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Kurama Japanese Seafood


3644 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-2669
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Photo of Tony Barr Tony Barr
Dec 8, 2023 5

Held our annual company dinner at Kurama and it was stupendous! The food was delicious, our chef was fantastic, and the staff never allowed a glass to become empty. I would highly recommend this establishment.

Photo of LeeAnn Hyman LeeAnn Hyman
Oct 11, 2023 3

I’m rating this place low because there was glass in our food. I took my box out of the fridge and took a bite and there was something that most definitely wasn’t food in my mouth and it was a piece of glass. They didn’t take any responsibility for it. I know they’re probably used to people trying to get free stuff but we wanted to make sure they were aware but they said we can’t prove it happened there. Their food does taste good. I had the ramen and would still maybe risk a piece of glass for it if the craving was strong enough. I’ve worked in restaurants for years and if glass breaks, protocol is to trash anything in the vicinity for safety. They knew something broke, they knew what it broke near and rather than ensuring the safety of their guests, they destined dangerous product for profit. Nonetheless, their food is tasty and service is great.

Photo of Chris K (Crispy) Chris K (Crispy)
Aug 1, 2023 5

The food was great. We hadn't been since the pandemic so it was nice to know the soup, ginger dressing for salad, and the entrees taste as good s always. We went for lunch and you get just as much food as when you go to dinner for less cost. We were going to get the early bird dinner for two, which is now $54.99, but had the lunch portion of steak and shrimp for $17.99 and it still came with the shrimp appetizer like the dinner does, plus soup and salad. They seem to be short on table chef's so it took a while after we had the soup and salad till he got there. Otherwise just as good as always!

Photo of Lakesha Lakesha
Jul 31, 2023 4

It was a nice atmosphere we had a party of about 15 people they were very accommodating we made reservation ahead of time or food was prepared in front of us by to cooks. The portion size is large the pricing varies we had a lot of seafood items in our food therefore our pricing was a little higher but still affordable. I ordered a martini and the bartender came out and inquired which type and what type of liquor which I thought was great instead of just sending out anything. Overall the experience was great for everyone even the children that was with us if I had to say anything is just one of our cooks was a little less interactive.

Photo of Sarah Schultz Sarah Schultz
Jul 7, 2023 5

Kurama certainly has a good bang for your buck! The chefs have great personalities, the food is great, and the service is awesome! I like to go at lunch time to mingle with the professionals, and at dinner to loosen up after a long week! This place has a time for everyone! My family of 8 loves it!

Photo of David Moulder David Moulder
Jun 25, 2023 4

This restaurant is a little bit older and could use a little uplift however, do not let that take away from the food, service, or atmosphere. The staff is phenomenal and they will dish out plenty of food. You better come prepared to eat. The cost per person was very reasonable for a hibachi restaurant. Weight staff was very attentive and responsive, if you are in the mood for hibachi, this is the place to go!

Photo of Leslie Leslie
Jun 12, 2023 4

We had hibachi and the food was good. The folks working there were very nice. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because of the housekeeping. A lot of Gunk around the exhaust hoods and grill, dust around lights above the bar, and dust & debris along baseboards in dining room. I know how gunked up restaurant appliances can get and they had older equipment, but I think they are overdo for a good cleaning. We did have a nice dinner and the interactions with employees were very pleasant though!

Photo of Jacqueline Perry Jacqueline Perry
May 18, 2023 4

Chef was great. Food was good, too much tasteless rice, but the meat was seasoned really well. Atmosphere was great. Waitress was not very attentive to our needs. She mostly focused on the needs of certain people at the table. My niece and I had to ask for refills, whereas she automatically refilled the other people at the table drinks and gave them extra white sauce automatically. I had to ask twice for a refill on water and white sauce.

Photo of Jared McGuirt Jared McGuirt
May 18, 2023 5

Really pleased with the experience. The best Japanese steakhouse from Durham to Burlington. Definitely better than that overrated, overcrowded place right down the road. Food was well seasoned. Service was great. Old school vibe on the inside which I think is charming and gives it cool character. Definitely recommend!

Photo of Erik Bradley Erik Bradley
Apr 3, 2023 3

We have been here before, and it was pretty good. This time we had a res for 6.30 waited 25 minutes after our res time. Seated us only to wait another hour at the table. The service was absolutely horrible. I had sushi, and it was mostly rice. Had a hair in my food. Our other members had hibachi. The food is good for hibachi. I guess this visit I wouldn't recommend it. I guess I would say to try it at least once. Sorry usually I have photos. Oh yea parking is a disaster.