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King's Sandwich Shop


701 Foster St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 682-0071

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Photo of Snoop J Snoop J
Sep 17, 2023 5

omg I went to DSA high school and I went there a couple of times years ago... its still amazing and delicious wasn't disappointed

Photo of Beverage Solutions Beverage Solutions
Jun 24, 2023 5

Listen..... They know how to cook! Best burgers around! My man back there behind the grill, (I don't know his name, all I know is he knows what he's doing!) He told me that I was going to sleep when he handed my burger through the window! (I was really sleeping 1 hr later!)🤣👍💯💥 Champion! Ever since then I just ask for the "SLEEP BURGER!" #BEST! Whoever complained about small burgers here should spend a little more money to GO TO SLEEP! Thank you Mr. Grill Man! Gotta catch your name next time.

Photo of Sydney Martinez Sydney Martinez
May 10, 2023 5

First time in Durham. This is the best place I have visited. The food is good but the staff is great they’re friendly, professional, helpful and fun! Can’t wait to come back. Patio seating is the best.

Photo of Alexis Lawson Alexis Lawson
Apr 24, 2023 4

I was so excited to hear that they had vegetarian options because ya girl likes to eat. I ordered the Veggie Philly with a side of onion rings. I will say, I am also tired of having to pay extra for veggie options when the regular meat options are ways cheaper, but I digress. I feel for the amount I paid for the onion rings and what I got did not match, but the sandwich was GOODT, OKAY! It was very tasty. The bread was soft, the veggies were flavorful, and make sure to ask for the spicy mustard I added that to mine (it's not spicy at all). Now, I was expecting them to have a thin sliced veggie alternative but honestly, I think they just broke up a beyond patty and put it in a bun. I also asked before ordering did the veggie come with everything that the regular one did and it didn’t. The cheese was different from mine. All in all I would definitely go back and recommend that you check it out.

Photo of John Louie John Louie
Apr 21, 2023 5

Old-line classic burgers, dogs, and sandwiches are some of the delights at this local institution. Nice shady outdoor picnic tables with a perfect view of the baseball game across the street. Restroom available for customers.

Photo of Harvey Wall Harvey Wall
Feb 15, 2023 5

ALWAYS great food, people, and service. Burgers are always juicy, onions and jalapeños always seem to be super fresh. Fries are great, the hot dogs you can't go wrong with, and the hidden gems like the Philly are something you'd want to make sure you get!

Photo of Emilie Liadis Emilie Liadis
Nov 28, 2022 5

Finally was able to experience the hype of King's and it did not disappoint! The burgers are excellent and so are the fries. It has very reasonable prices. I wish they were open for dinner because we would come here non-stop!

Photo of Gorjan Mitrushevski Gorjan Mitrushevski
Nov 6, 2022 5

The best sandwich place in Durham. Everything you try is top notch. I've had the burger, crispy chicken, grilled chicken, philly... Definitely best tater tots you can find anywhere! I always order fries or tater tots with extra seasoning because they use a mix of spices that is amazing! And their Kings sauce is to die for! Just remember this: they are open 11-4.

Photo of Glen Doe Glen Doe
Oct 12, 2022 5

Where do I start? The food is relatively inexpensive for the portion sizes you get and the food is always cooked to order. The taste is incredible as it is standard burger shack joint and for that reason you can come here and expect a traditional burger, fries and shake meal that knows what it is and does not try to be anything more and focuses more on the quality of the taste which they have nailed it. If you are looking for a quick bite that is not only filling and tasty. Head on over here !!