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Kotuku Surf Club


703 Rigsbee Ave
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 294-9661
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Photo of Henry Camp Henry Camp
Oct 29, 2023 5

A really excellent Durham dive. Cheap beer, a cool scene, good mix of indoor and outdoor space. Bar tenders are mostly friendly, sometimes a little curt. Also a good spot for a wedding after party!

Photo of Rutger de Kruif Rutger de Kruif
Sep 13, 2023 5

I had contacted the owner a while back regarding an issue with my bill being overcharged. Could I please have his email address/phone # again. I'm coming in on Friday and wanted to see if my $40 tab was still open. Also, I'll be bringing a good amount of people with me to support the business:)

Photo of Kerri Hoffman Kerri Hoffman
Sep 2, 2023 5

Surf Club is one of the best bars in Durham. Divey vibes, friendly staff, great beer list. They also have djs often and the Pool Table Music Series has been a great addition to the scene. I have been a customer here over a decade now and it is the place we always get together. Durham staple for sure.

Photo of Mike Lowe Mike Lowe
Sep 2, 2023 5

While I have never been here, I am quite fond of the unique atmosphere, specifically that it is one-of-a-kind in the fact that they are a 23 & Up establishment. I am either too drunk to consider remembering to go check it out, or not drunk enough to make fun decisions such as frequent this establishment. Sure, I’ve never been, and you’ve never seen me, and we don’t know each other - But it must be said that I love you.

Photo of Lara Murphy Lara Murphy
Sep 1, 2023 5

My favorite bar in Durham, and maybe anywhere. A cozy atmosphere with several different vibes depending where you sit, a curated and thoughtful draught list, and the wonderful staff is kind, efficient, and fun to hang with. I particularly love the 23+ policy and the days and nights there are vintage/craft markets. The Pool Room Music Series is solid, and they book great DJs and food trucks too. Proud to call myself a regular for sure.

Photo of Ahmad Mansoor Ahmad Mansoor
Sep 1, 2023 5

Bar is a staple of Durham. One of the first bars on the scene and one of my go-to’s. Another great piece is that, being a private club, they have an age restriction, I believe 23 and up, that keeps huge groups of college kids from flooding the bar and overcrowding everything. There’s indoor and outdoor seating that’s comfortable. The staff have stayed over the years so there’s also a fun familiarity to the place. They’re super kind and quick to serve. Drinks are super reasonably priced and they always have a cheap pint of Budweiser on tap. Surf Club also hosts a bunch of changing food trucks and weekly events, so even past the dive bar ambiance, there’s quite a bit to do, including games they have set up. Would highly recommend as a day time stop for a nice, relaxing drink, or a fun night out on the weekend.

Photo of Amit Narawane Amit Narawane
Jul 19, 2023 5

Great bar in prime location in Durham, with nice outdoor space and seating. They always have a couple rotating beers on sale for $3-4 which is a great deal. Outdoor space also includes a few games like bocce ball.

Photo of Sophia Greif Sophia Greif
Apr 29, 2023 5

Hands down, the best bar in Durham. I can't tell you why, you'll just have to realize it for yourself.

Photo of Amanda Mackey Amanda Mackey
Apr 26, 2023 5

Fun spot downtown with an eclectic retro vibe. Great service from Reece and Lacey, who keep the drinks and tunes flowing. Music varies, but each night has a theme. Large outdoor space with a bar, tables, and a bocce ball court.

Photo of Chloe Vaughan Chloe Vaughan
Mar 31, 2023 4

my boyfriend and i love surf club, we go a lot of our free weekends and sometimes weekday evenings! however, last night i was turned away and told the bar was “23 and up”. i just turned 21 in january, and theyve let me in every single time. i have a polaroid photo of myself and friends on the bar wall, so it was pretty annoying and odd when i was turned away and told “youre way too young”. if my ID shows i’m 21, the legal drinking age, i want to know why i’m not allowed. genuine curiosity! other than last night, surf club has always been super fun! we meet great people, the music is always good, drinks are delicious and bartenders are super kind!

Photo of John John
Jan 23, 2023 4

Awesome hangout spot. We went when it wasn't crowded and could actually enjoy a conversation / drinks. Would go back

Photo of Falyn Owens Falyn Owens
Dec 22, 2022 5

Great pub with a relaxed vibe and space to be comfortable. Good selection of drinks and games. Exceptional outdoor space, including bocce lanes!

Photo of Natalie Paparone Natalie Paparone
Dec 5, 2022 5

Great vibes and decent variety of drink options. The layout is great and accomodations those who want to sit out and chat, dance with a DJ, or play a variety of games (indoor or outdoor). My favorite is bocce ball if you get there early enough to grab a spot. Sometimes it can take a while to get a drink, but the staff are always pretty friendly.