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Juju Durham


737 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-3555
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Photo of Q P Q P
Apr 4, 2022 5

My first experience on April 2nd, 2022 was nothing short of amazing. My friends and I were there to celebrate my birthday, we had a 7:15 reservation for 3 and was seated promptly (the best window seat in the house, my opinion). Our waiter (I can't remember his name, my apologies), was very kind, friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. He also had an awesome accent. Well, my friends and I ordered drinks and they were delicious I highly recommend the Tempest (I enjoyed 2 of them), followed by our tapas. The presentation was beautiful, the smells and flavors were amazing, the food was prepared to expertise. My enormous compliments to everyone on staff. From the time we got there until we left AFTER closing, we felt welcomed and we enjoyed our Juju experience. Superb compliments to the Chefs and kitchen staff we left with our tastebuds tingling with happiness.

Photo of Savannah Jones Savannah Jones
Jan 26, 2022 5

I've been to Juju twice now. We hosted our company dinner there in December. It was 16 people and the service and quality of food was incredible. We returned with some friends a week ago and had just as lovely of an experience. Kate who I believe is a/the manager was just as friendly and attentive to our small group as she was to our big corporate party. And cooler than anything, the women's restroom was outfitted with all kinds of little amenities that were actually useful and presented nicely. I've been recommending this place to anyone and everyone I can. I've tried more than half of the menu now and can honestly say you could point at anything and be happy with what you get. 10/10.

Photo of Akshaya Polaepalli Akshaya Polaepalli
Feb 2, 2022 5

Every dish we ordered was so delicious. Great service, all the staff were so friendly. Food came out really fast. Highly recommended.

Photo of Jacob With Michael Jordan Jacob With Michael Jordan
Mar 19, 2022 5

Ryan was our server; and he was great. He had awesome suggestions, was really professional, and he was quick. The whole staff worked together to make the whole experience smooth. By the way every dish we had I’d recommend. I’ll be back!

Photo of Christina Christina
Feb 21, 2022 4

The food was all fantastic. I thought the portions were small at first but I left satisfied. The $$$ is worth it. The waiter seemed to be frustrated for some reason that probably had nothing to do with us. Like his mind was somewhere else. Hope he has a better week. All things eventually change. 😌

Photo of Manuel Joly Manuel Joly
Jan 26, 2021 5

I typically prefer raw oysters over fried oysters, but wow, these were tremendous. What was great about this dish was not only were the oysters excellent quality, but the combination of flavors and textures, from the slices of ripe blood orange to the delicious sprigs of cilantro, really hit the spot for me.

Photo of gtetem retwee gtetem retwee
Jan 21, 2021 5

My personal favorites were the Chicken-Fried NC Oysters and the Grilled Lamb Lollipop Chops. I typically prefer raw oysters over fried oysters, but wow, these were tremendous. What was great about this dish was not only were the oysters excellent quality. The crisp and refreshing papaya salad paired perfectly.

Photo of Ashlyn Whiteside Ashlyn Whiteside
Jan 18, 2021 5

The restaurant is beautiful. Modern and elegant. A large rectangular bar sits in the middle of a dining room which features large, tufted booths and an open kitchen bustling with activity. The patio is spacious and it's got fans and heat lamps which make outdoor dining more comfortable. recommend

Photo of Wade Harding Wade Harding
Dec 11, 2020 5

Ordered many plates of unique asian fare. The roasted brussel sprouts are the best tasting I have had and I enjoyed the squid and shrimp dishes - very fresh.

Photo of Vivian Jacquelyn Vivian Jacquelyn
Nov 20, 2020 5

Four of us had a great tapas style dinner of delicious, innovative fusion Asian delicacies. The restaurant is attractive in a modern, industrial style, with plenty of social-distancing room between tables. Service was quick Nd attentive throughout our meal. Prices fair. Dim, so hard to read the menu.

Photo of Live your Best life! Live your Best life!
Oct 28, 2020 5

My first time dining there and I loved the outside seating area. The food and cocktails were delicious and service was excellent! I will be returning to try more dishes.

Photo of Anonymous Truth Anonymous Truth
Sep 28, 2020 4

I've been here twice already, and the food is just amazing. The combinations of spices and the way different ingredients in each dish is blend together is just amazing. I wish I could cook as good! It's probably one of the best Asian fusion foods I have eaten here. The outdoor patio is nice and has a good atmosphere. The service from the staff is also really nice. I think I am likely to go again and many more times! The online booking system is a bit weird. Both times when I tried to reserve a place online, it told me that there were no spaces available, but after going in person, there were numerous extra tables, and we were able to get immediate seats. It might be that the owners are just a bit extra cautious about covid-19 and don't want to overbook the patio in case it rains or something. An important thing to note though, is that they are not serving water during covid-19, and they allow you to bring your own water or to purchase bottled water from them. This is quite weird, as water hasn't been a problem in other restaurants during the pandemic (you can wash glasses the same way you wash plates). I didn't realize this the first time we went, and ended up buying bottled water. The second time I brought my own water.

