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Jimmy's Famous Hot Dogs-HWY 55


4435 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 361-6888
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Photo of Roger Bowman Roger Bowman
Jun 3, 2019 5

Jimmy's is the place for great burgers, hot dogs and fries. Onion rings are a great add on. This is grill food at it's best. Quick in and out.

Photo of Micah Hoover Micah Hoover
May 23, 2019 5

This is what you should do: get a drink and the large bacon ranch fries. It comes with a pool of ranch dressing to dive your fries into. There is already ranch all over the fries. And bacon. It is warm and people ask where I got it from. The burgers are okay. I like that they are sloppy. Bacon ranch fries are my favorite lunch food.

Photo of Joshua Appel Joshua Appel
Mar 18, 2019 5

The service here is great. The food came out looking exactly like its prepared in the advertisement photos. Their famous dog was honestly one of the best hot dogs I think I've had. Also tried the cheeseburger and fries. The fries are somehow sweet, rather than salty, so that threw us for a loop but they were still good. Prices are very low for the amount of food, would return.

Photo of Lydia MC Lydia MC
May 28, 2019 5

First time eating here and it was sooo good!! Everything was cooked to order and you could taste the freshness in the ingredients they use. All of the staff were super friendly as well! My husband is working in the area and staying at the hotel nearby so he will definitely be back! 😊😊😊

Photo of Michael Stenberg Michael Stenberg
Jun 16, 2019 5

A fun local chain that I'd recommend. If you were going out for fast food consider here instead for both a local business, great food (for that category) and a nice eat in area as well. They have a statue in the entryway that's fun for kids but also classic sodas in bottles like Dr Pepper

Photo of Trenton Menius Trenton Menius
Mar 29, 2022 4

I came from a tiny town with the typical mom and pop burger joint. Jimmy's has the same cheap comfort food that really takes me back to my home town. Sure the fries are sub-par and the customer service is hit or miss, but the burgers are stellar and the value is great for the price point. If you're just looking for simple and tasty, Jimmy's gets it right every time.

Photo of Scott M Scott M
Mar 3, 2021 4

The catfish combo was on point. Had the onion rings instead of fries - good move, they were crispy and full of onions in every bite. The catfish was incredibly hot and fresh and with 4 huge pieces I could barely finish it. Only complaint is the fish was very salty. I'll be back!

Photo of Roosevelt Lincoln Roosevelt Lincoln
May 21, 2021 5

I love the place. The food is good prepared by excellent Cooks. You get warm welcome when you walk in or come through the drive thru. I would recommend that restaurant to all my friends

Photo of Arys N Arys N
Mar 7, 2022 4

The embodiment of a road side hot dog and burger spot. The service was wonderful. Incredibly attentive and funny. My personal hot dog preference has more of a snap. These were more the water boiled style so soft. A good spot for a quick bite.

Photo of Victor H. Schlosser Victor H. Schlosser
Dec 21, 2020 4

All beef Nathans hot dogs, cooked perfectly. Just the right amount of mustard, onions crispy and fresh, chili a bit grainy (maybe a touch overcooked(?)) but still tasty - not too heavy, spicy or sweet. Service was excellent. All of the employees seemed happy to be there and genuinely interested in getting me exactly what I wanted. I have now been here numerous times and I will continue to eat here when I am in the area.

Photo of Fran Gantt Fran Gantt
Dec 11, 2020 5

Their fish is banging!! So light and fluffy and well seasoned. I was surprised! Great tartar sauce too! So good I went back for more.

Photo of N. Daniel N. Daniel
Nov 1, 2020 4

The food was great! Our order wasn't correct but to be fair we had a fairly large order. Right from the start I noticed the cashier's attitude. She seemed like she was annoyed that we were even there. It wasn't busy, we were the only 2 people inside the restaurant. The drive thru had one car come and go. I asked how a menu item was... She responds with one word "good." I was hoping for a little more detail. My husband asked for ketchup. He even said "please." She throws-- literally throws a handful of ketchup packets into our bag. Her nasty attitude was palpable. Maybe this young lady shouldn't be working in Customer Service. Other than that, we'll be back!

Photo of Gwendolyn Thompson Gwendolyn Thompson
Oct 22, 2020 5

New to the area, we stopped in for lunch. The service was great, restaurant was clean, food was amazing. The portions were plentiful. I will be going back soon!!

Photo of Joann Lewis Joann Lewis
Oct 10, 2020 4

The dinning area was very clean and the service was fast. The food was good. If I lived close I would definitely go back to try out some of their other options on the menu.

Photo of Pauline Williams Pauline Williams
Oct 19, 2020 5

We were traveling in NC on our way back home and decided to stop at Jimmy's Famous Hotdogs. It was a great decision. We love hotdogs and this place had the best ones we've ever had. They were made fresh to order, and you could get any toppings. I ordered mine with chili, onion, mustard and slaw, it was wonderful. Their milkshake were also great. You should try out this place if you are ever in their area!

