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Jersey Mike's Subs


7005 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 248-8300
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Photo of Jill Bobholz Jill Bobholz
Jun 20, 2019 5

Sandwich was great. The cookie was too. Service was fast and friendly.

Photo of Yvonne Thompson Yvonne Thompson
Mar 1, 2019 5

Sub was fantastic, just the right amount of meat. A sub the way it should be and not s see-more sub. See more bread than you see more meat. Thumbs up to Southpointe Jersey Mike's 👍👍.

Photo of Ashley English Ashley English
Mar 26, 2019 5

I really have to commend this location. These people really care about the food they are serving and really care about the customer. Kudos guys! Give these kids a raise!!!!

Photo of Matthew Clayton Matthew Clayton
Nov 30, 2018 5

Best national fast food sandwich chain. High quality ingredients. Great selection of hot and cold subs. Or get any sub as a salad that's really good and filling. Also, the best gluten free bread option at any fast food chain. Also they have good lower calorie and high protein options This location had friendly staff and makes great sandwiches. Only complaint is that they only have Pepsi products. Occasionally they have good coupons in the mail.

Photo of Hunter Vook Hunter Vook
May 14, 2019 5

I've been here dozens of times, probably approaching 100. My favorite place to eat hands down. The staff are all friendly and everyone knows my order. Prices reflect the quality of the food and service, you definitely get your money's worth, but this isn't a place for cheapskates. Man, I need to go get some Jerseys right now, all this thinking about subs is making me hungry.

Photo of Cornelius Mack Cornelius Mack
Nov 7, 2020 4

When one needs a quick snack after getting a new President stop by. Celebrate the 46th presidents election.

Photo of Jae Butler Jae Butler
Dec 6, 2021 5

Shout out to the young lady who’s personality is aaammmmmazzzzinnng at this location! It’s hard to come across people who are in such great spirits at work anymore, but I tell you this young lady has mastered the craft!!! Great job! My sandwich was wonderful! Keep up the good work!!

Photo of G H G H
Feb 12, 2022 5

Good customer service, was able to use my birthday reward. All 3 employees working the night shift on 2/12/22 were helpful, polite and efficient.

Photo of Laura Badovinac Laura Badovinac
Dec 24, 2020 5

Food is always good and they are as timely as they can be during busy hours. The girls working the front on Christmas Eve were so sweet. It was pouring rain outside and one of them ran out in the rain to a customers car to give her something she had left in the store. Very nice of her.

Photo of Will Priest Will Priest
Dec 12, 2020 5

Great service unlike what you normally find at chains. The employees genuinely care that you have a good experience!

Sep 15, 2020 5

Very friendly staff, clean restaurant

Photo of Norra Church Norra Church
Sep 30, 2020 5

We went in and each ordered our favorite sandwich; mine is the turkey & provolone Mike's Way sans the tomatoes, his is the club Mike's Way with everything. Tony kept the line moving smoothly and her friendly personality made it all the more pleasant! Whenever we're in the mood for a delicious sandwich, Jersey Mike's at Renaissance is our destination!

Photo of Devante Thomas Devante Thomas
Sep 15, 2020 5

Great food served by great people. This is my favorite spot to eat at in Durham.

Photo of Angela Mckvian Angela Mckvian
Sep 16, 2020 5

#9 try it

Photo of Pranay Gupta Pranay Gupta
Aug 31, 2020 3

Was closed on Saturday early evening.

Photo of Christopher Pryor Christopher Pryor
Aug 26, 2020 5

This location is my favorite. They give 1000% to each and every customer if thats even possible. They simply have genuinely nice people behind the counter. Ive eaten here 3 times in the past couple years and will stop by to eat when Im near during work.

Photo of Michael Guthrie Michael Guthrie
Feb 9, 2020 4

First time. Out of town trip. Especially nice staff. Food was fresh.

Photo of Devin M Devin M
Jan 1, 2020 5

Great food and the staff is very friendly and professional. They go out of their way to serve and make you feel comfortable.

Photo of So Oo So Oo
Oct 26, 2019 5

Excellent sandwiches and fresh quality ingredients.

Photo of Carol Payton Carol Payton
Nov 8, 2019 5

Quick and accurate service today..thanks

Photo of Harrison Gunter Harrison Gunter
Sep 15, 2019 5

Their sammies SLAP! Employees are lit and so fun! Bring the famalam!

Photo of True life Gaskins True life Gaskins
Jul 24, 2019 5

Omg best customer service and fast I just left there they so there job quick and give u great service almost thought I was at chick fila thank you ladies u guys rock! It was the evening shift

Photo of Michelle Michelle
May 23, 2022 5

I just want everyone reading this to know I never give five stars unless I truly enjoyed my food. With that being said I ordered a giant BLT and I was loaded with so much food it was spilling out and I had a hard time finishing it. I don't know who made my sandwich but omg it was delicious. I had crispy bacon the veggies were fresh and crispy. I just wanna say thank you to whomever made my food that day.

Photo of Izzy O Izzy O
Jul 12, 2022 5

I absolutely love this location!! Staff is always friendly and the manager is the best. The food is delicious too. Highly recommend :)

Photo of Edward DeToma Edward DeToma
Aug 16, 2022 3

Food is good. Short supplies on chip options. Ice spout needs to be cleaned and ice tea handles must be adjusted so they do not go into customer's cups.

Photo of Kraig Kraig
Aug 2, 2022 5

I went here a few times and got some $20 dollar sandwiches. They're good, that's why I keep going back for more. I've been thinking a lot about the different Jersey Mike's I've been to and there was one I went to in Raleigh or Durham that had extra crispy bacon. I feel like if the crispy bacon was an option it would optimize the experience enough to where I would buy an additional 3-5 sandwiches per month. Maybe the crispy bacon was a mistake at that location, but it was so good on my club supreme that I was unwilling to share it with my family. Anyway, I love the sandwiches and last time I was here I wanted to eat my sandwich so bad that I blew the engine in my car while driving home. It had a good life, and I bounced it off the rev limiter one too many times. Life goes on, and I'll be back for more after I rebuild my engine. Edit: I think this is where I got that bacon that was extra crispy. This is the location that did that. I can't guarantee it will always be like that but thank you for that crispy bacon on my club supreme.