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Jersey Mike's Subs


6118 Farrington Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 908-7641
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Photo of Vanessa Strother Vanessa Strother
May 19, 2019 5

The best little sub in aLONG time. The service was excellent too. I'll be back!!

Photo of Elizabeth Mickens Elizabeth Mickens
Jun 14, 2019 5

Great subs and friendly, efficient service. Chicken Philly is delicious!

Photo of Louis Pinault Louis Pinault
Mar 29, 2019 4

Great subs. Massive portions. Fresh ingredients. Great, friendly staff. Free parking. Eat in or take out. You can't go wrong here if you want a sandwich. Hot or cold. Jersey Mike's is one of my favorites.

Photo of Pittman Kuchers Pittman Kuchers
Apr 26, 2019 5

Have gone 5-6 times in the past 6 months. Every time, I’m greeted with friendly service and a satisfying sub. The staff make you feel welcomed and appreciated. They pack a lot of meat on their subs. I would say they’re a little pricey, but because of the consistent quality, I’ve gotta give 5 stars.

Photo of Unique G. Reaves Unique G. Reaves
May 18, 2019 5

My first time at this location was amazing and welcoming .The customer service here was phenomenal and this store front was very clean. I appreciated the recommendations from the workers here and they made me feel like I was their number one priority while making my order. I highly recommend this Jersey Mike's to anyone traveling highway 55/54 looking for a quality quick bite to eat.

Photo of Matthew Matthew
Apr 6, 2022 5

Very welcoming staff and delicious food just high in price.

Photo of Susan Hindman Susan Hindman
Feb 22, 2022 3

Interesting that the "veggie sub" only comes with green peppers. You have to ask for the lettuce and tomato.

Photo of Jonathan Rose Jonathan Rose
Feb 22, 2022 4

It was great first time for me I got a Sunkist in a bottle. Mom said the Sierra Mist fountain drink was terrible so she tried diet Pepsi it was good. Stepfather like his diet Pepsi and sammich too. Thats why JMikes got 4 stars. You need oatmeal raisin and peanut butter cookies.

Photo of james bundy james bundy
Feb 16, 2022 5

Great sub in a tub option for those looking to lower your carbohydrate intake. It’s the same great tasting subs without the bread. And as always the service is fast and friendly!

Photo of Eli Eli
Jan 11, 2022 4

I had a good experience here. I ordered online and my food was ready when I arrived. My only suggestion is that this location make a pickup station for online orders. When you order on the app or on their website, they give instructions saying there will be a station near the door where you can just grab your order and leave. But when I entered the restaurant and looked around I didn’t see any station set up or signs pointing to where you should go. So I went up to the counter and the gentleman who greeted me started putting on gloves as if to take my order. When I told him I had a pick up order, he went over to a cutting board where a few orders were sitting and got it. I didn’t have an issue with this, I was just a bit confused. Overall it was a high quality sandwich like always and I’ll be back for sure. Highly recommend location!!!

Photo of Brittany Saturnio Brittany Saturnio
Dec 8, 2020 5

Great customer service! Staff and manager were very friendly.

Photo of Sharron Phillips Sharron Phillips
Nov 22, 2020 5

Clean, nice friendly service. They were donating 20% to feed the hungry. Thank you!

Photo of Alphonso Dailey Alphonso Dailey
Nov 15, 2020 4

Outstanding sub place! All around goodness.

Photo of Cheryl Bruce-Jones Cheryl Bruce-Jones
Oct 21, 2020 5

The Turkey and provolone giant sandwich was delicious. They were quick and efficient.

Photo of Samantha Reid Samantha Reid
Aug 9, 2020 4

I have been to many Jersey Mike's locations before, and this was the first time that my sandwich didn't get cut in half. It somehow through off the balance of the sandwich, which did not taste as good as normal (I almost always get the same sandwich, so I'm familiar with the flavor). Weird! They had done a decent job of incorporating the covid regulations, but they were not enforcing the mask policy, and several customers while we were there came in unmasked. As far as sandwich places go, Jersey Mike's is still great, but as far as Jersey Mike's locations go, this one is not exceptional.

Photo of Irish Mccoy Irish Mccoy
Aug 28, 2020 5

Experience was great & the food was excellent

Photo of james garrett james garrett
Jul 6, 2020 5

Great food especially the steak and cheese sub

Photo of Randy King Randy King
Jun 22, 2020 5

Steak and cheese is one of the best I've ever had keep up the good work guys and girls

Photo of Carol Callahan Carol Callahan
Jun 19, 2020 5

I have frequented several Jersey Mike's (only when I was far from this area) and this one BY FAR is the best. Josh, the manager, is wonderful. He was very helpful in organizing a large catered order for me recently. The store is clean and well staffed. Kudos to Josh and his team. Charlie, this one is your best! (from Carol Callahan)

May 15, 2020 5

Love the workers n they are very clean

Photo of Cavin Ward-Caviness Cavin Ward-Caviness
Jul 14, 2017 5

Great subs made with quality ingredients by friendly staff. Definitely more expensive than Subway but definitely worth the premium.

Photo of Daniel Cleaveland Daniel Cleaveland
Feb 21, 2020 5

Great JM subs and super friendly and helpful staff

Photo of Jenny White Jenny White
Aug 29, 2019 5

Friendly staff, quick service, and my sub was amazing!

Photo of Hockaday Harvey Hockaday Harvey
Jul 9, 2019 5

Food was fresh and hot - so good! Let me hook you up with a tip - the fountain drink costs $2.19, but the combo with drink and chips is $2. Thank me later

Photo of Ashley Craft Ashley Craft
Jun 10, 2022 5

Great sub and great customer service!! I came during a busy lunch rush today and the 5 employees who were working all greeted each customer who came in the door very politely. They made sure to maintain a super clean food prep environment even though they were busy. My friend also has Celiacs disease and she cannot eat gluten or anything that comes in contact with gluten. The employees did not even know that she has Celiacs, but when we asked for gluten free bread they got out a special knife to cut the bread to ensure that it did not come in contact with any gluten products. Other restaurants don’t do that, so kudos to Jersey Mike’s! I don’t usually write reviews but the employees were so efficient and polite that I thought I needed to write a review :)