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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church


810 W Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 682-3449
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Photo of Bruce Klitzman Bruce Klitzman
May 30, 2019 5

Remarkably diverse Catholic community. Great place to see Jesus' words of caring and welcoming to ALL; not just welcoming to those that look like me. Seeing Jesus in those that are different is demonstration that the church is the living body of Christ. Each Mass time has a slightly different feel from the music to the flow.

Photo of Geri Vital Geri Vital
Jan 22, 2019 5

In my recent travels over a 6-state area and attempts to find a comparable church, FEW churches I've encountered in this region or around the country come as close to promoting clear, conscious, and daily action in concert with a "What Would Jesus Do?" guideline. THIS church DOES, and I always stop in when I return to the area. It's active social ministries are laudable, it's successful engagement and involvement of a true cross-section of Durham makes it attractive to families who want their children to offer more than lip service to the ideals of brotherhood among all people. The newer, scandinavian-inspired church structure is not lavish, but modestly (and appropriately) attractive and comfortable with ample wheelchair access. The school is well-known for academics, and the new Emily Krzyzewski Women's Center (founded by parishoner and Duke head basketball coach, Mike) offers women of the area a place for refuge and support. With it's consistent support for the Durham Rescue Mission and several missionary efforts in struggling populations of other countries, Immaculate Conception makes a strong anchor for Durham's moral conscience.

Photo of rich crowley rich crowley
Jan 5, 2019 5

Great church. They make you feel at home.

Photo of Michael Kennedy Michael Kennedy
Mar 11, 2019 4

They are really into social justice.

Photo of Jay Camacho-Blades Jay Camacho-Blades
Dec 10, 2018 5

English and Spanish services. Great charitable drives as well

Jun 25, 2019 5

Great catholic church

Photo of Barbara Maha Barbara Maha
Aug 1, 2019 5

Nice church. I had driven past multiple times but never been in. I was there for my grandmother's funeral. Very professional staff. Nice side chapel for a small reception. They gave her a good mass and made everything easy for the family. No real problems. Overall good rating for a funeral.

Photo of Cleibe Souza Cleibe Souza
Oct 19, 2019 5

Photographing a wedding atvthus church had all the components for beautiful pictures. I loved everything about it!

Photo of Aimee Aimee Aimee Aimee
Jul 21, 2019 5

Luv this Catholic community..bilingual mass offered and the Adoration Chapel is beautiful..right behind the altar

Photo of Daniel Ace Daniel Ace
Sep 11, 2019 5

An excellent parish for those of the Catholic faith.

Photo of Lucy Mejia Lucy Mejia
Nov 13, 2019 5

I feel like part of a family here

Photo of Patty Gibson Patty Gibson
Nov 30, 2019 5

Went to Mass here while in the area visiting relatives. Beautiful Church.

Photo of Aaron (APL-007) Aaron (APL-007)
Feb 25, 2020 4

True congregation of community. The church's structure has been crafted beautifully, high ceilings and a few stained glass windows. It's quite easy to fall admist your own prayers and thoughts in the chapel behind the altar. My favorite part about Immaculate Conception is the choir on Sunday at 9:30a; these amazing and dedicated members bring out a fullfiling mass experience.

Photo of Olivia g Olivia g
Jun 17, 2018 4

The choir is great and the people are pretty friendly.

Photo of mary mayfield mary mayfield
Feb 15, 2020 5

I didn't visit this immaculate Catholic Church, I was no my way to hospice Homecare visit early this morning and my tire blew out, turned into this establishment and two nice gentleman's change my spare tire for me and then followed me to have air put in my spare tire and paid for everything, they are still some wonderful people ! After finding out that I was a nurse, one of the men follow me to make sure I found a service station and rush in and Paid for my services! I was total surprise how he care for me in a vulnerable stage

Photo of Ronald Alvarenga Ronald Alvarenga
Sep 30, 2020 5

What a beautiful place to feel a connection with God. Everybody are friendly and they always be there for you for helping you out no matter what....

Photo of vince tesoro vince tesoro
Sep 24, 2020 5

I love this church very open warm and gracious

Photo of Sara Palos Sara Palos
Sep 29, 2020 5

Catholic church. Very big and lots of sitting space.