Kurama Japanese Seafood


3644 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-2669
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Kurama Japanese Seafood

Google Reviews

Photo of Lenora Ross Lenora Ross
Jun 2, 2019 3

Denise, our waitress was very nice and sure our glasses were never empty. The food was good. Fair warning though, where a bib or don't where a nice shirt because the chefs flipped food all over the table. It was first time I've ever seen such a thing. Nevertheless, we were seated with a great group of people so we were able to laugh at the amount of rice flying at us.

Photo of Ms. T. Ward Ms. T. Ward
May 12, 2019 4

Took my brother and sister there for their first live hibachi experience and they loved it! We also had 2 toddlers with us, who both appeared to be impressed with the atmosphere. I like that we were able to share the early bird special and still enjoy loads of food and an overall great experience. We're visited early in the week but the staff was still professional and accommodating to us and the food was excellent!

Photo of Anitra Bullock Anitra Bullock
Jun 16, 2019 5

Tried it for my first time. My guest and I had the two for one. Really enjoyed Ray the chef (it was his first day) and Rodney the bartender!! We will definitely be back!!!

Photo of Deji Bell Deji Bell
May 12, 2019 4

Great place. We went in late but we were still accommodated. Rice wasn't enough though but I feel its cos we were late and the chef was tired. But they really did accommodate us. So for that. I'll be back. Highly recommended.

Photo of Victor Monserrate Victor Monserrate
May 14, 2019 4

Been going to this place for years. The price and portion is unbeatable and the food is the best. Not 5 stars because it could be cleaner but I've never had any problems.