Photo of Michael Headen Michael Headen
Oct 2, 2020 5

I ALWAYS enjoy thier food, but the BANANA PUDDING....WOW! TO WHOEVER GRANDMA MADE THE RECIPE. THIS Southern Yankee from the BRONX says THANKS! - Remembering MY MOM

Photo of Tonya Buford Tonya Buford
Sep 17, 2020 5

Since i have moved here this has been my spot. Right off the highway when I get off work

Photo of Scott Cressler Scott Cressler
Sep 5, 2020 5

Absolutely delicious two hot dog beef all the way special, fries were just fries (they would have been better seasoned)

Photo of Renee G Renee G
Sep 8, 2020 5

Love this place! I usually order their 12 piece fish; there is always a wait because they fry to order...but that’s fine because it’s worth the wait. Delicious!! Great food and friendly customer service.

Photo of Frank Masika Frank Masika
Aug 28, 2020 5

Simple place ,but great food.wait little longer than most fast food places but worth it.drive through traffic needs to be re organized coming in is easy but leaving is a problem when busy.

Photo of Andrew Mayhue Andrew Mayhue
Jul 9, 2020 5

Extremely nice staff and great food at a great price. One of my favorite places to visit if I'm in the area.

Photo of Cleanhands501 Cleanhands501
Jun 25, 2020 5

The food is prepared as soon as it is ordered. I especially like the fried okra. I always end up with more than I can eat because the portions are very generous. For the money, it is a great value.

Photo of Evon Barnes Evon Barnes
Jun 14, 2020 5

Jimmy's has been instrumental in getting us through COVID19. I've picked up their delicious food weekly in an effort to help an older relative feel some sense of normalcy. The compassionate head waitresses the wonderful cook, and everyone else has provided phenomenal service. Jimmy's is to be commended. I love the catfish.

Photo of Michelle Benson Michelle Benson
Jun 6, 2020 5

First timer here, but definitely won't be my last. Food was awesome! The fries were delicious. I got the double cheese burger with mustard and pickles, omg, it was amazing!! Fed 3 adults and 2 children, got milkshakes and still only paid around $30. Awesome place, awesome food! Will definitely come back next time we're in Durham.

Photo of Kay White Kay White
May 30, 2020 3

I ordered a vanilla shake which was good, the banana pudding is good also.. The fried chicken tasted like banquet vs fresh fried

Photo of Collin E Collin E
Jun 23, 2019 4

Great catfish, fantastic wings, good hotdogs, and pretty good french fries. They use Nathan's hotdogs, so the quality is good. The Coke in the fountain machine looked a little iffy, but the Fanta was fine. Staff is friendly and efficient. If not for the fountain drinks, I would've given this a 5 star

Photo of Michael Phillips Michael Phillips
May 2, 2019 3

Cool little stop off to find out what they had going on... now I know! Good wings!

Photo of Mental Health Mental Health
Mar 2, 2020 5

The food is really good here. When I go to Carolina game I always stop by Jimmy's for their pulled pork sandwiches.

Photo of Clinton Kelley Clinton Kelley
Feb 17, 2020 5

This place is ALWAYS on point. I went for hotdogs...and never got any. When I walked in, a patron said get the catfish, it melts in your mouth. I said I would but I called BS in my head. I wish I would run into that man again because he was RIGHT. I don't know what kind of sorcery they have going on in that kitchen, which clearly used it to be a Waffle House, but I love it. The sweet tea is great, the fish is great, the cakes are great and the pricing is GREAT! If I could add an extra star I would. The staff is friendly and reminds me of family cooking for family.

Photo of Rondell Achaibar Rondell Achaibar
Feb 1, 2020 4

Really good slaw dogs. Nice friendly service. Didnt give a 5 star because they forgot to give me my $2 bottle water. 😭

Photo of frog frogger frog frogger
Dec 23, 2019 5

Great catfish. Smiling polite service. good prices. Enjoy.

Photo of Jeff Thomas Jeff Thomas
Dec 23, 2019 5

Best fish for sit down meal OR fast food. Succulent, flaky and hot fish denials to perfection. Fantastic.

Photo of Wendy Peterson Wendy Peterson
Dec 28, 2019 5

The food was delicious!!! The staff was courteous and friendly. We will definitely go back there when we are in the area.

Photo of Ricky Jenkins Ricky Jenkins
Nov 26, 2019 4

This place is good!!!! Got Texas Toast single burger combo and was plenty of food. Beats any fast food combo

Photo of Dan Coroian Dan Coroian
Nov 7, 2019 4

Their main thing is pretty decent (I get mine without slaw -- chili, mustard, and onions is plenty!) but that's pretty much all they do. Fries are crinkle cut and nice and crispy.

Photo of Jonathan Tuso Jonathan Tuso
Oct 27, 2019 3

Food was good. I ordered the catfish platter with slaw and tartar. The catfish was fried very well and the slaw was very simple. I did not like the tartar sauce however. Also order the chicken wings platter which were also very tasty .

