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Kwik Wok


3723 Wake Forest Hwy
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 596-0868
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Photo of Lauren King Lauren King
Nov 2, 2023 5

The best Chinese joint in Durham County. There's a reason why they've been in business for 25+ years. The inside has never changed, funnily enough. But their food is consistent and delicious. If you haven't been happy with the Chinese takeout near you, maybe take a little extra time and give Kwik Wok a shot. They're the best of the best ✨

Photo of Srikant Boddapati Srikant Boddapati
Sep 30, 2023 5

They have the best egg rolls I’ve ever had. The main dishes are amazing and affordable. This is our go to Chinese take out in Durham. It’s simply the best.

Photo of Richard Simpson Richard Simpson
Jul 30, 2023 5

I am on the fence between a 4 or 5 star. The food is well above average for Chinese takeout. You can order online, but the site is a bit sketch. They are super fast. Sometimes I place an order hit the grocery store next door and grab my hot food on my way home. Actually, bumped this to 5 stars before submitting, bc their Singapore Chow Mei Fun is the best.

Photo of Tonya Adams Ruffin Tonya Adams Ruffin
May 2, 2023 5

I really loved the food. It would be perfect for lunch special because you get a lot of food and can reuse the container

Photo of Alexis Coleman Alexis Coleman
Mar 31, 2023 3

We've ordered from Kwik Wok several times, and their Chinese food is reliably underwhelming and mediocre. The chicken wings are good, but everything else is overcooked and bland in flavor. I think it has even gotten worse over the past 4 years. There are not a lot of contenders for Chinese food in this area, unfortunately. Their service is good though, they have never gotten an order wrong and are always timely with the food for pickup.

Photo of Preezy Patel Preezy Patel
Mar 8, 2023 4

Seems like this place is a hit or miss for folks. I’ve had fairly positive experiences here with their food. I’ve only ordered delivery. Maybe I get a different experience with takeout. Regardless, I’ve only gotten the curry fried chicken wings with house fried rice combo. Only place I know to get the curry flavored wings. I will say I’ve noticed a difference in food preparation the separate times I’ve ordered. I’m assuming there are different cooks at different times with different styles.

Photo of Timothy Wetzel Timothy Wetzel
Feb 10, 2023 5

One of the best Chinese take outs in Durham, love getting food from them.

Photo of Russell Wagner Russell Wagner
Dec 8, 2022 3

The fried rice was ok. Steamed dumplings good. Last week fried rice was really good. Seems like you have to get the right cook. Big differance in the 2 orders a week apart.