Photo of Andrew Method Andrew Method
Sep 26, 2020 5

Juju is wonderful! I no longer live in Durham, but I make sure to swing by here every time I'm back in town. The ambience in the restaurant is wonderfully pleasant and it's always a great experience ordering a bunch of different tapas and trying out new dishes. The fried rice and Brussels sprouts are a couple of my favorites and the chocolate mousse peanut butter cup is to die for - I have no idea how they make the crust, but I have dreams about that dessert. Absolutely recommend this place!

Photo of Jeff Sears Jeff Sears
Oct 24, 2020 5

Inside was bright and very clean. I've never had Japanese tapas, but they work like, well, any other tapas. Small plates that you share with others in your party. As for the food? Awesome! The pork belly buns were phenomenal, as were the pork and shrimp potstickers. The Pad Thai is interesting because it's done with crab.

Photo of Bonnie Batterson Bonnie Batterson
Oct 8, 2020 5

Definitely a favorite for my fiance and I try to please her. I have found a little inconsistency in the past. My fiance has been begging to go and we came last week for lunch and they were closed. Tonight I surprised her with a return visit. Had a little trouble making a reservation through OpenTable but was using a new device and have never in the past had a problem.

Photo of Ryan Fenker Ryan Fenker
Sep 21, 2020 5

Incredible experience. Shared a bunch of dishes between three friends, with the suggestions from our server being especially great. Impossible to eat through the entire menu in one sitting so we will definitely be back. Spicy Tuna and Beef Wontons are “must-orders”. Liz, our server, was attentive and helpful without being overbearing, a great representative for JUJU!

Photo of Karima Neghmouche Karima Neghmouche
Aug 26, 2020 5

This was some of the best food I’ve had in the area and the service was even better. I will definitely be returning and recommending it to everyone I know! Sean was incredible and basically picked all our food for us and it was incredible!

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 3, 2020 5

We ordered the Steamed BBQ pork belly dumplings and the Pork spring rolls as appetizers to share. They were both delicious, especially the dumplings. We both agreed that we could have eaten dozens of the dumplings: they were exceptional. I highly recommended this place.

Photo of Blaine Ashby Blaine Ashby
Aug 19, 2020 5

The pork and shrimp dumplings were my next favorite, especially because the sauce is the right amount of spicy and flavorful. The wild boar fried rice was really good, although I think they make too much of a show of their "62 degree C egg" haha. Lastly, the ahi poke was good, but not my favorite of the lot.

Photo of Wesley Hayward Wesley Hayward
Aug 25, 2020 3

Not ideal in terms of volume/price. Atmosphere was decent relative to other Durham restaurants.

Photo of Alex Williams Alex Williams
Aug 23, 2020 5

Went two days straight while in town. Outstanding food and drinks. Shout out to Sara and Isa for their amazing customer service!

Photo of Ray Hernandez Ray Hernandez
Aug 5, 2020 5

For the food, we started with the pulled beef short rib wontons. These were a real standout with super flavorful short rib in a crispy shell topped with a little creamy chevre (cheese) and a sweet &sour sauce. Can't rave enough about it! We also liked the drunken noodles which were accompanied by yummy oyster mushrooms and shrimp.

Photo of mikey wilson mikey wilson
Aug 2, 2020 5

Food was simply amazing. When we visit the area again this will be a must visit for us. Highly recommend the food. We got takeout so I cannot comment on the eat in service but have no complaints about takeout experience.

Photo of Scott Jablonski Scott Jablonski
Aug 3, 2020 5

For date night, my wife and I decided to try out a new place. So glad we went to Juju! The food was soooo yummy. They have vegan and vegetarian options. We thought the drinks were good as well. The only downside was the cost. Be ready to spend a little more.

Photo of Louisa Sloan Louisa Sloan
Jul 26, 2020 5

Juju’s food is consistently excellent. This was one of very few places we tried in Durham before COVID led to restaurant closures. We’ve enjoyed continuing to order take out since then. Highly recommend their salad roll.

Photo of bean asaro bean asaro
Jun 28, 2020 5

Great food and great service, despite a pandemic.

Photo of Shoni Freeman Shoni Freeman
Jun 25, 2020 5

I love Juju. Small plates, nice drinks, great customer service, lovely decor. As of late-June 2020, dine-in is available again. They also have outdoor seating. Try the salad rolls! Try it all.

Photo of Denise Williams Denise Williams
May 3, 2019 5

This was my first time here and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We tried several items from the menu and everything was delicious. I will definitely be back.

