Get your grub on and get yourself over to Lady Gold for some authentic Tex-mex breakfast tacos!

Photo of Garrett Simmons Garrett Simmons
Sep 14, 2023 5

Straight gasoline breakfast taco food truck in money spot downtown. These suckers are fat too! $4 will fatten you up and leave you limping away! Support this local business!

Photo of Tara M Tara M
Jun 19, 2023 5

This is an awesome food cart located in front of Remedy Room. Amazing breakfast tacos. Some tips: If you want to order ahead, search Remedy Room and click "order online" to get to their Toast site. They keep their Instagram updated if they close for rain, so check there if the weather is questionable.