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Kale's Kitchen


2504 Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 973-8263

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Photo of Rahmaan Muhammad Rahmaan Muhammad
Oct 8, 2023 5

It was my first time at Kale's Kitchen, and the food didn't disappoint. Nice sized shrimp and fried with good flavor. I never had fried salmon before, but in North Carolina, you will find out we fry anything. The macaroni and cheese are homemade, and the candied yams are on point. All in all the meal is very good and worth the wait outside. For out-of-town folks, the area looks suspect. It's just good people waiting for good food. You will not be disappointed. Check out Kale's Kitchen Instagram page to know when the establishment will be open.

Photo of Nicole Blackwell Nicole Blackwell
Oct 7, 2023 5

5 star! SEASONED food! I've been here twice! Pop-up shop so you need to have your social media notifications on to know when they open! Bring your phone or a book if you get there early to wait in line. THE WAIT IS WORTH IT!!! The portions are heavy and full and last 2 to 3 meals.

Photo of Krystal Dolberry Krystal Dolberry
Oct 1, 2023 4

Love the food, but pack your patience! I preordered and live 40 mins away. Pickup time was between 4:30-6. You receive a text on the day of with the exact time. And there is a 15 min grace period once you receive your pickup time. I arrived in Durham and received a text at 5:15 that my pickup time was not until 7. I show up at 7 and there is a line of people waiting to also pick up their food. My name was finally called at 7:30. The food was still warm when I arrived home and was delicious-salmon, collards and yams. My husband had shrimp, yams and mac & cheese. He said his was delicious as well. Servings are huge! I would order again, but I know that it’s going to be a long wait.

Photo of Jymmi Taylor Jymmi Taylor
Sep 16, 2023 5

Ok now this food was definitely worth the 30 minutes wait. But let’s not even get caught up on wait time cause the line was long as… well it was long lol. Anywho, I got the bbq wings, Mac and cheese and green beans. Bruh! All the way fire! I was driving and eating cause I couldn’t wait to get home. Sauce all on my wheel lol My friend came with me and she got the stuff chicken, turkey collards and Mac and cheese, also the stuff salmon collards and something else I forgot . She didn’t come to play. This spot don’t open everyday you have to follow on fb and be in the move when they say they opening cause I’m telling you… this spot is the SPOT! Hope y’all enjoy as much as I did!!!

Photo of Carol Payton Carol Payton
Sep 10, 2023 5

Oh my GOD the food at Kales is so delicious. They give such generous portions,I was eating on my plate of food (pot roast over rice)for two days..I want to try everything on their menu.,it all look so good..Maybe one day they will do combination plates such as salmon and steak half portions of each..omg!!..Again,the food was excellent 😋. You will not be disappointed.

Photo of Ajada Williams Ajada Williams
Jul 7, 2023 3

I'm giving 3 stars because it just opened. The food is good BUT we went two people and it came up to 84.00. I had steak and shrimp, the shrimp still had the tail on it and the steak was batch cooked , it reminded me of roast beef . The sides are a nice size and this is a female owned restaurant so I would try it again but get something different , I think everyone should give it a try but I would like to say for 84 dollars i might want to have the option to sit down

Photo of D Nickelson D Nickelson
Jul 4, 2023 4

Is the food great? ABSOLUTELY! Do they make it easy to get? Not at all. We ordered salmon, pot roast, mac and cheese, yams, and greens. As the home of the heavy plate, they did not disappoint. Everything was hot and full of flavor expect the greens. They were lacking. Mac and pot roast were top notch! Definitely getting those if I get the chance again. The process to ordering and pick up is not user friendly but hoping that will improve as the business grows. They were over 20 minutes late on the pick up time and didn't give any updates that they would be late. Didn't reply back to calls or texts. You find out about ordering and pick on Instagram.

Photo of Sheena E Sheena E
Jun 7, 2023 4

I took a chance on Kale’s due to a post of their heavy plates on IG. We tried to drop in a few times but the hours are pop up times and oftentimes late in the evening. However, I turned on IG notifications and was able to catch a pre-order. The pre-order process could use some fine tuning especially for those from out of town or those who don’t have 3-4 hrs to wait on a text. When you text for pre-order, you’re given 15 mins to submit your payment and order. They provide a timeframe, which was 4-8pm in this case. I received a text at 5:22 advising I could pick up my order at 6:30. It was my first time so I wasn’t familiar with the process so I just followed others to the door. There was someone taking names at the door and you’d then get your order. Do not show up before your pre-order time. Do not show up if you don’t have a pre-order. They have different days for walk-ins. Follow them on IG and turn on notifications. I went into this not knowing anything about the restaurant except the food looked good. Now the pricing on the food caught me off guard. It is definitely much higher than other southern food spots. I assumed the large portion sizes and taste would make up for the price. The taste did not disappoint but the portions weren’t what I’d consider heavy. Food wasn’t heaped, it wasn’t coming out the sides, the plates closed easily. This was my only true disappointment. But that was my fault assuming the plate would look like the ones pictured on IG.. So if you want great tasting food with a bit of a higher price point, it’s worth it. Make sure to arrive early or pre- preorder and definitely grab that macaroni and the wings made me want to eat the bones.

Photo of Havi Havi
Jun 4, 2023 5

My friend and I went to this spot at about 10pm and the line was out the door and around the corner. Even though my feet hurt from standing in that long line, the food was worth the hour and a half wait. Everything was cooked fresh, hot and the portions they give you are more than enough. They pack the trays with so much food you can eat for two days. The owner came out and talked with us and thanked everyone for coming out and supporting her business. She talked about starting it, her personal life, and was just the sweetest. Her whole staff was kind and smiling in that busy hectic atmosphere. But again the food was 100/10 and seasoned just right. Get there on time, because they serve until they run out. At one point standing in line, someone came out and told us they were out of barbeque chicken but other options were still available. So first come first serve! But so worth it.