Photo of Stefan Kowalewski Stefan Kowalewski
Oct 27, 2019 5

Great place to get hot dogs, burgers, chicken, wings, barbecue, and, get this, catfish!! I love places like Jimmy's, kinda unassuming from the outside and great food served inside! The staff is very friendly and helpful, helping first time customers decide what they may want. Jimmy's served several kinda of hot dogs, beef, pork, Nathan's, which will satisfy anything cravings. I got the #1 combo, two hot dogs, "all the way" and was not disappointed. The fries and great and expertly cooked. I heard the catfish was really good. However, Jimmy's being "famous" for hot dogs I was hesitant to get it. I did have a chance to try the catfish and just say I will get catfish the next time I visit Jimmy's. This is a must-go place. I will be back!

Photo of Cynthia Tant Cynthia Tant
Sep 5, 2019 5

Food And Service Great!! My Family and I Will Continue eating @Jimmy's Famous Hot Dogs!! My Grandson Enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich

Photo of Amanda Singleton Amanda Singleton
Sep 1, 2019 5

I enjoyed the great customer service. I tried this restaurant for the first time and loved it. The beef hot dogs are amazing.

Photo of Kaitlyn Moore Kaitlyn Moore
Oct 17, 2019 3

This is a great place for NC style hot dogs, but not a place I want to find myself eating. I'll feel terrible later. But when you have that cheap hot dog craving, this place is excellent.

Photo of Jonathan Nance Jonathan Nance
Jul 17, 2019 5

This place is pretty good, and for the price amazing. Just a nice cheeseburger, and crinkle fries. I eat here once every other week and the fries were always fresh.

Photo of World Traveler ViajerosindineroDotcom World Traveler ViajerosindineroDotcom
Aug 3, 2019 5

Pretty good. Every time I go there, I order something different. So far, I am satisfied with their menu.

Photo of Alison Naylor Alison Naylor
Aug 10, 2019 5

This is absolutely the best hamburger hot dog and onion rings along with banana pudding Shake. I never tip like I did I left them $10 it's the best food I've ever eaten my whole entire life. Thanks for an awesome experience guys Top Notch service top-notch attitudes top-notch food.

Photo of Eliran Nunez Eliran Nunez
Jul 1, 2019 5

The food is always amazing here! It had been awhile since I last visited and I didn't know they now have BBQ and patty melts! The double patty melt was excellent!

Photo of Angel Powell Angel Powell
Jun 27, 2019 4

It was very good. Tastes like real meat. Made to order. The staff was very nice. My son loved the hot dog.

Photo of Kat Kat
May 20, 2022 4

Sweet folks at window; love turkey hot dogs esp cause not salty; use to love onion rings when battered with panko; Cajun fish.good but too salty for me, would be great if they could decrease the salt but love that they cook fish & chicken when you order. Grateful they are open till 10 cause that helps my schedule. Sometimes need to not cook wings too hard, makes them too dry & tough, appreciate them being done to the bone but that doesn't happen often

Photo of Thornton Burnette Thornton Burnette
May 12, 2022 5

Great burgers, hot dogs onion rings and fries. The well seasoned griddle produces classically cooked short order food. Items are fairly priced and are served with a smile. If you're in the mood for this type of food, it will not disappoint!

Photo of Gary Hullett Gary Hullett
Jul 12, 2022 5

Great food Nathan‘s all beef hotdogs are on the menu and there the best. The hamburger was delicious they have excellent toppings. The staff was friendly and the food came out quickly in today world that by itself means a lot.

Photo of Adam Durham Adam Durham
Aug 10, 2022 5

First time eating here and it won't be the last! The catfish is AMAZING! It came out hot but not overcooked, light and flaky. So delicious!

Photo of Justin Hocking Justin Hocking
Aug 30, 2022 3

The food is decent but as far as hot dogs would go I would not call them famous or legendary. I currently had 2 Jimmy's dogs with cheese the hot dogs had plenty of toppings and decently prompt service. If your hankering for a quick bite of hot dogs in a 5 mile area it's worth a stop as your driving by but nothing to go out of your way for.

Photo of Erick von Schulz Erick von Schulz
Aug 28, 2022 5

Great hamburgers. These are just like the one from the d diners in the 50's to the 80's.. this is mot high end burgers. But they are incredible old school diner hamburgers and hotdogs. Which were always my favorite.

Photo of Richard Sammons Richard Sammons
Sep 1, 2022 4

Hot dogs and onion rings were excellent! Fries were nothing special and were not hot. Restaurant very clean with friendly service. Obviously family owned and operated, which I appreciate. I'll be back when I'm in the area!

Photo of Customer Support Customer Support
Sep 13, 2022 5

They ALWAYS have the most amazing customer service, no matter who is at the window - young or old.. they go above and beyond. I tipped one of the young guys because he read the entire menu for me one day when the menu was unavailable on the board. 5 stars for service, and 5 🌟 for that food!! Delicious!

Photo of Victoria C Victoria C
Sep 16, 2022 3

First time visiting. I was impressed by the menu selection. I didn't get the double cheeseburger I ordered. Got the fries and drink for the combo. The catfish sandwich was okay. I would have liked more tartar sauce. The crinkle fries were okay. My acquaintance upsized but didn't originally get the upsized drink. It was changed at the window. I'd try them again if I'm ever that way because this could have been an "off" night.