Photo of Kerry C Kerry C
Feb 20, 2020 5

These chili chickpeas are made of magic! We also loved general tso’s cauliflower and the tofu, but we found the noodles to be underwhelming. I would love to try every single vegetarian item on this menu, but I also desperately wish they would make a version of the brussels without fish for me.

Photo of Jessie Dickerson Jessie Dickerson
Jun 12, 2019 5

Every dish is a work of art here. Presentation and flavor is incredible. You can't go wrong with Juju!

Photo of Manuel Jacobo Manuel Jacobo
Mar 17, 2020 5

Went for my birthday on a pretty busy weekend afternoon with a large party of people. Having made a reservation, we were seated immediately, even though there was a small line out the door. The staff was incredibly accommodating. They asked if we had been there before, we hadn't. Then they recommended some food, drinks, and gave us a brief summary of what to expect. Food comes out as it's finished. Instead of waiting for all the food to be finished. You can enjoy a dish to yourself or enjoy it family style. Food was very tasty and hot with some vegetarian options. A good blend of savory, sweet, and spicy dishes. The portions were very fair. The price was moderate, service was excellent. They servers continuously refill water and are around enough to help without being too invasive. A 20 percent gratuity is added to your bill, but well earned by the staff! Would definitely recommend as it's not too pricey to go even if it's not a special night out or big celebration, but simply want a little fun on a weeknight or on a weekend after a long work week!

Photo of Mohan Shash Mohan Shash
Feb 4, 2020 4

We were here for lunch yesterday, it was a good experience. The food was good, the chicken was way too spicy, a warning about it would have been best. Enjoyed the ribs and the mushroom dumplings. Felt expensive though for sure.

Photo of Shoba Kumar Shoba Kumar
Feb 13, 2020 4

Nice variety of food and good ambiance. Most of the food is basic tapas style. Some plates are on the medium size so good as a single entree or for sharing. Price per plate for most dishes are 10 or more. Drink options were good too..although little pricey. Overall a little overpriced for the food but good variety and service.

Photo of Adrienne Efland Adrienne Efland
Jan 18, 2020 5

A Durham staple. I absolutely love this place. The food is best shared family style so it's an awesome place to bring friends. Juju never disappoints.

Photo of E H E H
Dec 22, 2019 5

Great selection of tapas style plates, well stocked bar. Service can go either way depending on who you get but food makes up for it. It can get very noisy when busy so don't expect a quiet conversation.

Photo of Joseph Lee Joseph Lee
Dec 14, 2019 5

Every time I've been here their food was amazing. Their late night menu is slightly limited so try to get there before the kitchen starts closing. And the few times I've been there late it was kinda slow but generally it's pretty busy, especially on weekends. Definitely worth a revisit to try the rest of the menu.

Photo of Janeen Bryant Janeen Bryant
Nov 15, 2019 5

Amazing food, great ambiance, tasty dumplings. Definitely coming here again. Lovely server (cool haircut, shorter woman).

Photo of Prudence Hoffman Prudence Hoffman
Nov 2, 2019 5

Everything we ordered was DELICIOUS. Inside is busy and loud but waiter kept bringing more yummy food. Outside patio with fire pit and comfy couches is a bonus.

Photo of rodney toy rodney toy
Nov 13, 2019 5

This place rocks! You have to try the general tso's cauliflower... It's so good I just wanna bury my face in it. Really everything on the menu is great, as I've never had a bad dish here. Try it you'll love it.

Photo of Wendy Sheppard Wendy Sheppard
Oct 5, 2019 5

I enjoyed a fabulous meal at JuJu. The dishes were flavorful and presented beautifully. The service was exceptional. The atmosphere was contemporary. I highly recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a memorable evening.

Photo of Stephen Nicholas Stephen Nicholas
Oct 5, 2019 5

Contemporary dining, small plates, full bar. Excellent service. Wonderful ambience. Inside and outside seating. You'll enjoy your experience there.

Photo of michael spencer michael spencer
Oct 5, 2019 5

Went there for the first time with family. The food, atmosphere, and the staff (especially Finn) were excellent!! We met the owner, Julian, he was super nice guy. We were able to experience multiply cuisines and everything was over the top. I would highly recommend anything on the menu and will definitely be going back.

Photo of JoAnne Schaub - Divinely Guided JoAnne Schaub - Divinely Guided
Oct 12, 2019 5

One of my favorite restaurants ever. The ingredient combination in the dishes blows my taste buds every time! I tell everyone about my experience at Juju. Love the atmosphere, knowledgeable and personable staff and THE FOOD!!! We love Carolyn! She remembers us and even knew what bottle of wine we had 2 months ago there! Thanks to all of you for sharing your passion for delicious cuisine!

