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James Joyce Irish Pub and Restaurant


912 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 683-3022
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Photo of Angela Rogers Angela Rogers
Apr 30, 2023 5

We have been coming here for years. The fish n chips, Gaelic burger and cheese curds are family favorites, but good food all around...great outdoor seating too!

Photo of Jay Miller Jay Miller
Apr 11, 2023 5

We walked from our hotel and had a nice dinner. The chicken cury was a delight, and the Gaelic Burger was outstanding. The muscles and fries were cooked to perfection. We sat outside, it was a nice day and all around a great experience. I would recommend this to anyone in the area, and the service was top notch. If you found this review helpful, please drop a 👍

Photo of Bryan Fede Bryan Fede
Jan 16, 2023 5

For my money, there really isn't anywhere else that captures the spirit of Durham quite like the Joyce. Lots of great people, a nice patio out back, friendly bartender's, an eclectic crowd... What else could you want?

Photo of Ray Carlyon Ray Carlyon
Dec 25, 2022 5

We never had food,but we found the service great and the atmosphere was warm. I'm from the UK, I shall definitely visit again before I return home to the UK.

Oct 10, 2022 5

One of the best bars in Durham, and the food is "sneaky good." Surefire on burger temperatures, garlic fries that little-sibling what you get at the SF Giants stadium, house-made corned beef for mains and sandwiches. Always a good mix of people to keep one entertained. Rock n' roll, babes.

Photo of Aloysha Thompson Aloysha Thompson
Oct 8, 2022 3

Norm a good place to go for a chill time. This time I was disappointed. Bartender came in high as a kite and could barely put in my order of potato skins. I checked on the order after about 20 minutes. He made it seem like he sent the order back when indeed they were never rang in. So after waiting another 15 minutes or so I checked again. At this point everyone who came into the bar after us had multiple orders of food out and we were there way before everyone else. So for a second time there was no ticket for my simple app. I normally don’t eat here since I go so late. But there was no excuse for it and it was pitiful. Wait til you get off at least to snort the line. Smh.

Photo of Mrs. Williams Mrs. Williams
Sep 12, 2022 4

Small quaint bar with an outside area for comedy or other performing arts. Had to keep going into the building to place orders as the servers never came out to take orders, only to serve food. They should have one or 2 dedicated servers for the outside as well as the inside. Didn't eat any food but the drinks were strong and the bathrooms were clean.

Photo of Regina Singell Regina Singell
Jul 25, 2022 5

It was really a great experience for our entire family for my hubby's birthday. The bangers and mash were on point and my mil enjoyed her fish n chips. The Irish coffee was very pretty. Would definitely return!

Photo of Craig Leibowitz Craig Leibowitz
Jun 7, 2022 5

Lovely and authentic Irish pub. Parking was a bit of a pain, but the food was great and they made one hell of an old fashioned