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Italian Pizzeria


1000 N Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 688-5644
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Photo of carlos hernandez carlos hernandez
Jul 26, 2019 4

Great food and good service. The area this restaurant is in is very dirty and ghetto as it gets. But this little restaurant brings some good light to the area.

Photo of Carmen Pickett Carmen Pickett
Aug 11, 2019 4

Restaurant DEFINITELY needs to be updated and dining area cleaned a little more often, but pizza slices were delicious!

Photo of Jeffery Young Jeffery Young
Aug 5, 2019 4

I can say it wonderful too have a place too eat

Photo of Denise Durant6 Denise Durant6
Aug 9, 2019 4

My slice was very hot and cheesy. Pretty good and tasty.

Photo of Joyce Burrus Joyce Burrus
Aug 23, 2019 5

The food is delicious like those many pizza shops in the north and the most courteous people I've ever met.

Photo of Sharon Smith Sharon Smith
Sep 1, 2019 5

The staff is friendly and patient. It shows in the quality of the food as well. The chicken sub is the best.

Photo of demario bagley demario bagley
Nov 5, 2019 3

Food was delicious, but I couldn't pay with Samsung Pay. Which was unfortunately a bummer!

Photo of Pamela Yelverton Pamela Yelverton
Oct 1, 2019 5

Love...love....this place great food fast service

Photo of Im Possible Im Possible
Jan 14, 2020 5

Love this place! Everything is great, the food is awesome, good customer service. I have been eating here forever! Big servings, real Italian people!

Photo of luis mencias luis mencias
Jan 14, 2020 5

Place full of honest and hard working people. Owners are awesome and the pizza was really good

Photo of Bronz Stars Bronz Stars
Jan 27, 2020 4

Excellent food nice and hot. On point always, love the food.

Photo of Samuel Nelson Samuel Nelson
Feb 2, 2020 5

Real italian food and more than enough food to eat alone or with others!

Photo of Miss Jay Miss Jay
Feb 23, 2020 5

Excellent food. Been visiting for 20 yrs. Only gets better

Photo of Leasie Aiken Leasie Aiken
Feb 21, 2020 5

Went to get hot wings to eat with a chef salad very good

Photo of Steven Taylor Steven Taylor
Aug 5, 2019 5

Great sauce, quick food

Photo of kelrog kelrog
Feb 16, 2018 4

Good calzone size. Pizza slices looked good. Kinda sketchy area. Need to still try the Philly.

Photo of R Cordero R Cordero
Jun 2, 2020 5

The best place to eat a tasty and delicious pizza 🍕. I would recommend coming her for pizza 🍕 you won't regret it you'll want another and keep buying from here. Price is awesome.

Photo of Joseph Quinn Joseph Quinn
Jun 22, 2020 5

This is the best classic Italian New York style pizza in Durham. And somehow they manage to do cheesesteak hoagies and classic Italian food extremely well too. They just added a bakery counter! It's one of East Durham's gems.

Photo of Ramona Williams Ramona Williams
Jul 13, 2020 5

Best Italian Pizzeria in Durham, the original still AWESOME and now they have added a bakery 😋

Photo of Crystal Harris Crystal Harris
Aug 28, 2020 4

Listen the food there is amazing... the guess road location lacks tremendously. This ppcation is outstanding. Cheesesteak, chicken roll and pizza are all amazing

Photo of Mirna Rodriguez Mirna Rodriguez
Aug 27, 2020 5

Food always taste great!

Photo of Michele Blackman Michele Blackman
Oct 7, 2020 5

Great service newly remodeled beautiful inside great food

Photo of Dustin Ainolhayat Dustin Ainolhayat
Dec 31, 2018 4

Not bad. Been coming here for about 25 years. Always get the cheese steak.

Photo of Amber Butler Amber Butler
Oct 8, 2020 5

The food here is spot on! This place is cozy with a touch of modern really makes me feel like I'm back home in Jersey 🖤

Photo of Joseph Quinn Joseph Quinn
Dec 11, 2020 5

This is the best classic Italian New York style pizza in Durham. And somehow they manage to do cheesesteak hoagies and Italian staples extremely well too. They just added a bakery counter! It's one of East Durham's gems.

Photo of Eddie Johnson Eddie Johnson
Dec 16, 2020 5

The food is always great and I love the changes that was made inside.

Photo of April Charles Inspires April Charles Inspires
Jan 14, 2021 4

One of my all time favorites when I come visit home. I love the changes in the restaurant. The employees still have no people 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️(since I was kid) skills but the food never disappoints.

Photo of Jazmine Ponce Jazmine Ponce
Jan 22, 2021 5

Improvements are awesome, coffee is the best, do not let me start with the food love love must try

Photo of Wayy Better Wayy Better
Jan 22, 2021 5

Being that im from New Jersey its a understatement to say i like Ny style Pizza... This place delivers ...Every slice cheesy with a crisp crust to go along.... Love it Ps. You might want to ask them to keep it in the stove a lil longer....ijs i like mines a lil burnt

Photo of John Morris John Morris
Apr 30, 2019 3

Cleanliness 4/5. Cook had hair net half on. Doesn't work if you don't have it all the way on. Dining area was clean. The older cook spit gum in the trash next to someone pizza he was preparing. Service 2/5. Took nearly 25 minutes for my chicken roll. Other people that came after me got their food first. Price 3/5. Fair for the size of the "small" rolls. Quality 4/5. The food was hot, fresh and tasted okay.

Photo of Essence Byfield Essence Byfield
Mar 30, 2019 5

This place gives me nostalgia when it comes to NY Pizza. When I moved from NJ to here, I thought I was never gonna find NY STYLE PIZZA until my sister in law referred me to this place. It was worth the money.

Photo of Sundra Regis Sundra Regis
May 6, 2019 4

Always enjoy myself when I go inside of the this place good customer service all the time I recommend this place to anyone any day good foods

Photo of Sarah Barralaga Sarah Barralaga
Jun 23, 2019 5

This is the best place EVER, I have been eating here since I was a child and hands down the best Italian food around. The service was awesome and the food is righteous

Photo of Omar Garcia Omar Garcia
Jun 26, 2019 5

Pricey but Delicious food. Philly cheese steak is good