Photo of Eduardo G Eduardo G
Aug 6, 2019 5

Great food... Highly recommended. Good variety of sake, would recommend "snow maiden"... Unfiltered. Pair it with octopus- fabulous!

Photo of Rodrigo Meza Rodrigo Meza
Jul 12, 2019 5

Great service and food! Had a great time and a great meal! Our food was good and quick! I told her I am allergic to nuts and she immediately made me a menu with the nuts highlighted to help me avoid them.

Photo of Jeannine Williams Jeannine Williams
Aug 6, 2019 5

The dumplings here are some of the best in the triangle. A great place to take your significant other for a special occasion. The staff is very friendly and attentive .

Photo of Norra Church Norra Church
Jul 25, 2019 5

Met a girlfriend here for lunch and we both enjoyed our food choices! Noon was a great time to go as it wasn't crowded and parking was easy. She said this Durham location is much larger and brighter than the Chapel Hill location. I'm glad I recommended it! She is too!

Photo of Erin Y Erin Y
May 14, 2019 5

Fantastic! Tapas that come out when ready and leaves you excited for the next dish. Tuesdays are half off bottles of wine and between 5-6 PM dumplings are $5. Recommend the BBQ pork belly dumplings. Great location and very nice patio seating. Very friendly staff.

Photo of Johnny McMuffin Johnny McMuffin
May 21, 2019 5

This is some of the best Asian food that I’ve ever had! Service is always great! I love all the dumpling options...they are all so very tasty! I have only had lunch here, but I definitely need to come back here for dinner.

Photo of Lauren Bownds Lauren Bownds
Jun 5, 2019 5

Juju was an amazing food experience. Simple yet refined and delicious. Fresh ingredients, trendy flavor combos, and worth every single penny. This will become our new favorite place for an upscale dinner. We will for sure be back. Follow me @experiencerdu

Photo of Linda Griffith Linda Griffith
Jun 11, 2019 5

Some of the best Asian cuisine the triangle has to offer. I love coming here with my husband. The $5 dumplings are one of the best deals around! Love how often the menu is updated, it allows us to constantly try new things.

Photo of Romiesha White Romiesha White
May 21, 2019 5

Had lunch here on Saturday for the first time and loved it! I had the crab and shrimp cakes. They came in a sauce that was amazing and the sushi rice was steamed to perfection. To drink I had the rosemary ginger lemonade and it was great as well not too bitter or too sweet. My friend got the drunken noodles and enjoyed his meal. We will definitely be trying them again for the tapas menu at dinner.

Photo of Brian Reynolds Brian Reynolds
Apr 30, 2022 5

The ambiance was fantastic, our server Kai was excellent, food was scrumptious and we saw Paolo Banchero in a corner by the door. What a great dinner! The grilled octopus was the best I've ever had and I highly recommend the sorbet. Oh, and the bartender knew how to perfectly blend our slightly dirty Kettle One martinis. Highly recommended.

Photo of Hussain Somjee Hussain Somjee
Jun 2, 2022 5

This place is one-of-a-kind, the servers are awesome, the food quality is beyond what I thought. I really loved it! World class dining cuisine in a city you wouldn’t have expected this kind of food! Absolutely loved it, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 5-star without even trying.

Photo of Steven Hammond Steven Hammond
Jun 27, 2022 5

Fantastic!!! All 3 of us really enjoyed our meals. Lots of vegan and gluten free options, none of which compromised on flavor. The lettuce wraps we great, and they had tofu, actually my favorite tofu sushi have had! The sauce in the scallops was incredible and the scallops were perfectly cooked. We used the sauce from the scallops and mixed in with the General Tso chicken, so good!!

Photo of Ashlyne Reid Ashlyne Reid
Jun 12, 2022 4

Would have been 5 stars but the host almost made me not try this amazing place for the first time...very unpleasant experience as I walked in and asked for a table but still decided to try it out despite her unwelcoming tone. Food was amazing, had both dumplings, general tsos chicken, ribs and fried rice. Everything was great with our favorites being the chicken and shrimp dumplings. Ribs had great flavor as well but wanted more sauce! Service was quick, friendly and accommodated our food aversions! Would def recommend and go back. Hopefully we will be able to sit outside next time but either way food was great.

Photo of Kiyanna Greinke Kiyanna Greinke
Jun 18, 2022 5

I ordered food for lunch and we all Know lunch time is hectic and time is very important. I came in at the expected time. My food was packaged and placed on a bench at the front of the restaurant. Such an easy and direct pickup. I’ve found myself looking around and trying to figure things out before, but not here. It was quick, easy, and convenient. Not to mention, the food was bomb! 😋 I had not had Mongolian beef with potatoes before, but it was an interesting twist that did not disappoint! I also enjoyed the red peppers in the spring rolls. Another first that added an interesting flavor I enjoyed!